Tips How To Play Progressive Jackpot Slots an Win

July 27, 2023

If you are a player who regularly returns to the page of an online platform to place a few additional bets, you have most likely dreamed of hitting a jackpot more than once.

After all, big winnings are one of the elements that almost all gamblers return for. 

A jackpot is a special prize amount that usually goes to one random player. It is a general concept that is regularly used in most types of games and even tournaments.

Slots, as one of the most represented categories, have not ignored this technique either. In particular, popular gambling software developers are increasingly integrating this feature into their machines.

The modern assortment of gambling companies is full of completely different categories of games. However, only slot machines with progressive jackpots can bring the biggest amounts to your internal account.

That is why we are going to talk in more detail about the features of progressive slots, tell you how to determine that a machine has this feature, and give you some tips on how to increase your chances of winning big prizes.

What Are Jackpot Slots?

In general, all slots have the same structure, technical components and rules of the main process. However, to diversify one large category, modern developers began to add new features and functions to their creations. That is how jackpot slots appeared on the gambling market. 

The main feature of such machines is that when you place a slot bet, the system automatically adds its part to a common jackpot. The system is as follows: participants launch the slot, determine the bet for each spin and start forming combinations.

At the same time, the machine withdraws a small percentage from your account and redirects it to the general jackpot pot. 

The total amount of the jackpot will be higher if players place as many bets as possible. The jackpot is activated independently and randomly transferred to the account of one of the users who is currently playing the game.

So, in addition to standard payline wins, everyone has an opportunity to get a mega prize.

What Is the Difference Between Progressive and Fixed Jackpot?

In general, the category of jackpot slot machines has several types of financial rewards. Namely, fixed and progressive jackpots. Each type will have its specifics.

Fixed jackpots are a clearly defined amount that a player can receive randomly or, rarely, after a dropout of a high-ranked payline. This is a more classic type of reward because the developer determines the highest prize that users can expect at the very beginning. 

In a progressive jackpot, the prize pool constantly increases. And the more players place bets in a particular slot machine at that moment, the bigger the prize sum can be formed as a result.

The jackpot will be accumulated in the bank until it is randomly transferred to the account of one of the users. And who exactly receives such a big reward depends on luck.

How Do I Know if the Slot Offers Jackpot?

If you have chosen a platform for your gambling vacation responsibly, then slots with a progressive jackpot should definitely be present there. However, how exactly can you understand that this particular slot machine can offer this feature? It is simple. 

Most often, such slot machines will be sorted and formed into a special subcategory. For example, such sections can be called “Jackpot”, “Progressive” and other variations.

Moreover, sometimes operators specially place a graphic mark on the main cover of the game so that the audience understands the potential of the mechanism at first glance.

Slots with the Biggest Jackpots

Recently, the audience of gambling enthusiasts had been paying attention to more extraordinary slots with non-standard additional features, including progressive jackpots. That is why most gambling software developers have begun to actively create new slots with the integration of such mechanics.

However, most players without experience in playing progressive slots do not know which one is the best to start with. That is why we offer the top 3 best slot machines with progressive jackpots.

Divine Fortune

This NetEnt slot features a 96.09% return to players and 117649 paylines. So you’ll definitely be getting winning combinations on a regular basis.

Divine Fortune from NetEnt Progressive Jackpot Slot

The Divine Fortune slot was released in a remake format and can bring huge winnings if you make smart bets. The machine offers you to travel to Ancient Greece, walk among marble statues and get several expensive paylines.

Royal Joker: Hold and Win

Do you want to play seriously and fight for real multipliers? Then this slot from Playson will definitely interest you. Royal Joker: Hold and Win developers integrated a huge multiplier of the maximum win that reaches x21150 of the initial bet.

Royal Joker: Hold and Win from Playson Progressive Jackpot Slot

The game is as simple as possible, has a familiar structure and gives you real opportunities to hit the jackpot with just three reels and five paylines.

Black Wolf

With Black Wolf Hold and Win from Booongo, you can go on an adventure to the mysterious foggy forest, where each wild animal – from moose to majestic wolf – will have unique multipliers for winnings. The maximum jackpot will be x1000 of your bet, so get ready for big wins right now.

Black Wolf: Hold and Win from Booongo Progressive Jackpot Slot

Tips for Winning in Progressive Slot Machines

If you are serious about going big and want to increase your chances of hitting a jackpot, you should prepare carefully. After all, players who take slot bets lightly will have minimal chances of getting real results.

We suggest using the basic tips. These points will help you to make your bets more productive, increase your individual return to players and use your balance rationally.

A Lot Depends on RTP

The return to player is a quite popular category among regular gambling users. It determines the percentage that can be returned to the player who makes bets. That is, it directly affects the amount of your winnings.

That is why the chance for the jackpot also partially depends on the RTP. A high RTP guarantees that big jackpots happen more often as, for example, in machines with lower returns. 

Rules for Activating and Receiving Jackpot

Each slot machine, depending on its provider and internal features, may have different conditions for receiving and using the jackpot. Therefore, we recommend you pay attention to this issue from the very beginning and prepare an appropriate strategy.

Besides, it won’t take much time, because usually high-quality slots have simple and clear rules for activating all additional features.

Rational Use of Deposit Money

A large percentage of success depends on how you use your balance. And if you have little deposit funds in your account, but you choose a risky game on large limits, then such a tactic may not bring desired results.

Therefore, if you don’t want to lose all quickly and want to maximize your results, you should manage your deposit funds properly. Objectively evaluate the capabilities of your balance and then choose which limits you want to play at.

Ability to Stop in Time

Usually, the mechanics of all slot machines are based on repeating spins. Making more spins increases the chances of your next bet hitting the real jackpot. However, after each new win, you will have an irresistible feeling of trying your luck again.

In such cases, it can be difficult to defeat your thirst for more winnings. After all, each new win, especially a significant amount, does not guarantee that the jackpot will appear again in a few spins.

Main Advantages of Progressive Slots

Those users who choose to spend time spinning slot machines with progressive jackpot mechanics will have several additional advantages.

In particular, the following features are worth mentioning:

1️⃣ Extremely large jackpots. Compared to standard payline wins, jackpots may seem extremely large. Therefore, it is not surprising that so many gamblers hunt for them. After all, a single grand prize can provide you with a stable financial cushion for repeated bets in a casino for a long time.

2️⃣ Everyone has a good chance of winning. The progressive slot machine system can randomly award a jackpot at any time. Therefore, all players who are currently in active game mode are included in a list of possible winners.

3️⃣ Simple and clear rules. Although such slots have an additional technology for accumulating a progressive jackpot, the rules of the slot itself will not differ much. Therefore, you will not have to spend all your free time learning new game conditions.

Moreover, progressive slots have a huge collection of thematic plots. Therefore, each player is able to find the story that interests them the most.

As Result

If you are ready to take a risk and try your luck, you are recommended to try playing progressive jackpot slots. After all, this format offers everyone a unique chance to get a mega win for their usual bets on the reels.

However, besides the obvious advantages of progressive slot machines, it is worth mentioning that high winnings require careful preparation.

Otherwise, progressive slots can confidently be the biggest competitor of classic slot machines. After all, they will have the main trump card – extremely large winnings.