True Grit Redemption Slot Review – Travelling To The Wild West

July 21, 2022

True Grit Redemption is an impressive video slot game from Nolimit City. The game was released at the end of 2021 and very quickly became popular because of its adventurous theme and diverse bonus offers. NoLimit City is a very prestigious game provider which offers users high-quality and unique themed games. So True Grit Redemption real money is safe to play because it is checked with the quality international standards.

The extreme and adventurous slot theme brings excitement and real emotions during the play. The special graphic elements bring you into another world and make you one of the characters. With this, the game also offers wonderful bonus features such as free spins, wild and scatter bonuses, sticky wild bonuses, symbol swap, extra wild symbols, several types of multipliers, bonus buy feature, and autoplay. 

True Grit Redemption Review

True Gift Redemption has quite a high level of RTP which equals 96.11%. This ratio is over the average standard RTP level which equals 96.00%. That is a great option for players because it means that they will get 96.11 USD back on average with the 100 USD of total bet. When it comes to betting limits, it is quite low. More specifically the minimum required amount is to place 0.2 USD whereas you can place a bet with a maximum of 100 USD. 

You may think that because of low requirements, the game is not a great choice for those who love to play for big wins. However, with the several multipliers, True Grit Redemption offers the maximum payout – x20 220 of the total bet. This means that you are playing for 2 022 000 USD, which is a pretty great number. 

The game structure is also different from the classic slot machines. More specifically, it includes 6 reels and changeable rows. The game has 240 paylines, which is a pretty great number for that structured game. 

NoLimit city tries to be the most comfortable and exciting game provider for every user. By using HTML5 technology, they make the True Grit Redemption mobile version available for every device user. That means that no matter if you are a smartphone, tablet, or desktop user, you can easily have access from your browser to this impressive gaming adventure.

There is more to know about the slot machine if you want to create an unforgettable game experience. So do not miss our True Grit Redemption guide down below, because we will describe every important aspect and detail of the slot machine. 

A Better Look At True Grit Redemption‘s Design Aspects

For those who love adventures, extremely dangerous stories, and western culture, True Grit Redemption is the perfect themed game. The slot machine is inspired by the very popular book  ‘True Grit’  which was also released as a movie. It was quite a popular tale during the 1960s. So the game is designed with the classic western culture. 

When you start playing the game, in the background you will see a winter landscape and the night forest with snowy trees. The main buttons are designed with wooden elements. The foggy and mysterious forest looks very realistic because of the 3D effects. The main playboard is also designed with wooden elements and is framed with snow.

The symbols are unique to the theme. Here you will see wooden designed classic symbols such as letters and numbers with special symbols, which include the characters of the tale. You can discover the main character, a little girl, and the story villains, cowboys, and lady murderers with guns. The aesthetic is so impressive and realistic, that your game journey will be unforgettable.

True Grit Redemption  Audio – How Does It Feel?

Everyone agrees that the audio is as important as the graphic artwork. The NoLimit City team knows how to merge the impressive theme with the game soundtrack to create an exciting and realistic gaming atmosphere for every type of player.

Because the theme is based on western culture with a dangerous storyline, the audio is pretty tense and dynamic. It brings dangerous, risky sound effects to the gaming process and makes the journey more impressive. If you love playing without the sound effects, from the main page, you can easily change the sound modes or mute it completely. 

True Grit Redemption Game Mechanics Explained

True Grit Redemption has 6 main reels and changeable rows from 2 to 5. With the 240 paylines in total, you can win several types of multipliers with the randomly generated combinations. Some symbols appear on the specific reels but most of them can be matched on every reel.

Similar to classic slot machines, the player needs to land a minimum of 3 of the same symbols on the reels, whereas the maximum number of landed symbols is 6. The number of payouts depends on what type of symbols are landed. During the playing of True Grit Redemption, you will see low, medium, and high-paying symbols.

True Grit Redemption Mobile

The low-paying regular symbols are letters and numbers. Landing three of them means multipliers from x0.05 to x.25, whereas landing six of them means multipliers from x0.2 to x0.75. The medium-paying symbols are five murder characters. If you land three of them, you will activate multipliers from x0.3 to x0.5 but if you match six of them on the reel, you will get x0.85 to x1.75 of the total bet.

The highest paying and the special symbol is the main character, a little girl with a golden frame design. If you land three of these symbols, you will increase the winning amount by x25. The maximum landing number is 4 which increases the total stake by x500. There are also scatter and wild wooden symbols, which will be described later. 

With the game mechanics, we have to mention the autoplay feature which makes the gaming process more comfortable and increases the spinning speed. Also, the True Grit Redemption demo version is the perfect option to try the game for free, without creating an account on the specific casino website and placing the bet. So if you want to know how to play True Grit Redemption, you should try the demo version first. 

True Grit Redemption  Bonus Game At A Glance

True Grit Redemption is special with its diverse opportunities of bonuses. First of all, it increases the excitement and plays as an encouraging factor, and secondly, makes the game perfect for new users, who are inexperienced and want to maximize their chances of winning.

True Grit Redemption Demo

In the game, we have different wild symbol types which include xWild, xNufge wild, xWays, and infectious xWays. To transform the classic wild symbol into one of them, top or bottom reel symbols should match the symbols beneath it. This increases the winning amounts from x1 to x3. 

The reel split symbol appears only on the bottom reel and doubles all symbols. So, the multipliers are increasing. The True Grit Redemption free spins will be active after landing at least 1 and a maximum of 4 scatter symbols. This will give you free spins from 4 to 10. 

If these wonderful opportunities are not enough, you should try the bonus buy feature where you have three main choices. To buy torture spins, you should pay x69 of your total bet. To get dead spins which are the same as free spins, you should pay x669 of the bet. For getting both for an 80% guarantee, you should pay x198 of the bet. 

Wrapping Up

True Grit Redemption is a very different and unique game. Firstly, it brings you to another world with dangerous and adventurous characters. With the realistic view, you feel like you are one of the characters and a part of this amazing story. Secondly, a high variety of bonuses increases your winning chances dramatically.

Diverse free spins, wild bonuses, and different multipliers are creating exciting winning possibilities. The game is also perfect for those who love trying jackpots. More specifically with the high payouts, you can win more than 2 million USD with this game. So if you are looking for a unique and exciting game experience with extremely high winning opportunities, True Grit Redemption is the perfect game for you!