Wanted Dead or a Wild – Enjoy The Western Adventure

April 8, 2022

Wanted Dead or a Wild is a captivating slot developed by one of the leading software development companies called Hacksaw. Nowadays, it is a very famous game that you will encounter on every casino website and there are a lot of reasons behind such an enormous engagement of gamblers.

The slot features a standard gaming interface with 5 reels, 5 rows, and 15 paylines. Although Wanted Dead or a Wild highly resembles other western-style games, it still provides some unique and innovative attributes that will give tremendous satisfaction to every player. We want to emphasize that the Wanted Dead or a Wild mobile version is as exciting as the normal one.

Wanted dead or a wild slot

The game includes an RTP of 96.38% which is considered above-average in the gambling industry and it is promising to return you substantial amounts of money on average. Also, you have a chance to win huge stakes due to high volatility but not very frequently, and the highest amount you can earn is 12.500x your bet, which is a pretty lavish offer. 

You will come across a lot of fascinating symbols representing western elements in this slot and the name itself is very creative which attracts the majority of players enthusiastic about western culture. You will dive into this delightful playing atmosphere as soon as you start spinning the reels and experience marvelous feelings as if you are in a cowboy movie. This Wanted Dead or a Wild guide will assist you to find out every detail regarding the game.

A Better Look At Wanted Dead or a Wild Design Aspects

Wanted dead or a wild game

Wanted Dead or a Wild slot contains both dark and bright themes in the background of the game and those pictures will probably remind you of some kind of trees. As for the symbols, you will run into ten figures – Whisky Bottle, Revolver Chamber, Outlaw, Money Bag, Bull’s Head, and five highest playing cards. As we have said, the combination of those symbols will most likely take you on a western journey right away. 

The slot consists of a pretty straightforward design that allows players to navigate through the game effortlessly. You will not have a hard time playing Wanted Dead or a Wild since you only need to place the bet and press the circle-shaped arrow on the bottom right side of the slot. All the necessary buttons are visible as well in case you need to change the bet or read info. 

Wanted Dead or a Wild Audio – How Does It Feel?

Wanted Dead or a WIld slot includes extremely mesmerizing music that will once again make you feel that you are in a western world. As soon as you enter the game, you will hear probably a well-known soundtrack in the background that you might have heard in some kind of western movie or cartoon. So, it is well adjusted with the game theme that will attract a vast number of gamblers. 

This is a very important quality for every casino game to include pleasing and enchanting music in order to engage a lot of customers. If the soundtrack is not enjoyable then players might get bored and leave the game, so it is essential to come up with satisfying music in the background. 

The Hacksaw developers understand this point very well, therefore they have worked really hard to establish an ear-catching soundtrack, and as a result, you have a chance to enjoy this slot as long as you wish!

Wanted Dead or a Wild Game Mechanics Explained

Dead or a wild slot info

In this section, we will inform you thoroughly how to play Wanted Dead or a Wild. It is a pretty simple process as we have mentioned above and you just need to place the bet and start playing. There are various symbols offering different kinds of payouts.

The wild symbol is able to substitute every other figure except for the bonus and VS symbols, and it helps to multiply your winnings significantly. Also, the game features train robbery figures that allow you to obtain the great train robbery bonus feature with 10 Wanted Dead or a Wild free spins. 

As for the VS symbols, it gives you the possibility to win up to 100x more Wanted Dead or a Wild real money by expanding on the whole reel in case you collect a winning combination. You are also able to trigger the duel at dawn bonus feature if you catch at least three duel symbols and ten free spins will be rewarded to you. 

Wanted Dead or a Wild Bonus Game At a Glance

Wanted dead or a wild game info

Apart from the bonus features mentioned above, this game also gives players an opportunity to receive the dead man’s hand bonus game in case they collect three or more dead symbols. The main objective of this feature is to catch as many wilds and multipliers as possible. 

You can collect wilds on the left side above the reels and the value of multiplier is shown on the right. The number of remaining spins becomes three every time you catch either wilds or multipliers and this phase does not stop until you get three non-winning spins in a row. 

The next phase is a showdown where you will be rewarded with three spins and each of them will have the number of collected wilds applied to the grid, and then the collected multiplier will multiply all wins. There are also some non-winning symbols available in this bonus game. 

Wrapping Up  

In this Wanted Dead or a Wild review, we have described one of the most popular games in detail. This slot was established by a leading software development company called Hacksaw and it includes pretty exciting gaming features. For instance, it provides an RTP of 96.38% and high volatility which means that you have a chance to earn a huge stake and the highest payout is 12.500x your initial bet. 

The popularity of Wanted Dead or a Wild is mainly caused due to its fascinating theme and music in the background. It allows punters to experience a western-style playing atmosphere with various symbols that will leave exceptional and memorable feelings. Moreover, we want to highlight that there are many Wanted Dead or a Wild demo versions available online in case you wish to play it for free.