Wheel of Time Slot Review – Travelling Through Times

July 20, 2022

Wheel of Time is a very popular video slot game from Evoplay. The game was released in September 2020 and had instant success because of its unique theme and the great gaming atmosphere it brings to players. If you want to travel between different times and explore unique adventures, you should definitely play Wheel of Time real money which is available on the majority of popular online casinos.

Wheel of Time does not have a classic structure. So, during the play, you won’t see any reels, rows, and classic symbols on the playboard. All you will find is a giant wheel, with many elements that travel you through the times. You are spinning the magic wheel with several multipliers that increase your total winning amount.

The RTP level for Wheel of Time equals 96.20% which is a higher ratio compared to the average level of RTP. With this level, the player will get 96.20 USD back on average out of the 100 USD bet. The betting range is pretty low. You have to place at least 0.1 USD whereas the maximum amount equals 100 USD. The highest payout is x100 of the total bet which means that with this game you can win 100 000 USD in total. 

Wheel Of Time Review

Evoplay is one of the top game providers in the gambling industry. The company is very popular because of its high-quality game portfolio, different structures, themes, and rules. So, what we should expect from Wheel of Time is an unforgettable gaming experience full of excitement and emotions. Furthermore, by using high technologies such as JS and HTML5, Wheel of Time mobile mode is available for every device user. So, if you are a desktop, tablet, Android, or iOS device user, you can simply have access to the game from the browser. 

If you want to try a different experience or you love playing orbital-reel games, check out our Wheel of Time guide down below to not miss every significant detail you should know. 

A Better Look At Wheel of Time’s Design Aspects

Evoplay provides a high-quality design in every game. Wheel of Time is not the exception and creates a magical and impressive gaming atmosphere. From the title, you must expect something deep and different. The design is just like that! Unique and different symbols create a very exciting gaming atmosphere. 

Wheel Of Time Demo

When you start playing, behind the time machine you will see deep purple space with circular figures. The main playboard is a time wheel with different divided parts. The impressive gold wheel includes different colored spaces where you will see multipliers. During the gameplay, you will feel like you are traveling in time for real. 

Wheel of Time Audio – How Does It Feel?

The theme of the Wheel of Time is magic and unrealistic. To create an impressive gaming atmosphere Evoplay team uses different sounds with deep music notes and calm rhythms. All of these create a magical soundtrack you will enjoy while playing. 

Wheel of Time Game Mechanics Explained

Even though the structure of this orbital-reel game is different, the playing rules are pretty simple and interesting too. The main tool of the game is an arrow that points to the random sector. Pointing to different sectors means different bonuses and game results.

Wheel Of Time Mobile

For example, if the arrow stops on the gear sector, it means that the bonus scale will go out. If the arrow stops on the specific amount of payouts, it means that the players’ total winning amount will increase according to the multiplier. There are different levels available,  which change the betting amounts and multipliers too. So, the main principle of the game is to spin the wheel and get random winnings.

Wheel of Time Game At A Glance

Because Wheel of Time is an orbit-reel-type game, it does not include any classic bonus features such as cascading wins, wilds, scatters, or bonus rounds. Every winning offer is written on the divided parts of the wheel.

Wheel Of Time Real Money

Here you will see different multipliers from x0.3 to x100 of the total stake. Wheel of Time free spins are also available, however, in a different way. More specifically, on some parts of the wheel is written ‘Next wheel’ which means one more extra spin for free. So during the game, all you can use is bonus rounds and plenty of multiplier options which increase your total winning amount significantly. 

Wrapping Up

To conclude, Wheel of Time is the perfect game for those who want to try their luck in a different gaming environment. The high-quality and magical graphic visuals, a unique theme, and simple playing rules create a wonderful and impressive gaming journey for everyone. Besides, you have plenty of multipliers to increase your winning amount. 

So, if you feel bored with the classic slot games and looking for an exciting and unforgettable gaming journey, Wheel of Time is one of the finest options for you.