Wild Cash – Delightful Slot By BGaming

June 30, 2022

Wild Cash is a product of a well-known software development company called BGaming. This game is famous for various reasons, but mainly due to its simplified mechanics that promise every player to win huge amounts. It is mostly constructed with classic elements including fruits and card icons, so you have to expect basic gameplay as there are hardly any unique or innovative characteristics here. However, this does not mean that you will not enjoy a simple yet pleasing playground! 

This is a perfect opportunity for every punter who wants to experience how classic slot machines work. Like every other classic game, this one is also built in a very straightforward way that makes the gambling process very simple even for newbies. Therefore, it is no surprise that a vast number of players show interest in this slot, and due to this reason, we are writing a Wild Cash review where you will learn every necessary attribute in terms of playing design and gaming mechanism. 

Wild Cash Demo

First of all, we want to note that the simplicity of this slot is expressed mainly in the layout. You will come across a playground containing 3 reels and 3 rows, whereas only five paylines work to generate winning combinations. There is a great number of punters who are fascinated with this kind of simple playing area since they find it even more appealing and charming. Even though the graphics are basic, they still have a pretty positive effect on every visitor. 

As for the game mechanics, you will encounter pretty attractive numbers since Wild Cash includes an RTP of 96.34% which is considered above average in the gambling industry. Also, this is a slot with a high volatility level which means that you can generate high amounts of winnings but not very frequently. So, you have to wait for your opportunities and they will certainly arrive at the end of the day!

The minimum possible bet you can place here is as little as 0.01 EUR and the maximum amount includes 50 EUR. If you get really lucky one day you might obtain the highest payout of this game which is 1.000x your stake! This is a highly lucrative offer and you should definitely try to acquire it. 

If you are wishing to choose this slot, we would recommend playing a Wild Cash demo version first. By doing so, you will be able to get familiar with the gaming mechanism and consequently, get ready to gamble with Wild Cash real money momentarily. 

A Better Look At a Wild Cash Design Aspects

Wild Cash Guide

As we have already noted above, the design of Wild Cash is not something special and unlike most slots, you will not run into a lot of elements here. This fact once again underlines the main goal of developers since they wanted to establish a simple and straightforward game with only basic components. 

Simplicity is what attracts the majority of people and therefore, they enjoy this kind of gameplay tremendously. There are no pictures or characters depicted in the background since it features only various colored layouts. The main theme is colored dark in order to make it enjoyable for our eyes.

When it comes to the symbols, you will encounter traditional icons that classic slots provide in general. There are fruits like watermelon, orange, lemon, cherries, and plums. Apart from these symbols, you will also see a star icon and a lucky number seven which is also the highest paying one among all. 

Despite the fact that the playing interface of Wild Cash is nothing special since it only contains traditional elements, players will still enjoy spinning every reel and get a pretty memorable gambling experience! What’s more, you are able to do so even in the Wild Cash mobile version as it includes all the high-quality elements that we encounter in the original game. So, get yourself together and play this slot with any device.  

Wild Cash Audio – How Does It Feel?

There is hardly any audio in Wild Cash as well since you will hear some sound effects only when you make spins. This is one more sign of a classic playground as generally, they don’t include music in the background. However, this does not mean that you will not enjoy gambling here for a long time! 

Wild Cash Game Mechanics Explained 

Wild Cash Mobile

If you want to learn how to play Wild Cash properly, we will explain every detail in this section. For starters, we have to once again highlight that like every classic old-school there are not a lot of features provided here as well in terms of game mechanics. 

There are 8 symbols in total and they pay between 1x and 60x your stake for a winning combination. The highest paying icon is obviously a lucky number seven that will give you 60x your money in case you catch five of them.

The lowest paying figure is a cherry that will reward you with the same amount of payout that you gamble with. Then comes a lemon, orange, plum, grapes, watermelon, and a star icon. 

There is no more to say about the gameplay in the base game and as you can tell, you need to pay attention to those symbols in order to generate winning combinations. This will not be hard for any players since there are only 5 paylines in this slot.  

Wild Cash Bonus Game At a Glance

Wild Cash Review

The bonus game of this slot can be triggered as soon as you land at least three special icons on the reels called Wild Cash and they look pretty much like the game logo. When this happens, a pop-up in the form of a 3-reel line will appear. 

The numbers will start spinning and reveal from left to right, creating a random multiplier in the range of 1-999x. The displayed multiplier will be applied to your bet and you will receive a winning accordingly. 

What’s more, players have the opportunity to purchase the bonus game of Wild Cash if they are willing to pay 80x their bet! So, even though there are no Wild Cash free spins provided here, there are still tremendous possibilities to win a substantial amount of money!

Wrapping Up 

We have created this Wild Cash guide in order to describe every characteristic of a simple yet fascinating slot that was released by BGaming. The developers have certainly revived all the classic and old-school elements in this game, and also they have implemented some innovative ways to win a lot of money. Hence, you will have the possibility to enjoy simplified gameplay where there are enormous chances to get rich! 

Wild Cash includes an RTP of 96.34% which is a pretty high number that will bring you relatively considerable amounts of money on average after gambling here. Moreover, there is high volatility in this game and for those who are not familiar with this term, it means that players will get rewarded with tremendous prizes but they will not come very frequently. Hence, you need to be patient and wait for your opportunities, and they will eventually arrive in the end! 

The simple playground contains 3 rows and 3 reels where you can place as low as 0.01 EUR to start gambling. Whereas if you wish to play with the maximum possible amount, you can provide 50 EUR and as a result, grow your chances of generating the highest payout. The maximum win can come in the bonus game and if you get lucky you will have a chance to earn 1.000x your initial stake in a split second!