Wild Drops Slot Review – Mesmerizing Slot By Betsoft

April 14, 2022

Wild Drops is an exciting game that was released by Betsoft in July of 2021. Despite being a newly released game, it has managed to gain tremendous attention among punters all around the world due to its high-class visuals and captivating gameplay. So, there is no surprise that we are seeing a huge involvement of players in this game and therefore, we have created this Wild Drops guide in order to inform you about the essential features. 

As soon as you open the game you will feel as if you are in the gold mine surrounded by the underground railway and mining goods. The diversity of colors will be eye-catching for every visitor and it creates a delightful playing atmosphere that is impossible not to enjoy. There is a playground of 5 reels and 8 rows and you will come across various gems that will fill the board on every spin. 

Besides being so visually charming, this slot offers great opportunities to win a considerable amount of money with the help of 16 winning combinations that are horizontal lines in different rows. It includes an RTP of 96.11% and high volatility which means that every player is able to get enormous prizes but not very frequently. So, our suggestion would be to wait for your chances, and maybe you can earn the highest payout which is 88.000x your bet. Needless to say, this is one of the biggest numbers in the gambling world. 

You will find a lot of Wild Drops demo versions on the internet that will allow you to try them out for free in order to better understand the characteristics. Once you get familiar with everything then you are ready to start playing with real money!

A Better Look At Wild Drops Design Aspects

Wild Drops slot

Wild Drops features a splendid design that will attract a vast number of players worldwide. It will most likely make you feel in a mine full of gold and various gems. You will see an underground railway in the background of the game and also some carriers full of diamonds. 

The gaming interface consists of high-quality graphics and enchanting visuals that will be eye-catching from the very first second. It leaves some kind of mysterious vibe as if you are searching for a treasure somewhere in the underground when you spin the reels. Even though there are various colors it is still pleasing to watch for a long period of time. 

Moreover, the design of this slot is established in a way that facilitates the playing process. Every necessary button is available on the screen so you will not have a hard time playing this game. Most importantly, the developers have created the Wild Drops mobile version as well. 

Wild Drops Audio – How Does It Feel?

The audio of Wild Drops follows the flow of the game very well and it helps gamblers to stay engaged in the game for a long time. You will hear calm and repeated sound effects in this game that connects with the playing interface excellently. The overall experience would be as if you are in the process of searching for something precious. 

It is essential for every casino game to include pleasing music in the background since it is one of the major reasons why punters are involved in the game. Otherwise, they will be bothered by unpleasant sounds and eventually lose interest in playing. Hence, creators at Betsoft understand this fact very well and they have established appealing music for Wild Drops. 

Wild Drops Game Mechanics Explained

Wild Drops slot game

We will give you a proper idea of how to play Wild Drops. Unlike the traditional slots, this game does not include any kind of symbol except for the wild figure. There are only gems presented on the screen and your goal is to form winning combinations by matching three or more gems on any horizontal payline from the leftmost or rightmost position.

When you catch a winning combination, gems are removed from the reels and they give a chance for new ones to drop and fill the empty space. This process is continued until no more winning combinations are formed and the winnings are paid accordingly.

If the grid is completely cleared in one spin then you will be rewarded with a bonus 5x base win in addition to the base win. Also, we want to note that the wild symbol is able to replace all the other gems to create winning combinations and you will get the highest payout in case you collect five wild figures. 

Wild Drops Bonus Game At a Glance

Wild Drops online slot

Wild Drops contains a pretty unique bonus game that you can trigger by finding the hidden bonus symbols located under the gems. You need to clear the gems entirely in a single spin in order to reveal five hidden bonus figures and you will be rewarded with 5 Wild Drops free spins. 

You are able to track your progress as you fill the visual counter and we want to highlight that every spin comes with a central column of guaranteed wilds. Moreover, during the free spins feature, if you manage to clear the grid completely you will win a bonus multiplier. The bonus will be 10x your base win in addition to the base win. So, as you can see there are great chances to win a lot of money in this game and you should not miss out on this opportunity.

Wrapping Up

In this Wild Drops review, we have thoroughly described all the characteristics of a well-known slot in the gambling world. It has been established by a leading software development provider called Betsoft and as a result, offers players high-quality services along with charming visuals. The gaming interface will most likely make you feel like searching for treasure somewhere in the underground and it creates an overall memorable experience for every visitor. 

Besides the amazing design, this slot gives punters the possibility to win considerable amounts of Wild Drops real money due to high RTP and volatility. If you get really lucky you might earn the highest payout – 88.000x your initial stake!