Wild West Gold Megaways Slot Review – Enjoy Western Adventure With Bonuses

July 19, 2022

Wild West Gold Megaways is an impressive slot game from one of the top and the most prestigious game providers called Pragmatic Play. The company is well-known for its diverse and uniquely designed slot games which create a unique game experience for every kind of player. Wild West Gold Megaways is one of their best games which became very popular after the short period of release, and for a good reason. 

Wild West Gold Megaways Review

Wild West Gold Megaways is a brand new slot game that was released in 2022 and is special with different bonus features and unique designs. It includes 3 rows and 6 reels. With the classic slot machine structure, the game is special with a high number of winning combinations. Wild West Gold Megaways includes 117 649 betting ways in total, which means that landing winning combinations are represented with high frequency and the game is perfect for those who are new in the gaming industry and have less knowledge and experience compared to already loyal slot gamers.

The RTP ratio is pretty high compared to the golden standard of classic slot machines and equals 96.44% whereas the average RTP level is 96.00%. The game is featured with a high level of volatility and includes 13 different symbols which give the players the possibility to earn different bonus features or amounts of winnings. 

From the title and the first impression, you will see that the game has a unique theme and your gaming experience will be exciting, extreme, and dynamic as life in the wild west, with a lot of danger and adventure. With the great visual experience and diverse bonus opportunities, the Wild West Gold Megaways slot game is perfect for those who want to feel the extreme emotions of winning big amounts. More specifically, with this game, you have a chance to win x5 000 of your total bet.

With the accessibility of paying with cryptocurrencies, Wild West Gold Megaways real money is also available in most casinos. Also, the slot machine is available for every device user. The team of creators used the technology of HTML5 which gives the possibility to try Wild West Gold Megaways mobile from any device, no matter Android, iOS, desktop, or tablet. 

If you are new to gaming and very interested in this adventurous slot machine, you can use the Wild West Gold Megaways demo version to find out more about gaming rules and principles without placing any amount of bet or taking a risk. But if you want to make sure that the game is worth trying and want to learn more about this wonderful slot, do not miss out on the Wild West Gold Megaways guide down below where we will describe the key aspects of the game.

A Better Look At Wild West Gold Megaways’s Design Aspects

The title already outlines that the main theme of the game is wild west culture. With the impressive and exciting game, visuals are featured with high quality and 3d elements which gives a more realistic aesthetic to the game. 

When you enter the game you will see three dangerous and amazing characters from wild west with classic looks. The leather jackets, cowboy hats, and guns in their hends will bring more excitement to the game. In the background of the playboard, you will see the classic western city with wooden old houses and vast sandy roads. The night cityscape is foggy and makes the more mystic and adventurous aesthetic. 

The playboard is designed with purple wooden frames and elements. But the main unique part is the characters. As we have said, Wild West Gold Megaways is inspired by western culture, so there are four main characters, two cowboy men with guns and two women with guns and knives. There are also regular symbols such as letters, numbers, bags full of golden coins, and guns. 

Wild West Gold Megaways Free Spins

Wild West Gold Megaways Audio – How Does It Feel?

Everyone agrees that audio is as important as graphic design and visuals because both play a big role in creating the game aesthetic and atmosphere for players. The vibe the game has is very important in creating gamers’ emotions and encouragement. The team of Wild West Gold Megaways creators exactly knows how to bring an adventurous and dynamic vibe to the players.

With the impressive game design which brings players to the wild west, the audio effects are bringing more excitement to the game. Similar to the theme, the audio is inspired by the wild west culture and is dynamic. But if the player wants to enjoy gaming without any sound effects, Wild West Gold Megaways mute mode can be activated from the playboard or settings page. 

Wild West Gold Megaways Game Mechanics Explained

Similar to the classic slot machines, Wild West Gold Megaways’s game principle is to land at least three identical symbols on the specific reel. This will activate different bonuses where the payout is depending on the type of symbol. The game includes low-paying, regular and special symbols. On the other hand, there are the scatter and wild symbols which give the bigger amounts of rewards.

Let’s start with the low-paying symbols which give the player the multipliers from x0.05 to x0.30 of the total amount. Landing at least three and a maximum six of letter symbols will activate these multipliers. Landing bags full of golden coins or guns will bring the player multipliers from x0.15 to x0.40. If the player lands three lady characters or cowboy with black heat, will earn multipliers from x0.25 to x0.40, whereas landing six of them will activate multipliers from x0.50 to x0.75 of the total stake.

The highest-paying symbol is the man with brown cowboy heat. Landing three of the symbols will give you a multiplier of x0.5 whereas matching six of them will increase winning by x1. With the betting amounts and payouts, the maximum payout of Wild West Gold Megaways is x5 000 of the players’ total stake. The minimum amount of bet you can place is 0.20 USD and the maximum is 100 USD.

Wild West Gold Megaways Mobile

Wild West Gold Megaways Bonus Game At A Glance

Wild West Gold Megaways is very special with its bonus offers. With the mentioned multipliers, there are many possibilities to increase the payout and get other kinds of bonuses. As we mentioned previously, the slot machine includes wild and scatter symbols.

Wild West Gold Megaways free spins will be activated after landing wild symbols. Also, it can be earned with scatter symbols. Landing at least 3 and a maximum of 6 scatter symbols will give the players’ multipliers from x4 to x500 and 7 free spins as a bonus. Matching golden star symbols also is the way to earn free spins from 2 to 6. If the round is with free spins and the player lands wild symbols, it will increase the total winning with multipliers from x2 to x5. 

In addition, Wild West Gold Megaways has a Bonus Buy feature, which gives the user chance to buy free spins. For that feature, the RTP level is 96.45% and the player needs to pay x100 of the total bet. This bonus round will give the player 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols which brings more bonuses. 

Wrapping Up

Wild West Gold Megaways is a wonderful slot game that is special with its design and bonus features. You can enjoy the dynamic and extreme western adventure with unique characters. During this journey, you can get diverse possibilities of bonuses which increase the winning chances and number on every step. 

Great RTP level, high-quality graphic design, and a wide choice of bonuses create a wonderful gaming experience for every kind of player. So, if you want to experience a unique slot game, Wild West Gold Megaways is worth your time and attention!