Wild Wild Romance – Western Adventure With Three-Level Bonus Rounds

July 20, 2022

Wild Wild Romance is an adventurous video slot game from Microgaming. As one of the top and the most popular game provider companies, Microgaming provides unique themes and great bonus features for Wild Wild Romance players. The slot is wonderful and creates an impressive gaming atmosphere which is why despite the short period of release, it has already become very popular and one of the players’ favorite games. The game was released in June 2022. 

If you love extreme emotions and dangerous adventures, you should definitely try Wild Wild Romance because, during the playing, you will travel into the wild west with the dangerous culprits. The game has 3 rows and 5 reels with 243 betting ways in total. The volatility level is high as well as the RTP ratio. RTP is one of the main advantages of Wild Wild Romance because it is over the average standard level, which equals 96.00%. The RTP for this slot machine is 96.80% which allows you to get 96.80 USD back on average from the 100 USD total bet. 

Wild Wild Romance Review

The betting requirements are very low and different from other slot machines. If you want to enjoy this exciting adventure, you should place at least 0.30 USD as the minimum betting amount whereas the maximum amount equals 19.50 USD. From a first look, it seems like the game does not allow players to play for high awards. But Wild Wild Romance becomes attractive and interesting to jackpot lovers because the maximum payout is x12 000 of the stake, which means, you can win a maximum of 234 000 USD.

With the acceptable volatility and hit frequency level, the winning chances are increasing with pretty diverse bonus offers. The list includes extra wild bonuses, different multipliers, free spins, a collecting feature, and wild reels. Microgaming knows how to maximize the players’ satisfaction and always tries to create an unforgettable gaming journey for experienced or new players. This game provider company always uses high-quality technologies to maximize the accessibility level too. Thanks to JS and HTML5, Wild Wild Romance mobile can be played from any device. So, if you use iOS, Android, or tablet, you can try this exciting slot machine from your browser. 

The diversity of features makes the game more interesting. So, it is very important to know how to play Wild Wild Romance with increased winning chances. Our Wild Wild Romance guide will help you to find out every detail about gaming mechanisms and bonus features, which makes your experience more adventurous. So, make sure you won’t miss it!

A Better Look At Wild Wild Romance’s Design

For those who love western culture and want to experience the adventurous gaming journey, Wild Wild Romance is a perfect choice! Microgaming’s high-quality graphic artwork is impressive with its unique symbols and backgrounds.

Wild Wild Romance Mobile

From the title, it is simple to understand that Wild Wild Romance is inspired by the western American culture, which is full of crimes, culprits, and treasures. Behind the impressive playboard, in the background, you will see a cityscape. This is a typical small town with low, wooden buildings. The button design is minimalistic, without any theme-relevant ornaments.

The main part is the playboard which is fully designed with the western cultural elements. The board is wooden and framed with skulls on each corner. The reels and rows are separated with ropes. The semi-transparent board is full of regular and unique designed symbols. Next to the board is the small paper board where you can see the maximum amount of payout which always reminds the player of the main aim of gameplay.

The classic slot machine symbols which consist of numbers and letters are designed as colorful wooden symbols. Every special symbol is wooden-framed. During the gameplay, you will earn bonuses with safe boxes full of money, gold, guns, sheriffs’ tokens, and main characters: cowboys, cowgirls, beautiful American ladies, and dangerous culprits with dynamite. 

Wild Wild Romance Audio – How Does It Feel?

To create a fully wild western aesthetic and make the gaming space more realistic, the team of creators perfectly chose the soundtrack. It is relevant to the theme and lets the player enjoy the game with western-style music, full of energized rhythms, calm notes, and classic American musical instruments. The audio is so cool that you feel like you are one of the characters.

Wild Wild Romance Game Mechanics Explained

The structure of the game is classic and similar to other slot machines. This is a 5×3 type video slot with 243 paylines. Different symbols are activating different bonuses such as multipliers, free spins, and other special offers. 

Wild Wild Romance Demo

As a classic slot machine, Wild Wild Romance consists of regular symbols, which are low-paying ones. Specifically, landing a minimum of three and a maximum of five letters or numbers will increase your total amount from x0.16 to x5 of the stake. The higher-paying symbols are safe boxes and golden bars. Landing three of them will give you a multiplier of x0.5, whereas landing 5 of them will increase your winning from x8.3 to x10.

The main characters are a beautiful lady, a cowgirl with a gun, a dangerous old man with a stick of dynamite, and the Sheriff. If players match 3 of them, they will activate multipliers from x0.6 to x1. After matching 5 of them on the reel, the total bet will be increased from x11.6 to x16.6. There are other special symbols too. Double guns act as a wild, and Sheriff token acts like a scatter. Here we have to mention that the scatter symbol is the only one that gives the multiplier x1, after landing two of them. For other symbols, the minimum landing number is 3. 

If you are interested in this adventurous and exciting slot machine but are too afraid to take a risk, you can go for the Wild Wild Romance demo mode. This is the perfect way to avoid placing a bet and registering as a casino user. So, demo mode allows you to play for fun and risk-free.

Wild Wild Romance Bonus Game At A Glance

With the realistic graphic artwork, Wild Wild Romance becomes more attractive and exciting for its great bonus offers. As we saw, the regular symbol multipliers can easily raise the total winning amount but the special symbols have higher payouts. The double guns which are wild symbols can increase the winning from x3.3 to x50 if you match 5. The scatter symbols are sheriff’s golden tokens and can give you multipliers from x1 to x200. 

Wild Wild Romance Real Money

Another great bonus that can increase the winning chances is the wild showdown. This is the random bonus that appears after the fifth reel. This gives a chance to activate several multipliers and the Wild Wild Romance free spins. The number of bonuses is different in four characters. The lady with beer can give you 10 free spins. Cowgirl activates 15 free spins. The old man with dynamite gives 20 free spins whereas the sheriff symbol gives 25. 

The game includes bonus rounds too which can be activated after 5, 10, and 15 triggers. There are three types of bonus rounds. The lowest one will give you 15 free spins and random multipliers from x2 to x3. This bonus is called Wild Trumbe. The Rolling Reels bonus will activate 20 free spins and multipliers from x2 to x5. The highest level is the Wild Lasso bonus which gives 25 free spins and a symbol that substitutes regulars with wild ones, which significantly increases the winning amount.

Wrapping Up

Wild Wild Romance is the perfect game with its wonderful game aesthetics and diverse bonuses. This is an incredible chance for every type of player to enjoy the perfect graphic visuals and high winning chances at the same time. No matter whether you are a new or already experienced player, Wild Wild Romance features will help you to maximize your bonuses and satisfaction during the gameplay.

Free spins, diverse opportunities, high multipliers, and great maximum payout make this slot machine attractive and worthy. So, if you wish to experience an unforgettable game journey, do not lose this chance and play the Wild Wild Romance slot game.