Winz to the Moon: Travel Into The Space With Great Bonuses

August 26, 2022

Do you want to experience a virtual journey in space? Then, very prestigious game provider BGaming suggests a magical and very colorful experience in another galaxy, with impressive planets and tons of stars.

This is a magical gaming adventure with amazing conditions for playing which makes the process more comfortable and enjoyable.

Winz to the Moon is a brand new slot game that was released exclusively for Winz.io casino in the middle of July 2022 but quickly got the attention with unique game aesthetics. 

It is animated in a cartoonish style but still creates a very exciting space. The game has wonderful offers.

It suggests conditions that are amazingly great and helpful for every type of player including new players and those who love gaming for the jackpot.

So sit comfortably and keep reading this Winz to the Moon guide which will help you to use this amazing winning opportunity effectively.

Winz to the Moon Gameplay 🌒

Winz to the Moon is a 5 reel game with 10 betways in total. The great conditions suggest a high volatility level as well as a high amount of payouts.

Winz to the Moon Slot Lobby

The maximum prize you can get from playing Winz to the Moon real money is x27 000 of your stake. You will be pretty amazed because of the betting ranges. This is a game with very low required amounts of bet.

More specifically, the minimum amount you can place is  0.10 USD whereas the maximum is only 10 USD. In addition, the RTP is quite high which is over the average ratio and equals 97.0%. 

This colorful experience is available for every device user. BGaming uses advanced technologies which make Winz to the Moon mobile version accessible for every device user, with high-quality visual effects. 

A Better Look At Winz to the Moon’s Design Aspects

The title already promises us the journey to the moon. So all we should expect from playing Winz to the Moon is the magical virtual journey to space with amazing colors, new planets, and shining stars.

The animations are high-quality designed and create a very mystic but enjoyable atmosphere for gaming.

Winz to the Moon Game Screen

Unlimited dark blue space with colorful planets and huge meteors are behind the main playboard. The background is very impressive with its blue, purple, and pinkish planets and moving natural satellites.

The board is fully transparent and includes 5 reels and 3 rows. Each symbol is framed with colorful neon-light frames and represents different letters as well as planets.

Here you will play with shining galaxy symbols and three different planets where one is fully covered with water. Another one is covered with lava and the third one is covered with huge stones.

There are also special symbols like space-flying cars and rockets.

🌓 Winz to the Moon Audio – How Does It Feel? 

The colorful journey to space becomes more enjoyable with magical and very positive melodies which are used as a soundtrack of the game. This is a calm melody with a low rhythm which brings more mysticism and magical vibes to the gameplay.

Every player will enjoy the atmosphere this audio creates with the graphic visuals.

Winz to the Moon Game Mechanics Explained 🌔

In this 5×3 reel game, we have 13 different symbols where two of them are special with their bonus and high amount of multipliers. In this game, you will not see any regular numbers or letters.

Instead of them, different unusual symbols are painted in different colors.

All these symbols are featured with low multipliers and they only can give you the payouts from x2 to x 125 of the placed stake. Then comes two shining planets with neon pink and blue lights.

The minimum payouts you can get from them are x15 of the stake while landing five of them gives you x250 of the stake. 

The fiery planet is another medium-paying symbol that can raise the winning amount by x20, x100, and x400 of the stake. The higher-paying symbols are the planets with stones and water.

Minimum payouts increase the amount by x2 of the stake and the maximum multipliers can increase your amount by x750 of the placed bet.

Remember that these two planets are the only symbol that activates bonuses after landing at least two of them. 

Do not forget, that if you want to try the game risk-free and want to avoid the required betting, you can have free access to Winz to the Moon demo mode which is mostly available on different casino platforms. 

🌕 Winz to the Moon Bonus Game 

As said, the game includes two main special symbols which act like wild and scatter.

The space-flying car is a scatter symbol that activates different bonuses after landing at least two of them. This symbol can increase your winning amount by x2,x5,x20, and x500 of the placed bet.

The highest-paying symbol is a wild which is a golden rocket symbol. This symbol can give you multipliers by x10, x250, x2 500, and x9 000 of the total stake. These incredibly high payouts, give you amazing chances to win a huge amount of cash prizes. 

Winz to the Moon Big Win

The wild symbol with the great payouts also can give you a higher chance of getting more winning combinations on the reel because it substitutes every regular symbol except the special ones.

In addition, landing at least 3 scatter symbols can give you Winz to the Moon free spins which can be increased if you land more scatters during the free spin rounds. 

Wrapping Up 🌑

Winz to the Moon slot machine is oriented to maximize the number of winnings with the minimum level of risk.

That is the reason why they have very low requirements with betting amounts. But in total the game gives you an impressive chance to win 270 000 USD. The payouts from every single symbol are much higher compared to the competitor slot.

Also, with the wild and scattered symbols, the chances of winning are increasing. 

Do not forget a  very impressive gaming atmosphere with colorful space and elements.

This magical journey with amazing winning chances gives the best experience for every player. You should definitely try Winz to the Moon because it is worth your attention!

Join Winz.io casino and play Winz to the Moon today!