August 25, 2022

4ThePlayer Review – Enjoy The Innovative Slots And High Payouts

4theplayers Free Games

4ThePlayer is one of the most popular game provider companies in the gambling industry. With quite a long period of experience, it became one of the top leading software instantly because its offers and the game portfolio were special with their diversity and high quality. That is why, even with the increasing level of competition, 4ThePlayer  games still are very demanded and are available on most popular casino platforms. 

To outline more about this great user-oriented provider, let’s start with a short brief of its history. Cris Ash, Andrew Porter, and Hendy McLean decided to use their 50+ years of experience in the gaming industry and create a very friendly and diverse provider. They founded 4ThePlayer in July 2018, in London. The popularity of the company started in 2019 when they were licensed by prestigious authorities such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

After the guaranteed safety, the popularity of different online casino platforms instantly increased and the founders finally reached their mission which was to create games that would be exciting and unforgettable for every type of gamer. They also claim that the priority for 4ThePlayer is innovation and always try to create different visuals and bonus features. That is why most of their games are themed with adult design and cartoonish styles or themes are not used. So if you love to experience realistic atmospheres and unique characters, 4ThePlayer games are perfect for you!

They are a transparent team. On their official website, they are publishing every single piece of information about the policy they use, licensing topics, and general information about their team and team leaders. As a user-friendly platform, they try to maximize the level of gamers’ comfort. Their system of customer support is very active and they try to answer your questions as soon as possible. On their website, you can send your question and they will answer you within 24 hours. 

Choosing the right provider to start gaming is very important. During this review, we will outline every needed detail about this innovative and high-quality game provider company and suggest to you the best gaming experience options. 

How We Rate Software Developers

We aim to show you the real and clear picture of the provider companies. For that reason, we use different criteria to ensure that playing the games from this software is worthy of its safety and the experience it creates. In this 4ThePlayer review, we will rate the company with the following criteria:

  • Selection of games
  • Reviews
  • Special features
  • Graphics and visuals
  • High security
  • Device compatibility

Selection Of Games

Innovative themes, realistic background, 3D animated characters, and unique virtual journeys in each game. This is everything you will experience during playing 4ThePlayer games. An amazing and diverse portfolio of video slots and table games is creating an unforgettable experience for everyone. As 4ThePlayer claims, they try to maximize the diversity and avoid boring themes. 

4theplayer Slots

4ThePlayer recently started to create different table games and this is why their portfolio only includes two table games such as 1 000 X Busta and 100 Bit Dice. They are more popular with slot games. To not get confused in their colorful portfolio, here we introduce you top 5 4ThePlayer slots:

  • 90K Yeti  – This is an impressive slot game where you can travel in the dangerous and mysterious Everest mountains. Because of the unique theme, the game broke the records and became the most popular slot game from 4ThePlayer. You will enjoy this fantastic adventure with a 95.50% RTP level, high volatility, and x90 000 maximum amount of payout. The betting ranges are between 0.10 USD and 10 USD which gives you a fascinating chance to win 900 000 USD. Dangerous Everest journey becomes more impressive with the bonus features such as free spins, bonus buy, and other special symbol bonuses. 
  • 3 Secret Cities – another amazing adventure from 4ThePlayer which brings you to ancient central America with Aztec culture. This is an impressive game with golden pyramids, charming Aztec characters, and jungle backgrounds. The tropical adventure suggests you very high RTP level which equals 96.50%. Also, betting ranges between 0.10 USD and 20 USD, very high level of volatility, and has an amazing payout with a maximum of x50 000 of the total bet. With exciting themes and conditions, you can increase your luck and experience with massive bonuses. Enjoy with high multipliers, stacked bonus symbols, free spins, and win 1 000 000 USD.
  • 12 Trojan Mysteries – an exciting adventure in ancient Europe with the empire of Troia. Golden boards, amazing cityscapes, and impressive characters will bring you to the history of one of the most epic moments, the war with the trojan horse. Great gaming conditions suggest 1 045 paylines, 96.50% RTP and high volatility level. The highest prize you can win is x20 000 of the stake. The player is allowed to place a minimum of 0.10 USD and a maximum of 50 USD as a bet. You can get closer to the main prize which is 1 000 000 USD with a bonus buy feature, massive free spins, and high regular multipliers. 
  • 123 Boom –  if you love the underwater world and wish to experience the virtual journey with culprits and pirates, then this game is the perfect choice for you. Amazing characters, fight for treasure and unique aesthetics creates the best experience ever. This dangerous and dynamic adventure becomes more enjoyable with a medium-high volatility level, 1 024 betting ways, 96.44% RTP level, and x14 827 maximum payout. The massive special features with free spins, high payouts, and special symbol bonuses make it easier to win more than 290 000 USD in total.
  • 2 Gods Zeus VS Thor – are you a fan of the mythology? This amazing slot game creates the most exciting and tense gaming atmosphere ever. You can see the virtual fight between two of the most powerful gods. Epic wins, RTP with 96.50%, high volatility, and 2 048 betting ways are creating very comfortable and enjoyable conditions for players. The game gives you a chance to win more than 300 000 USD as the highest prize. Additionally, in gameplay, you will create an amazing experience with free spins, scatter massive bonuses, and increasing multipliers.

Player Reviews

4ThePlayer is considered one of the most innovative game providers which suggests the players a different and unique gaming experience with high-quality security and amazing conditions for playing. Because of the official licensing and increasing success from 2018, 4ThePlayer built a very strong reputation among the players as well as partners. 

The company remains a very productive provider in the industry permanently working to develop the portfolio and maximize the satisfaction of users. This is why from 2019 the company actively announces different collaborations and makes technological access as well as visual aesthetics more innovative and impressive. From 2019, they are collaborating with Yggdrasil and Relax Gaming and increasing their positive reputation globally. 

Special Features

The main and most priority feature of 4ThePlayer is innovativeness. They always work to create unique games which will not be similar to others. This is not only about graphic visuals but about the features and conditions it suggests to players. As you can see from the mentioned five 4ThePlayer best slots, they mostly are featured with high volatility levels which means higher risk but also higher winning payouts. From each game, you can win thousands of USD cash prizes. Most of the games give the players the chance to win a million USD too. Also, most of the games’ RTP level is higher compared to the average ratio which is a big advantage for every player. 

4theplayer Review

With affordable betting requirements, each game suggests the player’s different bonus features. There are no slots without free spins or high multipliers from regular landing symbols. Each game includes special symbols and most of them have diverse bonus buy options where users can choose between several alternatives. The 4ThePlayer creates a very customized gaming experience for every type of player which makes them special. 

Graphics And Visuals

The best feature of 4ThePlayer free games is the unique graphic artwork. Each game is very different from other competitor slots and creates a different experience for players. The provider company is oriented to create realistic landscapes, impressive-looking characters, and different, theme-relevant symbols for each game. They are not only oriented to focus on specific themes. They are using famous historical or cultural facts for inspiration but also they are creating new storylines with new characters and new vibes. 

In their impressive game portfolio, every taste player can find the game whose design will be close to their interests. This is why you can travel to different civilizations, visit the underwater world or space and galaxies, experience spooky Christmas, or attend the fight of gods. 

High Security

Let’s start with the fact that 4ThePlayer was founded in London. Similar to most provider companies, this software is not registered in the offshore territory which does not have a good reputation in the gambling industry because of low requirements and an increasing number of scam companies. The company was founded by veterans in the gambling sector. Their team of CEOs was created by the ex-CEOs of Ash Gaming and Playtech. A popular, experienced, and trusted team means a lot for the company with the security level. 

Do not forget that the 4ThePlayer is licensed by the most prestigious authorities such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission which is popular with its high requirements and strict regulations for providers. So, keep calm because you can enjoy 4ThePlayer games with guaranteed safety. 

Device Compatibility

4ThePlayer is one of the first provider companies which suggested to players high-quality mobile accessibility. You can play their slots from any device including tablets, PC, or smartphones. They also give smartphone device users the possibility to maximize the realistic gaming atmosphere by using big reel portrait mode. This is the mode that occupies 60% of the device screen instead of 20%. This is a better and more enjoyable gaming experience with high-quality systemized designs.