August 25, 2022

Avatarux Review – Explore Colorful Slots With High Payouts And Popwin Mechanics

Avatarux Review

If you are looking for a diverse and the most engaging gaming experience with high-quality safety, we have a great and brand new provider company for you. Avatarux Gaming is a new and already very popular company with great missions, international prizes, a strong reputation, and most importantly, amazing game varieties. When you visit their official website, you will already be impressed with their unique and very comfortable structure and design. With the game portfolio, you will find the most colorful and positive aesthetical games which also give you wonderful winning possibilities. 

To get to know more about this new great gaming possibility, let’s review its history. Avatarux was founded in Malta, in 2018. Their first game launched in 2019. This was a slot called Lilith’s inferno, which soon became very frequently played among the players. To increase its popularity, in the same year, Avatarux started a partnership with a very prestigious and one of the leading providers called Yggdrasil. This partnership had a great result. 

The period of incredible success starts in 2020. This was the time of big changes and an increased game portfolio. In 2020, Avatarux released new games and implemented innovative new technology of Popwins™. More specifically, these games were Bountypop, Wildpops, Poprocks, and Cheryypops. The most popular of them was Cherrypop which still remains one of the most successful games from Avatarux. The reason for it was a high payout and a pretty high level of hit frequency of winning combinations. 

Today, their gaming portfolio is even more diverse and impressive. Currently, you can play Avatarux 13 different games. During the next months, they are going to release two new slot games called Zombie aPOPalypse and CritterPop. As they say, their main mission is to provide users with the most engaging games. Its goal is to become the top leading provider in the gambling market and increase the recognition as well as game varieties.

Their main priorities are team working, commitment, passion, and innovation. On their official website, they are introducing you to their team and short information about their achievements and their goals in Avatarux. Currently, they are working to increase the number of released slots and increase the partnerships to make Avatarux games more available around the world’s online casinos. 

How We Rate Software Developers

Rating software developers is not only about the specific criteria. This is whole new research about games, their visual of bonus quality, safety system, accessibility level, and others. Our recommendation about Avatarux will be based on several indicators such as:

  • Selection of games
  • Reviews
  • Special features
  • Graphics and visuals
  • High security
  • Device compatibility

Selection Of Games

Avatarux’s game portfolio includes 15 different slot games where two will be officially released in a few weeks. Their main technology is the innovative style of Popwins. These popping slots are special with their neon colors, impressive visuals, and great payouts. When you visit their website, you can find the most relevant game with customized filters. 

There are two main game mechanics categories such as Multipop and Popwins. The visitor can choose the game with an acceptable payout and volatility level, which makes the gaming more comfortable and maximized close to its interests. To not get confused in their portfolio, we will introduce you to Avatarux best slots.

Avatarux Games

  • CherryPop Deluxe – this is a colorful and very delicious video slot game with cartoonish styles and wonderful gaming features. Sticker-styled symbols, different graphics of fruit, plants, and slots regular symbols, pink background, and popping bonus stickers are creating a very joyful atmosphere for gaming. The RTP for that game is 96%. Volatility is high and the highest prize is x20 000 of the players’ placed bet. The game suggests massive bonuses such as bonus symbols of super high cherry with free spins feature. Golden chance with more free spin opportunities, pop wins, and unbound multipliers. You can also use the bonus buy feature. 
  • RgingPop – this is the brand new slot machine that brings players into wild Africa. Traveling to magnificent savanna with wild animals and impressive landscapes are creating a very calm and adventurous atmosphere at the same time. Changing backgrounds with different weathers and amazingly designed symbols are creating a very enjoyable experience. With the conditions, this is a slot with high volatility and a 96% RTP level. You can win x20 000 of the stake as the maximum price. With the bonus features, you can get raging reels which gives you better winning combinations with an x500 multiplier. Also golden rhino feature with high payouts and a multi-stage gamble feature that gives you 30 free spins. There are also progressive spin popwins and ante bet features.
  • Lollipop – do you want to experience traveling in the world of bubble gums and candies? Then this game is just for you! The provider creates a very colorful, positive, luxurious, sweet atmosphere for gaming with pink sparkling backgrounds, golden candies, and impressive symbols. The atmosphere is full of different flashes of lightning and sparkles which makes magical gameplay. With the main features, you will play with high volatility, 95.82% RTP level, and maximum payout with x13 000 of the placed stake. The main bonus features include scattering bonuses with maximum x500 multipliers, free spins, gamble wheel round, popwins feature and two varieties of bonus buy. The regular one with free spins and bonus buy max with more prizes. 
  • PapayaPop – this is a video slot game with an original interpretation of tropical aesthetics. Dark single with golden palm leaves, neon lightning, and 3D animated tropical fruits creates a very interesting, magical, and attractive atmosphere. This impressive adventure will be even more enjoyable with a 96% RTP level, high volatility, and x10 542 maximum payouts. This colorful game is very diverse with bonus features. Here you can earn unlimited free spins and high multiplier rewards, bonus rounds with gamble wheel different options, a popwin feature where you can get more winning combinations, and finally, a bonus buy feature with several prizes.
  • TikiPop – this slot was released in 2021 and brings users to the Aztec culture. These are impressive games with amazing jungle backgrounds, golden playboards, and colorful symbols which represent different mythological statues of Aztec gods. Amazing golden ornaments with neon lighting will bring more magic to the gameplay. The RTP level for that game is 96.10% and the volatility is low. So if you want to take a game with low risk, this slot is a great option for you. The maximum payout equal x32 000 of the stake and you can easily increase the winning amounts with free spins, popwin feature, and bonus round prizes. There are available different levels of free spin and gamble wheel rounds. 

Player Reviews

Avatarux is special with its Popwins technology and great partnerships with prestigious providers as well as casinos. For example, they are collaborating with Hub 88, Solid Gaming, and Yggdrasil. Their high-quality security and user-oriented website, as well as games, are building a very positive reputation among the players. They outline the massive bonus features and high amount of cash prizes as the main factor of the success of Avatarux.

They are increasing their popularity which accordingly will increase positive reviews about them.  In addition, in 2021 and 2022 they won several prestigious awards such as the Casino Beats Game Developer award in the category of game innovation in 2021 and the EGR slot supplier rising star award in 2022. 

Special Features

Avatarux free games demo versions are available on their website as well as on different casino pages. But real money games give players an incredible chance to play with low or acceptable risk and win high cash prizes. Most of the game’s RTP is over the average RTP level in the industry which is a great feature for those who want to lose a minimum amount of money. In their portfolio, you can find games with medium, low and high volatility levels. Each game is special with its high payouts where each of them can give you multipliers more than x10 000 of the stake. 

In addition, each video slot game has diverse bonus features for players. Each of them gives you the possibility to get dozens of free spins. Also, they have bonus rounds with high multipliers and free spin bonuses. In some slots are different varieties of bonuses or bonus buy features. But the main specialty about the Avatarux provider is the unique popwins feature which makes their games different from other competitors. So if you want to play with great prizes, you definitely need to play Avatarux slots.

Graphics And Visuals

Avatarux games have very specific and different designs. The uniqueness of themes creates a very joyful and diverse experience for every kind of player. You will not get bored playing Avatarux slots because they are special with their sharp colors, impressive and realistic background, and diverse themes. The inspiration about backgrounds and visuals are providing virtual journeys in ancient civilizations, in tropical jungles as well as in the candy world with fruits and different cartoonish animations. 

In all games, the provider company uses very colorful elements. Their backgrounds include different and real-looking landscapes where symbols are 3D animated and impressive with their sparkle effects. Each playboard is framed with busy and diverse ornaments. You will not be able to find any game in the Avatarux portfolio with a soft or minimalistic design. Each game is very colorful and impressive with its visual effects. 

Avatarux Slots

High Security

Avatarux software was founded in Malta. This means that they are under the regulations of the Malta government. This is not a company from offshore islands which makes them more secure with privacy or data protection. With the great reputation, they prove that playing Avatarux free games are completely safe. 

Another proof of the high level of security is the different awards that they won in 2021 and 2022. Also, they have a strong partnership with popular providers and casinos which outlines them as a safe and effective partner for the gambling industry. In 2022, they also got a new agreement with Stakelogic because of safe popwins mechanics.  Do not forget that their priority is transparency. The team of Avatarux does not hide any information about themselves which makes them a more trustworthy company. 

Device Compatibility

Each game in its description includes information about accessible platforms for playing. Avatarux uses advanced technologies to provide the best-quality visual experience for every device user. You can play their games with different devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. They care about your comfort and satisfaction and that is why you will not have any barriers to accessibility level.