Bulletproof Games

July 26, 2022
Bulletproof Games

Bulletproof Review – Dive Into Unique Games

Bulletproof Review

Bulletproof Games is a popular casino game provider that was launched in 2015 in the United Kingdom. Despite being a relatively new company in the gambling industry, it has managed to employ a lot of people with decades of experience in iGaming. Therefore, we are seeing more and more casinos wishing to implement their games since they include the highest quality of content in terms of the visual side as well as gameplay. 

Before we jump on the features of this company, we would like to talk about its regulators. At the moment, this provider is licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and every game here is tested by the NMi which once again outlines the maximum safety and reliability. You can find the headquarters of this company in Lichfield, England where there is a studio creating its products. 

At first, three guys called Craig Ball, Michael Bullock, and Steve Arkell established this company and since then they have accumulated a team of 10 people. With the help of immense experience in the field, they have managed to gain enormous popularity and become one of the top providers in the gambling world! In this Bulletproof review, we are going to note every essential attribute that you see in their games! 

How We Rate Software Providers

But before we start explaining the qualities of this company, first, we want to explain which factors define the quality of every casino game provider. This is a challenging task, especially for newbies since they don’t know how to select a proper provider for their needs. Down below, you will see what you need to take into consideration when choosing a software development company. 

First of all, you have to pay attention to their game lobby and if they include titles in every section or not. Even though the majority of providers develop mostly slots, there are a few companies that operate with other game departments as well including live casino and table games. So, if you wish to experience a diverse game library, you have to go for those providers. 

Secondly, it is important to read customer reviews in order to find out about their opinions on the given company. There are a lot of platforms allowing people to leave comments and rate providers, so you can visit them in order to find out everything. Usually, if the provider is safe and reliable, you will run into tons of 5-star reviews. 

What’s more, you have to check whether they provide pleasing graphics and visuals in their games. This is crucial because every game should be constructed with an enjoyable interface in order to make the gambling process memorable for every visitor. Otherwise, punters will be bothered and eventually lose interest in the game. 

Finally, top-class software development companies should launch products that will be suitable for every type of device such as laptops and smartphones. This is important because smartphones are the most popular devices in the world! Also, in order to ensure safety and fairness, every game should include provably fair technology! 

Selection of Games

Bulletproof Slots

When it comes to the game library, we have to highlight that Bulletproof provider consists of various sections. Mostly, you will encounter a total of 20 video slots here which is no surprise since slots are the most frequently played games in every casino these days. You will have a chance to enjoy amazing and simplified gameplay in every slot here. Most importantly, they are built using old classic elements as well as modern looks, so diversity in themes will be noticeable right away. 

As for the other segments, there are a few Roulette and Baccarat games here. However, we have to note that they are not as popular as Bulletproof slots since the developers are trying to focus solely on the latter. 


After reading a lot of user reviews regarding this provider, we have to say that people are extremely satisfied with their games. In particular, they have enjoyed a variety of themes in slots and they had the opportunity to reminisce old classic games since Bulletproof had used a lot of elements from there. Apart from the appealing visual side, punters have also reported the simplified gaming mechanics that allowed them to gamble effortlessly. 

The overall feedback was amazing and we have encountered a lot of 5-star reviews. Hence, you are guaranteed tons of fun in the Bulletproof games! 

Visuals & Graphics

Bulletproof Games

One of the most essential tasks for every software development provider is to develop top-class and fascinating graphics in every product. Bulletproof understands this aspect very well and the developers here are working hard to implement an eye-catching visual side in every game. If players do not enjoy the interface of the slot, they will quickly lose interest and eventually leave the game, that’s why it is important to pay attention to this. 

As we have mentioned, Bulletproof has created various kinds of themes in slots. You will run into old elements that were utilized in classic games at the beginning, and also, they have established more modern-looking slots in order not to miss out on the trend. Hence, enormous satisfaction is waiting for you in Bulletproof games! 

High Security 

It goes without saying that high security is extremely important in casino games. In order to ensure this, the developers have established provably fair technology that makes it possible for you to check the fairness of every round by yourself. As a result, you will be assured of the fact that the casino does not cheat on you! 

You will come across provably fair technology in every Bulletproof product. This means that you don’t need to worry about anything when gambling here since you are protected from any kind of fraud and manipulations on their end. 

Special Features 

We have to note that Bulletproof company includes some special features as well. For instance, apart from creating their own games, the provider also develops products for third parties. They are partnered with several organizations and launch different games for them including slots, table games, and live dealer games. 

However, keep in mind that they contain the same high-quality graphics and gameplay as the original titles. So, you should expect the same kind of performance in every game no matter which direction they are heading. 

Device Compatibility

It is also crucial for every software development company to establish products suitable for every device. Bulletproof utilizes HTML5 technology in order to carry out this task and as a result, players are able to gamble in their games using laptops, smartphones, and some other devices. This is essential because smartphones are the most popular devices in the world and players need a convenient playground there! 

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, we can say that Bulletproof is a fascinating casino game provider that develops top-class products. Here, you have the opportunity to experience old classic themes as well as more modern-looking slots, and most importantly, they all consist of simplified gameplay. Hence, if you wish to enjoy delightful graphics in every game, you should certainly try out Bulletproof products!