July 27, 2022

Ezugi Review  – Real Casino Experience With Jackpot Options

Ezugi Review

Ezugi is a popular online casino software developer that was founded in 2013 in Tel Aviv, by Kfir Kugler.  Ezugi free games are something that makes the provider one of the top in the industry. They are fully oriented to create the highest quality and the most realistic live casino games with action-packed suggestions and with the best gaming experience. 

Their main priorities in creating the games are security and maximum interactivity during the game. That is why Ezugi games are well-known with high opportunities for every player. It is fully oriented to the player to make a comfortable and real casino experience with extra excitement and high chances of winning.

Ezugi is special with a strong reputation with the security system too. It is regulated by Curacao and has received several licenses that are highly-regulated and popular commissions in the gambling industry.

It is important to mention that Ezugi casino games in a live stream are not hosted by RNG. In each game, a real dealer is hosting the players and gives them a realistic gaming atmosphere. With the partnerships, Ezugi has great connections with the biggest top online casinos that increase the accessibility to Ezugi games. 

With the game portfolio, Ezugi does not offer the players any video slot or other types of games. It is fully oriented to suggest the high variety of live casino games. Accordingly, here you will find different types of Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Lottery, and other types of games.

Currently, Ezugi games include 20 live casino games, which are available on more than 100 casino pages and are streamed from 9 different studios, which are located in Belgium, Latvia, and Costa Rica. 

The game provider mainly focuses on innovativeness. This is why the games have specific features that make them unique compared to other live casino games. Professional dealers, an incredibly realistic atmosphere and bonus features for more chances of winning make Ezugi one of the special software developers in the gambling industry. 

How We Rate Software Developers

To ensure users’ safe and enjoyable gaming experience, we will consider all the details the software developer suggests to the players. During rating Ezugi we will use the following indicators:

  • Selection of games
  • Reviews
  • Special features
  • Graphics and visuals
  • High security
  • Device compatibility

Selection Of Games

As we mentioned already, Ezugi offers players 20 live casino games. That includes several types of live Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, and other types of games. To outline their features, down below we will describe all of them:

Ezugi Games

  • Live Roulette – in this game, the stream is with 3 cameras and creates a realistic atmosphere for every player. With Ezugi, you can play European-style roulettes with the house advantage of 2.7%. The betting time is limited and every player has only 30 seconds to place a bet. The classical black and red split bets are included where the first four bets are made from only reds and the second split bets with only black numbers.  The betting amounts are from 0.1 EUR to 2000 EUR. The game includes an autoplay feature when the automated wheel has the same functionalities similar to live dealers. 
  • Live Casino Hold’em – is a game that can be played by hundreds of players on the same stream. The game includes a deck where all players should bet on the same hand. There are also other side bet options with paying 7:1 and with the maximum of 100:1. 
  • Live Keno – this is a classic ball game with 20 balls out of 80. In the beginning, players should place bets which will be available during the game in the list on the screen. Each player can bet on a single number with up to eight balls. They can choose numbers by themselves or pick them by automated random option. Every round winner will be listed on the screen.
  • Baccarat – Ezugi has a diverse choice of Baccarat type of games which includes increased bonus features for winning maximization. Specifically, the user has options with player pair, banker pair, perfect, small, big, and either pair. One of the top types of baccarat on Ezugi is baccarat super with the 6 side bets that bring a 12:1 payout and dragon bonus. Another is knockout Baccarat where there are 7 side bets and the total winning pay is 7:1. The highest pay is Live Dragon Tiger which is a 2-card game with 3 side bets. There the maximum bet amount is 2 000 EUR. 
  • Blackjack – allows seven players to play on the round and suggest different side bets, where the perfect pair and 21+3 side bets are the main ones. The game settings are fully personalized to the player and the participant can place a bet from 1 EUR to 2 000 EUR. 
  • Auto Sic Bio – this is a 3-wheel game with 48 sections where the numbers are from 1 to 6. Participants can use several betting options. The main rules are the same as in the classic game. The game is streamed without a live dealer.
  • Lottery  – Ezugi suggests a 6-ball game with 36 numbers in it. The balls are white and red. The participant can earn the payout x2000 of the initial stake if he/she guesses 4 numbers out of 6. The balls are randomly chosen by RNG. 


Ezugi’s diverse game portfolio, high-security system, and real-time streaming videos with HD streaming create an impressive gaming experience for every player. For those who are big fans of live casino games, Ezugi is the best game provider for them. As we already outlined, the games have special features. More specifically, users can personalize the game features by setting sections. The player can control sound, speed, and other features to be more comfortable during the game. 

The game portfolio includes different versions of specific types of games and each of them has different increasing payouts and features. The player can choose and play with different side bets and even with the minimum betting amount, has a realistic chance to win a high number of rewards. That is why Ezugi has a strong reputation among its users. 

Special Features

First of all, we need to outline the quality of living steams. Mostly, other providers use 2 cameras for that but Ezugi does it with 3 different placed cameras to provide 360 real space for every user. Also, using the HTML5 system and Flash formats, Ezugi provides the best visual experience for everyone. The highest level of security also should be considered a special feature.

Ezugi Special Features

With the game options and winning solutions, Ezugi suggests pretty unique options. Users are allowed to play with different strategies and options with live dealers. With side bets and diverse betting options which multiply amounts of payout, the player gives a real chance of winning a great amount of money. 

Opportunities of customized bonuses, multi-level jackpots, mobile cashiers, and other automatic updates create a high variety of special features for Ezugi users.

Graphics and Visuals

The developer is oriented to create the most realistic gaming experience as it is possible to use HD cameras that are installed above the play tables. The stream quality is very high and with personalized setting systems, every player has a very realistic atmosphere in both live human dealer or RNG games. 

It is important to mention that despite the device the player uses, the quality of the live stream does not change. For every size of screen and type of device, it is provided to have 360 real gaming space which is not different from the live game. That brings more excitement during the game for every player. 

High Security

We can truly recommend Ezugi as a safe provider for every user. The game provider has received the license from the government of Curacao.  Also, they have been licensed by UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authorities, and Spain Gaming Authorities. 

During the game, security is checked very strictly. Dealers will remove the player if there is some suspicious activity. With age verification and other fraud prevention rules, for every user, Ezugi provides a safe gaming experience.

Device Compatibility

Ezugi is maximally oriented to be available for every user and provide them with an enjoyable game experience. That is why they use Flash formats and HTML5 systems to be accessible to every device user.

That means that PC, tablet, android, and iOS system users can fully enjoy these incredible live casino games from Ezugi.