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August 25, 2022
Merkur Gaming

Merkur Review – Safe Provider With Diverse Gaming Content

Merkur Review

Are you looking for an innovative gaming experience that permanently develops and provides unique games for you? Then we have got a very interesting and prestigious game provider company called Merkur. As they say, the main associations that you should expect from their games are passion, tradition, and innovation. 

They are a user-focused platform that creates the best quality games with their graphic visuals, bonus opportunities, and features for playing. They are trying to create games for every player. The team of creators claims that there is no type of game you can not find on Merkur because they have games for every taste of the player. So if you want to play endless innovative games, this Merkur review is the best guide for you because we will outline everything you need to know before starting Merkur games.

Merkur Gaming was founded in 2005, in Lubbecke, Germany. During this decade’s operating period, the company proved several times that it is oriented to create the best content games for players. This is why, today, their portfolio includes more than a thousand different games and they are right! There is every type of game you can find. The company provides guaranteed safety. They are part of a prestigious German group called Gauselmann AG which outlines a high level of partnership with guaranteed quality services. 

The mission of the company is to maximize the level of innovativeness and create the most diverse and best-experience games for every culture and language speaker. Their motto is that they speak gaming. This is why Merkur coordinates users easily with the adaptable and great-structured official website. They are publishing detailed information about themselves, news, regulations, partnerships, teams, and games. 

Merkur prioritizes customer support as a mandatory topic that must be always provided with high quality. They have different offices in Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Romania, South Africa, Serbia, Peru, and the Netherlands. Their head office is in Lubbecke, Germany. The detailed addresses are published on their official website. On the other hand, you can send the question to their official e-mail address and they will answer you during the working day. Here we have to mention that because of the active operating history in Latina countries, the website information is available in Spanish as well as in English.

How We Rate Software Developers

When the player decides to choose the specific provider for playing, it is very important to consider several factors to ensure that the provider is worth trying. This review aims to have the real picture and expectations from Merkur games. For that reason, we will use the following indicators:

  • Selection of games
  • Reviews
  • Special features
  • Graphics and visuals
  • High security
  • Device compatibility

Selection Of Games

During these years, the game portfolio of Merkur significantly improved and increased. Nowadays, they provide different slot games with unique designs and huge diversity. There are hundreds of games available in different categories. When you visit the official website game section, you can find the game which will be the closest to your wishes. By customized filter, you can choose the type and numbers of reels, winning lines, themes, the games which are free to play, and the other ones, where demo mode is not available. For a better picture, here are Merkur’s best slots:

  • Dragull – blood, vampires, skeletons, spades, and a spooky forest covered with mist. This is the magical atmosphere you will experience during playing this impressive game. The vampire lady who looks charming and dangerous at the same time is the main character of the game. You feel extreme emotions and create an unforgettable experience by playing Dragull. This is the game with a medium volatility level, 64 betting ways, and 5 reels. The RTP level is 96%. You can enjoy special bonuses such as respins, extended reels, and wild bonuses with high payouts.
  • El Molinador – do you want to travel to middle-century Spain? This comic and funny cartoonish game will bring you to the period of knights, princesses, and giant, mystical castles. Impressive fields, an old knight with a long mustache, and diverse bonuses will bring excitement to the gameplay. This 5-reel game has 50 betting ways in total and a low-medium volatility level. The RTP for that game is 96.03% and suggests you wild bonuses, diverse free spins, and bonus games with Don Quixote and Sancho Panza characters. 
  • 221B Baker Street – if you love detectives, then you should definitely know what this address means. Merkur Gaming suggests you a virtual journey with legendary Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson against Moriarty. With impressive, mysterious, and exciting aesthetics, the game suggests great conditions for playing. More specifically, low-medium volatility level, 20 betting ways, and an RTP level of 96%. This adventure with legendary characters becomes more interesting with duel bonus, big ben feature, and other special symbol bonuses. 
  • Aerik – traveling in the ancient Viking culture. This impressive game is full of gold, warriors, magical seascapes, and huge, fascinating ships. If you love the aesthetics of Vikings, then you should definitely try this game. With the realistic graphic elements, the game provides quite acceptable conditions to players. For example, the volatility level is medium-high, and the structure includes 5 reels with 100 betting ways. The RTP level is a little bit low and equals 92% but this should not discourage you because you will experience the diverse special features such as bonus rounds and free spins. 
  • Ankaa’s Dawn – for those who are looking for different and original storylines, this game is the best for you! The realistic views of impressive nigh landscapes and amazing luxurious symbols will bring you to medieval times. Charming warrior woman is the main character and with the exciting adventure, you can enjoy free spin rounds, wild bonuses with quite high multipliers, and pretty great features. The volatility level is very high. The number of paylines is 30 and the RTP level is 95.92%. Even though it is slightly lower than the average RTP, it is still a good possibility to try the gaming for great payouts and more amazing visual artwork.

Merkur Slots

Player Reviews

Even though Merkur Gaming was founded in the 1950s, officially it started operating in the global gambling market in 2005 when the prestigious german group Gauselmann started a partnership with them. After that, the organization quickly became very active and accordingly, very popular among the players. 

During this long and complicated history of operating, Merkur Gaming built a very positive reputation because it always suggests to players a high level of security system, checked and high-quality games, and a diverse portfolio. This is why, from partners such as Blueprint or Novomatic, as well as from players, Merkur has great reviews, especially with gaming categories, informative transparency, and safety system. 

Special Features

We can talk a lot about the special features of Merkur Gaming. This is a company with great history and reputation which still provides a unique gaming experience to every taste of players. This long-term success we can consider one of the main specialties of Merkur Gaming. Also, the diverse portfolio which includes hundreds of different slot games is an impressively big advantage. They said that their mission was diversity and accessibility for every taste of players. According to today’s game portfolio, we can truly say that Merkur Gaming reached this mission. 

Merkur Games

From the short reviews of Merkur slots, we saw that each slot is unique with different bonus features which outline how user-oriented this company is. The low betting required amounts are giving the players the possibility to earn some payouts easily. Here also we have to mention that the availability of Merkur free games is high and everyone can play them on different platforms.

Merkur Gaming did not forget about the new and inexperienced players who are looking for games with a low level of risk. That is why most of the Merkur games are featured with low or low-medium volatility levels which means a high frequency of winning with a small but significant amount of payouts. 

Graphics And Visuals

We can not say the specific thing about the graphic design the team of Merkur Gaming uses. This is because each game is very different from other slots not only with its themes but with its visual elements. Merkur truly provides the most diverse portfolio because here players can see realistic characters with 3D animations and backgrounds, as well as cartoonish animated slots with 2D paintings and non-realistic views. There are games with soft and calm, minimalistic designs as well as slots with busy, luxurious, and very colorful designs. 

The only thing that makes these different graphic features similar to each other is high-quality. There is no single slot that has the wrong structured board, irrelevant characters, or low-quality graphic visuals. This is an impressive portfolio for every type and taste of the player. You can enjoy famous fact-based games as well as original storylines which were created by the Merkur Gaming team, just for you!

High Security

Merkur Gaming is based in Germany. When we are talking about the regulations and the level of security from German authorities, we definitely can ensure that the Merkur is a safe platform. Under the regulations of the German government, the strong partnership with Gauselmann Group is another proof of the high level of safety for each player. This is a global and prestigious group with more than 10 000 employees and dozens of partners around the world. Being a member of this group means that every game is checked and is completely safe for players.

Here we have to outline that the Merkur team regularly hires special agencies for gaming testing and they always try to create games that will be relevant to the highest standards on the market. So, you can trust Merkur games, because they are safe to play!

Device Compatibility

Merkur is well-known for its high accessibility level with high-quality visuals. Do not worry if you are a different device user. Merkur slots are available for every device including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. They use high-quality technologies and create the best atmosphere no matter the device or screen size.