Bubbles Bonanza Slot Review – Explore Underwater World With This Amazing Slot

April 14, 2022

Bubbles Bonanza is a fascinating slot created by the industry’s leading software provider called Onetouch. This is a pretty innovative game featuring marine-themed visuals that will be eye-catching for the majority of punters. The colossal engagement of gamblers in this game is caused not only by a marvelous design but by high-quality services as well since you have a chance to win a lot of money here. Due to the huge popularity of this slot, we have decided to write all the necessary features in this Bubbles Bonanza guide. 

You will run into a 6×6 playground showing one of the cutest symbols such as crabs, octopi, urchins, seahorses, and glistening pearls which is the highest paying figure. So, you will have the opportunity to dive into the underwater world and experience swimming along with these beautiful sea creatures as you spin the reels. This game leaves every player with memorable feelings, therefore it is one of the most frequently played online slots in the gambling world. 

Moreover, Bubbles Bonanza features an RTP of 96.87% and high volatility, so you should expect huge rewards but not very frequently and if you are really lucky you might earn the highest payout in this game which is 40.000x your initial bet. We recommend you try the Bubbles Bonanza demo version first in order to get familiar with the slot and learn all the characteristics to play with Bubbles Bonanza real money. Continue reading to find out every detail about this game! 

A Better Look At Bubbles Bonanza Design Aspects

Bubbles Bonanza slot

This game contains some interesting features in terms of gameplay and we would like to teach you how to play Bubbles Bonanza properly. First of all, you need to place the bet and start playing by pushing the arrow button located on the right side of the screen. Every symbol includes different kinds of payouts and you can earn the highest number with the glistening pearl. 

The most important attribute of this slot is cascading reels which means that all the winning symbols are removed from view after you catch a winning combination and then they are replaced by new figures dropped from the top that helps to increase the chances of winning.

It is worth noting that wins are awarded for three or more matching symbol combinations in any direction will it be vertical or horizontal. So, all you have to do is spring the reels until you collect a winning combination that will cause a cascading process and contribute to your winnings significantly. 

Bubbles Bonanza Bonus Game At a Glance

Bubbles Bonanza slot game

We have to note that Bubbles Bonanza does not include a standard bonus game that you will find in the traditional slots. However, it contains a core attribute called the progressive multiplier that allows you to increase the win. 

The progressive multiplier consists of five different levels that you will see at the bottom of the game and you have a chance to increase your win multiplier up to 200x on every successive win during the spin. All the levels include the following number of multipliers – 2x, 10x, 20x, 100x, and 200x. 

Even though this slot does not contain Bubbles Bonanza free spins, you still have the opportunity to earn substantial amounts of money in case you are willing to wait for your chances. 

Wrapping Up  

In this Bubbles Bonanza review, we have provided detailed information regarding one of the most popular slots in the gambling world. It features some unique and innovative characteristics in terms of gaming interface. You will have a chance to explore the underwater world full of adorable symbols such as seahorses, octopi, crabs, urchins, and glistening pearls. They all work together along with an appealing soundtrack in the background in order to create a fascinating gaming atmosphere that will leave every gambler with a memorable experience. 

Moreover, Bubbles Bonanza offers everyone to get tremendous benefits out of playing since it includes pretty high RTP and volatility. Hence, if you wish to go on a journey at the bottom of the ocean and witness some delightful sightseeing, then this game was definitely established for you!