Crypto Slots

Today there are lots of great gambling sites that offer players various opportunities for the best Bitcoin slots. Slots are the most widely known casino games. Every gambler in the world has taken part in a slot machine and as a result, online casinos always try to provide as diverse slot machine options as possible.

Considering that today there are lots of great crypto casino sites that provide high-quality slot machines from top-tier software providers, making the right choice between them is not easy. To help you choose the best slot machine that suits your needs, we sorted the greatest crypto casinos according to their main features. Below you can see a list of the most wonderful gambling sites that have various slot machines. Here you can find everything from classic fruit machines to modern Viking-themed slots. Just check the list below and find the one for you from these best crypto slots!

Our list of Casinos with Fantastical Bitcoin Slots:

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Slot machines are a pretty attractive choice in land-based casinos as well, but nowadays the popularity of online versions of these games rapidly increases in the world due to their convenience. It is especially with BTC slot machines. Players love to place their bets using Bitcoins because cryptos are accompanied by great perks. This is why the number of available BTC slot machines on the market increases very quickly.

The slot machine is considered the easiest game you can play on gambling sites. It is one of the main reasons why beginners often choose slots to start gambling with. The idea of this game is quite simple to understand. A Bitcoin slot machine usually has three or more reels and each of them has some symbols, like wilds, stacks, bonuses, scatters, multipliers, or regular symbols. Unlike other casino games, which include lots of strategies and techniques to play against dealers, here all you need to do is to spin a reel and wait for the result. Your outcome will be determined automatically by the processor Random Number Generation. If you get a combination of certain symbols you will win, otherwise, you will lose. At the start of the game, players place bets on symbols they want to appear, and an area of these bets is called “paylines”. The number of paylines is different according to the slots you play.

Slots are the most popular casino games with BTC. Even though some gamblers think that games like blackjack or roulette tend to be more popular, usually slots are the first option for new players. Some online casinos even provide Bitcoin jackpot slots which makes this game even more attractive. If you never gambled with BTCs, then you should know that the only difference between Bitcoin and regular slots is that you should place bets in cryptos instead of using fiat currencies. The gameplay and rules are identical in both cases.

How do Bitcoin Slots Work?

As we have already mentioned, slot machines are the easiest casino games available on the internet today. That is why it’s the greatest choice for you if you’re just thinking about joining the members of online casinos and starting to gamble. The gameplay starts with placing bets on a combination of symbols. Generally, slots contain lots of different symbols. One of the main advantages of BTC slots compared to physical ones is that while real slot machines may have just 20 symbols per reel, thanks to digital technologies, crypto slots have hundreds of different slots which makes the gameplay even more fun.

With over 256 different symbols, you can get millions of different combinations. Therefore, guessing the right combination of symbols is complex. However, if you get your desired combination, you will be able to get amazing benefits. Now let’s discuss the most important features of Bitcoin slot machines that you should be aware of before making wagers. All the slots contain the following features:

  • Symbols
  • Volatility
  • Paylines
  • RTP


Every slot machine contains certain sets of different symbols. According to a theme that a particular slot machine is focused on, symbols are different from each other. However, some categories of them are included in each slot machine. While classic slot machines contain traditional symbols like Cherries, Bars, Bells, Diamond, Cards, today there are more advanced versions that are accompanied by great graphics and HD visuals. With modern slots, you can often encounter symbols such as Vikings, magicians, animals, warriors, gods, and others. However, such kinds of themed symbols do not have any special power.

The most common symbols with modern slot machines are wilds, scatters, and bonuses.

  • Wilds have the power to replace all other symbols on the reels and complete winning paylines of Bitcoin video slots with the one you desire. However, there are some exceptions and wilds cannot replace scatters, free spins, or other bonus symbols.
  • Scatters can multiply the winning amount in the gameplay. As a result, scatter symbols are one of the most attractive ones for casino players. Even more, with some slot machines, scatters are used for launching a bonus game. If you get three scatters at the same time, the bonus round will start automatically.
  • Bonus symbols are included in almost every BTC slot machine. These symbols give you a chance to get the additional benefits and receive rewards. Bonuses can have a form of free spin and in this case, you can spin the reel for free. Sometimes bonus symbols appear only on the first, third, and fifth reels. But on some slots, they can appear anywhere on an active payline.


If you are trying to choose the best crypto slot machine that suits your preferences well, you should consider the volatility first. In terms of slot machines, volatility describes the amount of risk that is involved in a specific game. Slot machines can have either high, low, or medium volatility. Even though many players consider high volatility slots as less beneficial it depends on your aim. For example, if your goal is to play a particular slot several times, meet wagering requirements and claim a bonus, choosing the high volatility slot would be a mistake. However, if you want to take part in more complex games and enjoy risks, you should consider playing high-volatility slots.

Generally, the main difference is that playing high volatility slots is riskier. With high volatility slots, you may spin the reel even 100 times or more but do not get a single symbol that you are aiming for. On the contrary, in low volatility BTC slots, there are fewer risks, but the size of payouts is also smaller. Therefore, with high volatility slots, you have fewer chances to get a winning combination but if you do, you will get the great prize and vice versa. That is why it’s up to you to decide.


A payline is an integral part of every slot machine. It is a betting line where players make their wagers. Payline is a place where you get a combination of symbols. The number of payline is different according to which slot machine you play. While traditional slot machines had only one payline, today the technologies have advanced more, and software providers are creating new crypto slots with more paylines. Therefore, originally players need to get just three similar symbols on one horizontal payline to win, but now the rules of slots are slightly different.

Nowadays, you can encounter Bitcoin casino slots with not only horizontal paylines but with vertical ones, or those that have shapes of zigzag, square, trapezium, and more. The most frequent number of paylines that are available in BTC slots is 25-30 per machine. Depending on the number of paylines, the probability of prizes, bonuses, free spins, or multipliers is different.


RTP is one of the most important features of slot machines. It is an abbreviation that stands for Return to Player. It is the opposite of the house edge. RTP is the percentage of winnings paid to players by a casino. By looking at an RTP, you can find out how much you can expect to lose while playing a certain slot machine and how much will be taken by an operator. Usually, this number is calculated by several spins. The average RTP of great cryptocurrency slot games is something from 90% to 100%. For example, if a slot machine has an RTP of 98%, this means that only 2% of your winnings will be taken by a casino as a house edge. In general, online slot machines have more convenient RTPs than physical ones. However, setting an RTP for slot machines is an exceedingly difficult and time-consuming process for software providers.

Best Coins for Crypto Slots

While the most popular option for placing bets on crypto gambling sites is Bitcoin, some great online casino providers also give their players a chance to play crypto slots with other well-known cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin. By choosing the payment methods of a certain online casino, you can see which cryptos are accepted on this website. Usually, the great crypto sites allow their users to play cryptocurrency slot machine games with more than one cryptocurrency among their accepted currencies. Here is the list of the best digital coins on the online gambling market:

Bitcoin Slots Pros & Cons

Playing slot machines with Bitcoins followed by lots of great advantages. First of all, players that use BTCs as a payment method, are highly secured and there’s no possibility that their digital account identity will be revealed to somebody. Besides, crypto slots usually have more favorable RTPs and more numerous pay lines. However, if you are considering playing BTC slots, you should also be aware of its negative sides. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of them and point out the most important ones.

Pro: Number of Paylines

One of the most attractive things about Bitcoin slots is that they include more paylines than traditional slot machines. Unlike Bitcoin casino slot games, land-based machines have only one single payline where players can get three symbols and that is it. But players quickly get bored by this simplicity. Modern BTC slots have more than 20 paylines with various symbols. Therefore, predicting a winning combination is ridiculously hard in BTC slot machines. This makes the game even more enjoyable and as a result, modern players tend to prefer more advanced slot machines.

Pro: Convenient Payments

Another reason why you should play BTC slots is that you will have the possibility to place your bet in cryptocurrencies. Cryptos are supported by a decentralized ledger called a blockchain. This technology makes sure that your identity is completely secured, and you gamble anonymously. Besides, transactions in Bitcoins are much faster compared to regular fiat transactions, meaning that you can easily deposit and withdraw your money without any interference.

Con: High Volatility

One thing that sometimes gamblers find unfortunate about free Bitcoin casino slots is that most of them have high volatility. As we already discussed, it means that the gameplay is accompanied by higher risks. With high-volatility slots, you will have fewer chances to get a winning combination. However, if you get one, your prize will be satisfying as it is bigger. However, high volatility slots require great patience because sometimes players need to spin the reel more than 100 times and still cannot get their desired symbol. That is why it’s considered a disadvantage of BTC slot machines.

Con: Lower Choice

Today there are not so many games that are available in cryptocurrencies. BTC is a relatively new payment method on online gambling sites. As a result, you cannot find a big selection of slots on which you can place bets in BTC. On the contrary, there are thousands of fiat currency slots in the online gambling market. However, software companies are working on developing more and more free BTC slots games, as the demand continues to increase rapidly.