Cash Truck Slot Review – Splendid Slot By Quickspin

April 19, 2022

Cash Truck is an exciting slot established by one of the top software development companies called Quickspin. It is an innovative game that offers pretty unique features to every gambler across the world. Due to this reason, Cash Truck has earned enormous engagement from customers and its popularity is only growing day by day. In this Cash Truck guide, we would like to describe all the components of this slot in detail, so if you are interested, continue reading. 

You will run into an exceptional playground of 5 reels and 7 rows which is not common in the traditional slot games. It includes an RTP of 96% which is an above-average number and every player will have a chance to earn massive amounts of money from time to time due to high volatility. Also, we want to mention that the minimum bet you can place is 0.20 GBP and the maximum – 100 GBP, whereas the highest payout is an amazing – 25.000x your initial stake. 

Cash Truck review

You are promised to get tremendous satisfaction in this game from the first second since it provides every attribute that a gambler might dream of. As the name of the slot suggests, you will have a feeling of exploring a beautiful dessert with a truck while you spin the reels. This kind of interface is pretty unique that very few games can compare and it creates a mesmerizing effect according to customer feedback. 

If you wish to experience it by yourself, we recommend trying the Cash Truck demo version first in order to get a better idea of the characteristics of the slot. You will find plenty of them online and once you get familiar with them, you can start gambling with Cash Truck real money after. We will provide all the essential info about this game below!  

A Better Look At Cash Truck Design Aspects

Cash Truck guide

As we have said, Cash Truck features an exceptional design that will be noticeable as soon as you enter the game. The first impression will be as if you are in a truck that is moving in an abandoned desert. You will see delightful sightseeing on the horizon with some rock-made structures that fit the overall picture perfectly. 

Also, there are some handmade guns and fierce fighters located on the left and right sides of the screen. They enhance the feeling of being in a mysterious place as if you are searching for something precious. It is impossible not to enjoy this eccentric sight while spinning the reels and it is worth noting that the design is pretty much the same when it comes to the Cash Truck mobile version. 

Obviously, this kind of design is extremely rare in slot games and that’s why we are referring to Cash Truck as an innovative game that opened the way for new possibilities. What’s more, you are able to play it without any difficulty since all the necessary buttons are presented on the screen. Just place the bet, push the arrow button on the right side and you are ready to go!

Cash Truck Audio – How Does It Feel?

Besides eye-catching visuals, we want to highlight that Cash Truck includes an enchanting soundtrack as well. This music bears a strong resemblance to the sounds you hear in action movies when something exciting happens. It is also a representation of being in a thrilling place and waiting for majestic opportunities. 

Hence, there is a tremendous connection between the gaming interface and music since they both work together for you to feel engaged in the game and get enormous adrenaline. This is an extremely important aspect of every slot game since the boring soundtrack will force players to leave the game. So, Quickspin has ensured pleasing music for Cash Truck that will be enjoyable even for a long period of time.

Cash Truck Game Mechanics Explained

Cash Truck mobile

In this mini-section, we want to explain how to play Cash Truck properly. As we have noted above, this slot includes 7 rows but you will see that the top three rows are covered by glass. This glass will break when you collect winning symbols and there is a possibility to win in 16.807 ways in case you manage to unlock all positions.

Also, when you catch winning figures, they are removed instantly and give a chance for new symbols to drop down and fill the empty space. Cash Truck contains a wild symbol that is able to substitute all the other icons except for bonus scatter and it contributes significantly to your winnings. 

Moreover, the slot consists of a second chance feature that occurs when you collect two bonus scatters in the open area after all tumbles have been completed. During this feature, you will see that the whole open play area will be cleared except for bonus scatter symbols and it will be expanded by unlocking three randomly chosen locations from the locked area. 

Cash Truck Bonus Game At a Glance

Cash Truck demo

The bonus game of Cash Truck is called a truck raider that is triggered when you catch at least three bonus scatter symbols in the base game. You will be awarded three Cash Truck free spins and the bonus game starts with three cash stack figures placed at random locations. 

There is a possibility to appear a new cash stack on every spin that will remain in the bonus game for the entire time. In case you collect one or more new symbols on the reels, then the spin counter will be reset to 3. 

We have to also note that if you catch more than three bonus scatter figures the truck rider bonus game will start with one extra expander symbol for each additional bonus scatter. All the current symbols will be summed and multiplied by the bet at the end of the bonus game and it will be awarded to you. 

Wrapping Up     

In this Cash Truck review, we have described the features of a popular slot that was launched by Quickspin. This game has fascinated punters all over the world with its unique attributes and exceptional gaming interface. It allows you to feel like exploring a beautiful desert in a truck while spinning the reels and it creates an overall experience eccentric and memorable. 

Furthermore, it offers tremendous possibilities to win substantial amounts of Cash Truck real money due to high RTP and volatility. So, if you want to go on a journey to a marvelous desert with a truck and win a lot of money, then Cash Truck was definitely established for you!