Crash Gambling Guide: Best Games and Winning Strategies

January 3, 2024

The wave of crash machines popularization has attracted the special attention of the gambler audience. This special game format can be of interest to anyone who likes to spend extra time on an online casino website.

The main values of crash machines are the return, extraordinary mechanics, and, obviously, speed. 

The modern catalog of virtual crash developments has dozens of different options based on interesting plots and mechanics of winning.

Therefore, each crypto crash game requires its strategy to increase the chance of generating large and regular winnings.

Further on in the article, we will talk about this, as well as about the world-famous crash developments.

What Is a Casino Crash Game?

Crypto crash game is a special development that providers offer to use for Bitcoin money bets. In such machines, players also choose a limit for one bet, deposit money, and expect to get a positive result.

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However, the process will also differ depending on the specifics and settings of the machine.

Overall, the field of crypto crash gambling is characterized by several essential features that make games in this category memorable and exciting.

These are:

🚀 Exclusive mechanics of multiplier formation. Most developments will offer to form a multiplier using non-standard mechanics: from balloon inflation to airplane flights. Depending on the game plot, this mechanic will also differ. 

🚀 High interactivity. Players are focused on the process as much as possible because often the final result will depend on their decisions.

🚀 Simple rules. The conditions for quick bets are as simple and intuitive as possible. This, in turn, covers the largest possible audience – from beginners to professionals.

Most gambling enthusiasts start the process for real money right away. However, responsible crash gambling sites will also offer a special demo mode.

Its main aim is to familiarize users with the features of the chosen product, demonstrate its level of return, and allow them to think about the basis of a potential strategy.

Advantages of Playing Bitcoin Crash Machines

Besides the fact that crash games have their advantages that are worth trying out, Bitcoin crash gambling will bring more benefits.

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This leisure format will not only fill your vacation with high-quality excitement and a sense of real risk but also offer additional advantages.

In particular, these are: 

✅ High level of anonymity. Transactions via Bitcoins provide increased confidentiality. This is especially noticeable in comparison with classic fiat methods that require some personal data of the client.

✅ Speed and absence of commissions. This type of transaction is based on blockchain technology, which provides quick asset access. The absence of a centralized authority cancels the commission’s interest.

✅ Network access. Crypto tokens are available online and can be used at any time.

✅ Security. The blockchain has the proper tools to protect user funds from online theft. 

All of these characteristics provide crypto gambling with some additional features.

Popular Crash Games: The Main Representatives of the Category

Each time, gambling software providers try to find extraordinary ideas and implement new concepts in their crash developments. That is why this category contains so many unique and inimitable options.

Here, each BTC crash game will provide an interesting process. However, the leaders among them are in this list of top games.


Aviator crash game is a product that was released by Spribe in 2019. However, since then, the game has been gathering an insanely large audience on the monitors. A simple plot, fast bets, and the same quick calculation are the main values of this product. 

Aviator from Spribe

The main concept of the game becomes clear from the first seconds: an airplane flies along a given route and gains a multiplier. However, despite the rather easy concept, any Aviator game review will note that there is every chance to get big wins here.

Jet X

The product was released by SmartSoft Gaming and also offers a chance to spend time with a small airplane. However, the design of this solution is more cartoonish, reflecting the space design.

Jet x from SmartSoft Gaming

One of the main features of the Jet X emulator is the maximum control over the process: users can decide for themselves what result they want to get. For this purpose, a special control panel is presented. Hurry and win before the plane crashes.


The Spaceman crash machine offers to go on a fast journey through distant galaxies and get high payouts for a lengthy trip. It was released by Pragmatic Play in 2022, so it was able to combine the most innovative solutions: convenient process control, instant results, and high returns.

Spaceman from Pragmatic Play

Inside, users will find neon colors, a stylish cool car, and explosive mechanics. All these technical indicators with the opportunity to get up to x1000 per bet will turn your vacation into a winning space trip.

Space XY

An innovative product from BGaming that is based on high RTP of 97.0% and simplistic rules. Launching the rocket to the stars means getting incredible winnings! Space XY is an exciting game with easy gameplay.

Space XY from BGaming

This concept makes the game exciting and tense at the same time. The chaotic process and suspenseful atmosphere will bring the most intense emotions from Space XY.

How to Win Bitcoin Crash Games: Examples of Successful Strategies

Despite the simplicity and intuitive clarity of the rules, crash gambling requires a careful approach to betting. Only under such conditions will it bring customers maximum results and pleasant winnings. 

The strategy is responsible for increasing the chance of getting the maximum available winnings. This special set of strategically beneficial decisions will allow users to control the betting process and make rational decisions.

Here are some examples of successful strategies.


This strategy is one of the most widespread, as almost every gambler has heard and tried to apply it in practice. The Martingale system is based on simple and logical actions.

Martingame Betting System

It means that a player doubles the bet to win back the money he lost. And after returning to the starting amount, he resets the bet to the previous amount.

A smart application of this strategy allows players to keep their bankroll intact for as long as possible. This, in turn, affects the ability to form more winning odds in the future.


D’Alembert strategy is based on a similar model of action as the previous Martingale strategy. Perhaps this is what brought them popularity and high demand. The essence of this system is that a player increases the bet by one unit instead of doubling it after losing. 

D'Alembert Betting System

Let’s consider an example: you lost $5 (your initial unit), so with D’alembert’s, you have to increase this bet by $5, the next time by another $5, and so on up to winning. This method is more loyal to players with a small bankroll, as it is available for safe use even at small bets.

Two-Bet Strategy

This strategy is based on two main elements:

  • The size of the bet;
  • The time of its removal from the game.

Most often, crash machines offer such a technological solution as the ability to place a double bet. Players can use this solution to their advantage by integrating the double bet strategy into their playing style. Welcome Offer

The main focus here is on placing two bets (of the same or different sizes) and withdrawing them with different odds. Thus, the first bet can be removed with small odds (from x1.1 to x2), and the second one can wait for higher multipliers (for example, from x2.5 and more).

In this way, the first bet acts as insurance against a total loss, and the second one allows you to wait for higher payout chances.


Customers who choose the crash gambling category to have a fun and productive holiday have the opportunity to get the maximum benefit from the game.

After all, any crash machine will produce the fastest possible results, most of which will form high multipliers.

Moreover, playing for Bitcoins ensures proper anonymity and security, and the non-standard process fills your vacation with a memorable experience. Check it out for yourself.