Crypto Crash Gambling

Over the last few years, playing the Bitcoin crash gambling game became an increasingly popular activity in the online gambling industry. You may haven’t heard this name before but if you’ve ever gambled online, chances are high that you have taken part in these types of games. Crash games are simple casino games that are based on a chance. The main idea of this game category is that players place random bets, and their outcome is calculated automatically. Usually, these games are played in crypto casinos, but some regular casinos also provide crash games.

If you are looking for the best website where you can play your favorite crash games with Bitcoins, you should carefully check the list below! We reviewed all existing gambling sites with crash gaming opportunities and handpicked the best crypto crash gambling sites just for you! Today you can find so many high-quality crash games with amazing betting options. The huge selection of BTC crash games sometimes makes it difficult for players to choose the proper game. To make things easier for you, you can check the features and services of these gambling sites in our reviews and choose the one according to your taste. Just check our reviews, register now and start gambling with cryptocurrencies!

BTC Crash Game Casinos We Recommend:

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The history of crash games isn’t long. Crash is a modern game that originated from the popular multiplier video game CS:GO. But soon casino operators found out that a single crash game was so popular that it had the potential to establish a whole new gambling culture. That’s how a simple crash game turned into an entire category.

The basic principle of BTC crash games is very simple. At the beginning of a game, you can see increasing multipliers and betting possibilities below. They usually trade the skins into currencies and bet on multiplier payouts that rise. Generally, these multipliers rise over x2, x10, or x100 but also, players may crash at any time and lose their bets. Although there are dozens of crash games available today, the most popular one is indeed Aviator. It’s an amazing choice for those who enjoy simplicity in the process of betting where you should watch an airplane flying over an increasing coefficient that ranges from 1.00x to 1,000,000.00x. The main reason why players find it this attractive is that this game has a big winning potential.

Although crash games are not as popular today as BTC bingo, roulette, or dice, the demand for this category rapidly rises. In our Bitcoin crash gambling guide, you will find out every detail you want to know about choosing proper strategies, playing principles, and effective techniques. But before you need to know that everything that we will be discussing applies to both BTC and regular crash games. That’s because there is no real difference between these two categories of games. With BTC crash games, you place your bets in Bitcoins, but with regular ones, you use traditional fiat currencies like euros or US dollars. The gameplay, betting strategies, and rest are similar. However, BTC crash games are accompanied by numerous favors such as fast transactions, quick withdrawals, anonymity, and more.

Crypto Crash Games Explained

One of the main reasons why players often choose crash games while gambling online is that all of these games are very easy to play. The gameplay is simpler than you can imagine. You just place bets on a certain amount of BTCs at the beginning of a game and after that, the game starts. The entire game is to watch a small movement in the game where the multiplier rises over time. The reason why these crash BTC gambling games are called “crash” is that this multiplier can crash at any time, resulting in losing your bets. This process is random and based on your luck. The longer, you wait, the more chance you have of winning funds. But the chances that you crash suddenly are very high. Therefore, if you enjoy hazardous online casino games, crypto crash games can be the best choice for you.

Most gamblers find crash games very exciting. For example, if you take the example of an Aviator, watching an airplane flying can help you release adrenaline, and as soon as you are for the 2x, this adrenaline quickly doubles. The multipliers quickly continue to rise and reach x5, x10, or even x100 if you are lucky enough. The most unfortunate thing is lowering your adrenaline after the plane finally crashes. However, you can easily result in winning if you choose the most optional crash gambling strategy and place bets reasonably.

Basic Rules

Now let’s explain the rules of crash games in more detail. Even though different providers present the game differently, the basic idea of all crash games is similar. After choosing the most consistent game to your needs, the first thing that you should do is to choose a bet and set a winning goal. For example, you may decide to place 1 mBTC to win 2.5 mBTC. After that, your bet will start to grow until it finally crashes randomly. Therefore, the gameplay is accompanied by small steps, and each of these steps quickly grows in rate. The probability of growth and crash is almost the same. Keep in mind that in some versions of crash games players don’t need to set a goal. They should just aim to raise their bet as not as it hasn’t crashed yet.

Usually, the Bitcoin gambling crash outcome is determined randomly by using a mathematical algorithm that automatically calculates the result. This algorithm sets the multiplier between 1 to ∞.  The mean payout of this mathematical function is 2.00. However, diving deep into this mechanism is not needed at all. The gameplay is quick and easy and you will find out effective ways of placing bets soon after starting to play. The multiplier record in BTC online crash games was 659072.86x. It was a time when the winner placed just 10 dollars and won over 6 million dollars. Therefore, even such a simple game of chance can help you get fortunes.

Winning Probability

Even though you don’t need a deep understanding of how this game works, the mathematical principle behind it is very interesting and simple. The probability of winning BTC crash games depends on a general formula – r×b/g. This formula determines your outcome in every single cryptocurrency crash game. Let’s explain this code.

R means the possible return of the crash game, B is the amount of your bet and G is the goal you set at the beginning. Therefore, your chances of winning completely depend on just three variables. Keep in mind that usually, each crash game crashes instantly about 3% of the time which is not a high percentage at all. However, this means that there are chances that you immediately lose your bet.

Important Casino Crash Tips

Even though crash casino games are very easy to play, when it comes to betting with Bitcoins, every player tries to be as careful as possible. That’s why you should always choose a certain betting strategy and play your game accordingly. Experienced crash game players developed many effective strategies for playing crash games. Below we will introduce some of them and provide you with useful tips to increase the chances of winning in BTC crash game gambling. Sometimes the simplicity is the main reason why players end up losing. So, take your time, understand these strategies deeply and try to play as reasonably as possible.

2x + ∞ Strategy

There are so many betting strategies that you can use in Bitcoin crash casino games but the first tone that we will be discussing is considered the most favorable. One of the most common and effective strategies in BTC crash games is 2x to infinite. This means that your initial bet should be at least 2x. Once you place your bet, you can increase it as much as you like before you crush. Needless to say, the higher is your bet, the better your winning outcome can be. This strategy is sometimes referred to as the Martingale strategy. This means that you can double your bet every time it crashes below x2. This strategy is the most optional one for Bitcoin crash gambling games without maximum betting limitations. But some games have a limit of 10000. So, try to check the terms and conditions of certain games before you decide which strategy you are going to use.

1.5x+ Strategy

Another useful tip for effective gameplay is to use a 1.5x strategy. This one is a little bit easier compared to the previous strategy that we discussed. If you are using a 1.5x+ Strategy, both bets are higher than 1.5x, meaning that risks and payouts are lower. However, the fortunate thing is that you get some of your money back. This method is considered the simplest one because by using it, players automatically cashout numbers such as 1.5x and collect their profits at this amount. On the contrary, you can also set the multiplier much higher, but in this case, you may win fewer bets with bigger crash game Bitcoin winnings.