Gemix 2 Slot Review – Play’N Go Introduces A Cluster Pay Mechanism

October 18, 2021

After several years passing, Play’n GO has returned to one of its early grid slot blockbusters, Gemix which is a pretty popular online game. The Gemix 2 slot machine features a 7×7 grid with 49 different symbols to choose from. Winning combos are created when five or more matching symbols appear side by side on the reels of this Cluster Pays slot machine. The larger the Cluster of symbols, the greater the reward.

Gemix 2 is available on any device and allows players to place bets ranging from 10 to 100 dollars per spin – the standard Play’n GO range. RTP is also very typical of the studio, at 96.2 percent, with volatility set to medium – approximately the same as in part one.

Gemix 2 slot game

The innovative features that offered up new potential for online slots will definitely impress all the players. Cascading reels, giant wilds, spreading wilds, sticky wilds, morphing symbols, and more features are included in the Gemix 2 slot, which makes the overall gambling experience very exciting. Among the symbols are eight distinct colored dazzling gemstones. The star gemstone is the most expensive symbol, paying 200 times your entire bet if you land 15 or more in a cluster. There can be up to four distinct guardians, each with its own wild symbol. All in all, if you are someone who enjoys both – nice graphics and bonus rounds, then this Play’N Go slot will never disappoint you. We will review all the additional features in more detail throughout the article, so make sure that you keep reading!

A Better Look at Gemix 2’s Design Aspects

Gemix 2 features an eye-catching and high-quality design. The game is a successor to the popular Gemix slot, which was published a few years ago, and the layout has been retained by the creator. Still, it’s a better design, and the symbols look more attractive.

This slot game has a fantasy theme and transports you to four distinct worlds populated by mystical creatures. The reels are suspended in the sky, with a beautiful castle in the backdrop. The grandiose music rounds off the design and contributes to the action-packed gameplay.

Gemix 2 slot design

This enticing game looks great on both desktop and mobile devices. In the beginning, the vivid jewels float in front of a cloud-based palace. To each side of the main grids are meters and grids that activate various bonuses. When you play the Gemix 2 slot machine online, you will immediately be transported to a world filled with woods, pink castles, and dark mines. All in all, players can notice even from the first glance that the software developer has actually worked a lot to provide everyone with very pleasant and exciting gameplay, which is unthinkable without high-quality graphics. We believe that Gemix 2 has one of the best visuals that Play’N Go has ever created.

Gemix 2 slot gameplay

Gemix 2 Audio – How does it feel?

If you have been playing online slots for a long time, then you will definitely be aware of the fact that the sound system of a specific online slot plays a huge role in experiencing the whole gameplay with high-quality feelings. We already knew that Play’N Go was aware of this fact, thanks to the first version of this game, however, things are even better in Gemix 2.

The Camelot/house soundtrack, probably one of the most renowned tunes in the world of iGaming, may be described as super exciting! You can make sure yourself, as once you start playing, you will immediately feel the thrill and joy of listening to this wonderful tune!

Gemix 2 Game Mechanics Explained

The symbols that payout in this Play’N Go slot game begin with a variety of blue, turquoise, purple, and green geometric jewels. Shaped gemstones like beans, ears, and stars go together with them for a high price. The star gemstone is the most high-paying symbol, paying up to 200 times the bet if 15 or more appear in a cluster.

Gemix 2 Game Mechanics

There are four possible guardians, each with a different wild symbol, as we already mentioned. As a result, you may also find symbols such as a shield, mirror, miner’s light, and magic book. Using four mythical creatures, Play’n Go has created the Gemix 2 slot machine with endless worlds to explore and a wide choice of modifiers. What this means is that, unlike other regular online slots that you might have come across, this one will never bore you as you will have a bunch of possibilities to explore more and more.

Gemix 2 free spins

It is also important to note that at first glance, Gemix 2 may appear to be a plain slot machine. Nevertheless, as soon as you begin playing the game, you’ll see that there are several bonuses and features that enhance and make the whole gambling experience much more enjoyable.

Gemix 2 Bonus Game At A Glance

Gemix 2 Bonus Game

The cascading reels feature with crystal payouts is at the heart of the game, allowing you to land more winning combinations in a single spin without having to worry about set paylines. Super Charge, Crystal Charge, World Bonus, and the World Wilds feature are a few of the extra Play’N Go bonuses that you might come across while playing.

The Cascading Reels feature activates once when a winning combination appears on the reels. New symbols fall down to replace the winning ones as the old ones disappear. As a result, you get a new chance to put together a winning combination. As long as you create winning combinations, the reels will keep falling.

The Super Charge function is activated if you gather 50 or more symbols. Then, all four Crystal Charge features, as well as a 2x multiplier, activate at the same moment. The Super Charge function may be reactivated many times, increasing the multiplier up to 20x.

Additionally, while playing, one of four guardians (creatures) might appear on your screen. Each one has its own unique wild symbol. Every so often, another guardian from another realm would make a surprise entrance. The protector of the planet, referred to as the World Wilds feature, can grant you many benefits. For instance, with the help of Miner, up to 10 wilds can appear, while the Princess will spread wilds from edge to edge.

We believe that it is pretty clear to see that Gemix 2 is pretty rich in terms of bonus rounds, and that’s one of the main reasons why the majority of players enjoy playing it.

Wrapping Up

Overall, there’s a lot to like about the Gemix 2 slot machine. Fans of the Gemix slot will be excited to find out that it has been updated with even more features. Because of the modest minimum wager for each spin, the game is accessible to those who aren’t high rollers, and the medium variance helps players to win more frequently.

Gemix 2 slot game winnings

The good news is that with the help of the cascading reels feature, players can easily increase their chances of hitting winning combos. Some might say that the change is not huge (compared to the first version), however, we still believe that Gemix 2 has a lot to offer in terms of capabilities and keeping the players entertained!