Legion X Slot Review – Captivating Slot By Nolimit City

April 20, 2022

Legion X is an extremely delightful slot created by one of the top software development companies called Nolimit City. It has gained enormous attention from gamblers all around the world and there are a lot of factors for this. First of all, a unique playing environment will engage every visitor from the very first second, and the possibility of winning a huge amount of money will inspire them to stay and gamble here for a long time! So, due to the popularity and high demand of this slot, we have decided to write this Legion X review where we will describe its characteristics thoroughly. 

As you may have already guessed from the name, the main theme of this game consists of ancient Roman characters. You will come across warriors dressed differently that create the vibe of being on the battleground somewhere in ancient times. It is no surprise that the red color dominates the entire interface since it was the most frequently used one for dressing Roman soldiers. The other figures are vibrant in colors as well and the background is dark. 

Legion X review

We want to note that the RTP of this game is 96.04% which is considered above average in the gambling industry and it allows you to get back high amounts on average. Also, due to very high volatility players are able to win an enormous amount of money but not very often. Legion X features a playground of 5 reels and 72 paylines are promising to award you winning combinations. The most attractive attribute of this game might be the highest payout which is an amazing number – 31.000x your initial stake! 

As you can tell, the possibilities are tremendous in this game, and our recommendation would be to test it by playing Legion X demo versions first. There are plenty of them online and you will be able to learn the game mechanics that will help you to gamble with Legion X real money in the future. Below, you will learn about all the essential features of this slot!

A Better Look At Legion X Design Aspects

Legion X gameplay

The design of Legion X is constructed with ancient Roman elements and every detail starting from the name itself will remind you of the Roman lifestyle. Legion was the name of the biggest military division in Rome that included 5.000 fighters. So, you will be able to travel to ancient times and fight alongside Roman warriors in order to defeat enemies. 

As we have mentioned above, the diversification of colors is noticeable in this game and you will mostly encounter red as it was the primary one for the outfits of the Roman Legion. The background of Legion X is dark which is a typical sign of Nolimit City and every symbol is depicted as various types of warriors. 

Some of the figures are covered with helmets which was a usual thing in ancient Rome and several ones are wearing weapons as well. Moreover, we want to note that you will see different kinds of designs for each bonus round consisting of various symbols that once again represent Roman animals and soldiers. As you can tell, this slot is all about ancient Rome and it will help you to travel to those times to experience tremendous satisfaction.

Also, every gambler has a chance to enjoy the Legion X mobile version as well since it provides the same quality of performance as the real one. 

Legion X Audio – How Does It Feel?

The audio of Legion X is connected with the playing interface flawlessly. It will once again make you feel as if you are in the war since the sound effects will revive the battling mood in every player. This music bears a strong resemblance to the pieces you hear in motivational videos that give you tremendous adrenaline every time you listen to it. So, it will further increase the feeling of being in the Roman army surrounded by dozens of warriors. 

The importance of providing pleasing sound effects is tremendous for every slot. If the soundtrack is boring then it will be impossible for players to enjoy playing there and eventually they will lose interest in the game. Hence, Nolimit City has developed enchanting music that will engage the majority of visitors from the first second and make their time highly memorable here! 

Legion X Game Mechanics Explained

Legion X demo

We want to teach you how to play Legion X here. For starters, we want to say that you have 72 different ways to form winning lines and every symbol along with standard card figures will award you with various kinds of payouts. 

Moreover, there are several unique figures in this game such as Infectious Wilds, xNudge Wilds, and xWays. xNudge wild symbol is able to nudge to fully visible and the multiplier of the wild will be increased by one point on every nudge. 

Infectious Wilds will transform all instances of a randomly selected Low symbol into the Wild figures on three middle reels and it is able to drop only in the first and the last reels. As for the xWays, they have the possibility to replace all the other symbols except for the bonus and wild one in order to raise the winnings for you! 

Legion X Bonus Game At a Glance

Legion X gameplay

Legion X features four types of bonus games which is a pretty unique attribute that only a few slots can compare. The first one is called Legion X free spins which will give you 8 free spins if you collect bonus figures on the middle reels. During this round, the playing area will be grown significantly as the first and last reels will get an additional row, and multipliers will be increased by xNudge wilds throughout the bonus game. 

Next comes Legion X EQUESTRIS and FRETENSIS Spins which are able to give you 10 free spins. The active game area will be increased here as well since the first and last reels will become 4 high. The final bonus game is called Legion X Gemina Spins which will reward you with 10 free spins as well, but you have to catch xWays symbols and Infectious Wilds along with three bonus figures. 

Wrapping Up

In this Legion X guide, we have provided detailed information about a famous slot game that was released by the industry’s leading software development company called Nolimit City. It is an extremely marvelous game that contains ancient Roman elements and makes every visitor feel as if they are in a Roman army fighting against enemies as they spin the reels. 

Along with a delightful playing interface, you have a chance to win considerable amounts of money here due to high RTP and volatility. As for the highest payout of Legion X, it is a colossal number – 31.000x your bet!