Mines – Exciting Game By Spribe

April 25, 2022

Mines is a pretty straightforward yet appealing game established by a well-known software development company called Spribe. This provider mainly specializes in creating high-quality mini-games for gambling platforms and Mines is one of their best products. This game has engaged a vast number of punters from all over the world due to its simplified gameplay and the opportunities to win a lot of money within seconds. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that we are seeing such an enormous demand for this mini-game, and we are writing this Mines review in order to describe its characteristics in-depth and answer every question you have. Let’s start! 

Mines review

First of all, we want to point out that Mines includes pretty attractive game mechanics. Despite being a mini-game, it offers players a great possibility to earn huge prizes with the help of 97% RTP. This number is considered way above average in the gambling industry and if you gamble with 100$ for instance, you have a chance to get back 97$ on average. This is an extremely lucrative offer that very few casino games can compare. 

Moreover, along with high RTP, Mines features high volatility as well, which means that every gambler will be able to generate high winnings in this game but not very frequently. Hence, if you are patient enough to wait for your opportunities, then Mines is promising to reward you accordingly! 

Apart from appealing game mechanics, Mines is also attracting a lot of players with its delightful and straightforward playing interface. Every newcomer will have an easy time playing this game since it requires only a few steps and you don’t need to have specific knowledge or skills in order to successfully gamble in Mines. 

One of the most important aspects of this game is that it is built with provably fair technology. This technology includes very complex steps in the process in order to provide 100% fair results in every round and it prevents any kind of cheating from the casino. By doing so, the developers guarantee an entirely safe playing environment for every punter and you are able to check the fairness of every round by yourself.    

If you wish to try your luck in this game, we would recommend playing a Mines demo version first in order to better familiarize yourself with the game mechanics. There are numerous gambling platforms providing this opportunity to players and this way you will get ready to gamble with Mines real money soon! 

A Better Look At Mines Design Aspects

Mines guide

As we have noted above, Mines features an extremely straightforward playing interface. As soon as you enter the game, the first thing you see is a blue background that has a pretty positive effect on the overall theme. It is believed that the blue color is pretty pleasing to the human eye, therefore the developers have taken this fact into their mind and decided to use this color. 

On the left side of the screen, you will see a betting area where you have the possibility to choose the amount of bet. Right below this area, there is a panel indicating the number of mines, and you are also able to increase or reduce the total amount of them in a certain round. 

There are two buttons presented below those sections called Bet and Open Randomly. As soon as you place the bet and choose the number of mines, you should press the Bet button to start playing. The “Open Randomly” button allows you to entrust your fate to the software itself as it will choose the boxes for you! 

On the right side, you will see a playing area, where 25 boxes are placed. At first, they have blurry and transparent looks, but once you place your bets and start playing, they become solid white. 

Moreover, at the top right corner, there is a “how to play” button indicating different options such as volume, animation, bets history, free bets, and information regarding how to play Mines properly. 

As you can tell, it is pretty simple to gamble in this game since all the necessary information is presented on the screen. What’s more, the creators at Spribe have also provided a Mines mobile version for smartphone users that contains the same high-quality playing interface! 

Mines Audio – How Does It Feel? 

We have to say that Mines does not include traditional sound effects in the background that you come across in slot games. The reason behind this is that it is a mini-game and generally, they don’t include any kind of soundtrack that is played all the time. 

You will hear specific sound effects only when you press different buttons. For instance, there are various types of sounds applied when you push the “Bet” button, when you open a box, and when you press the “Cashout” button. 

They definitely make the playing atmosphere more enchanting and the lack of music in the background is not even noticeable according to the majority of players. Hence, you will have a pretty good time gambling in this game! 

Mines Game Mechanics Explained

Mines demo

As we have already mentioned, the rules of this game are extremely simple and straightforward. The first step you need to carry out is placing the bet and choosing the number of mines. You have two options here, you can either choose them manually or let the casino generate the numbers for you automatically 

As soon as you place your bet, you have to press the “Bet” button to start playing. Then you will see all the boxes will become a bright white color and you have to start opening them one by one. After each successful result, the box will turn into a star and you will earn a payout. Remember that you can cash out your winnings after every correctly guessed box! 

There are a total of 25 boxes and you are able to open as many as you want until you encounter a mine. As we have said, you have the possibility to choose the number of mines as well, and obviously, more mines mean more payouts. However, as soon as you run into a mine, the round is lost automatically and with it goes your total winnings. 

You will see the amount of payout after every box at the top right corner of the playing field. It is written in the green panel that shows you how much you win after each successful result. Most importantly, Mines uses provably fair technology that ensures 100% safety and fairness to every player.  

Every round in this game is generated by two independent participants of the round – player and the game operator. The operator will generate a server seed which is random 16 symbols and the hashed version of this seed is available publicly before the round starts. Client seed is generated on the player’s side. 

When the round is started, the game merges the server seed with the client seed. From merged symbols is generated SHA512 hash, and this hash generates the game result! As you can tell, the provably fair technology includes pretty complex steps in the process but it 100% ensures fairness in every round! 

Wrapping Up

Mines mobile

We have created this Mines guide in order to inform you regarding every attribute of this simple yet exciting game. It was established by a top software development provider called Spribe, and therefore, you will come across a high-class playing interface here! This mini-game features pretty high RTP and volatility, which means that every player has a chance to earn huge rewards! 

Furthermore, Mines includes simplified gameplay and even newbies will not have a hard time playing this game. Just place your bets and find stars in every box to win a lot of money!