Money Train 2 – Fascinating Slot By Relax Gaming

April 7, 2022

Money Train 2 is an extremely delightful slot established by one of the leading software development companies called Relax Gaming. It has gained tremendous popularity and engagement among punters ever since its creation and there are a lot of reasons behind this. 

As for the gaming interface, we see 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 paylines that are promising to award you money. This is an upgraded version of its predecessor and although the design is pretty much the same, you will see several updates that will definitely give you enormous satisfaction even when playing the Money Train 2 mobile version. 

When it comes to gaming characteristics, we would like to emphasize that Money Train 2 includes an RTP of 96.4% which is considered above-average in the gambling world. Also, it features high volatility which means that you have a chance to receive huge wins but not so frequently. However, the most appealing feature of this slot would be the maximum payout of 50.000x your initial stake! 

This game contains pretty unique characters in terms of gaming interface and you will notice that right away. As the name says itself, you will be able to experience a train journey when playing this slot, so as long as you love train rides this game will most likely engage you upon arrival and make you feel in a whole different world. You will learn everything about the slot in this Money Train 2 guide.

A Better Look At Money Train 2 Design Aspects

Money Train 2 slot

We want to start by mentioning that Money Train 2 contains a relatively dark theme and you will see a railway carriage in the background of the game. It is mesmerizing sightseeing with some buildings around the trains and the wind-mill on the top left side will absolutely be noticeable as soon as you enter the game. The gaming atmosphere feels pretty much like these old western movies and it will catch your eye right away. 

As we have noted above, the design has a slight improvement compared to its previous version since we witness more modern looking and aesthetic symbols. You will encounter a lot of characters which you may have already seen in movies or cartoons as well. You will definitely experience marvelous and unique feelings as you spin these characters.

Moreover, we want to emphasize that Money Train 2 consists of an easy way to navigate the playing interface meaning that you will not have a hard time finding desired buttons and you can play this game with a simple click on the square button made of two arrows. 

Money Train 2 Audio – How Does It Feel?  

The game developers spend a lot of time and effort in order to create pleasing and enchanting music for slots. It is one of the main reasons why gamblers choose certain games since a pleasurable soundtrack will absolutely engage more audiences and encourage them to play the game more often. 

Relax Gaming understands this aspect very well and they have created fascinating music for Money Train 2. You will notice it as soon as you enter the game. The soundtrack is a confluence of classic styles and western elements and it most likely resembles music you hear in cowboy movies and cartoons. 

Hence, you have the possibility to go on the western adventure with the help of an amazing gaming interface and ear-catching soundtrack. It is nearly impossible not to enjoy this delightful show as you spin the reels!

Money Train 2 Game Mechanics Explained

Money Train 2 respin feature

We will teach you how to play Money Train 2. As we have said above, you need to place your bets and start playing by pressing the square button on the right. There are several symbols indicating men and women holding guns and they all offer different kinds of payouts if you collect a certain amount of symbols. 

You will see a Wild figure that has the ability to replace every other symbol on the reels for pay line wins. Money Train 2 also contains a respin feature that appears when you collect two normal bonus symbols anywhere on the reels and then they will reveal a multiplier. The multipliers are summed together and you are awarded re-spins until you win. 

As for the highest paying symbol, it is called a Necromancer that is promising to reward you with 20x more Money Train 2 real money than your initial stake. So, it is a good idea to look for him while playing this game. 

Money Train 2 Bonus Game At a Glance

Money Train 2 money cart bonus round

We have to note that Money Train 2 contains a standard bonus game that you can obtain by collecting at least three bonus symbols anywhere on the reels and you have to know that the persistent symbols are able to replace bonus figures. 

The bonus game will award you three Money Train 2 free spins and there is a possibility to open an additional reel when the reel is filled with symbols. This can only happen two times. Also, you have a chance to earn 500x more money than your bet in case the symbol is located in every possible position when all the reels are revealed. 

The bonus game offers to land additional symbols that contribute greatly to your winnings. If you get extremely lucky and the sum of all values will be 50.000 you will obtain 50.000x your bet! Moreover, you have the opportunity to buy the bonus game for certain funds. 

Wrapping Up

Money Train 2 max win

In this Money Train 2 review, we have described a slot that was launched by a well-known software development company called Relax Gaming. It contains an RTP of 96.4% and high volatility which means that you will be awarded seldom but high amounts. The most important feature is probably the amount of maximum payout since this slot includes an amazing – 50.000x if you get unbelievably lucky. 

Money Train 2 has fascinated the majority of gamblers ever since its establishment. You are able to enjoy this high-class game since it provides all kinds of services you need. The classic and easy-to-use gaming interface will most likely take you on an amazing journey and will leave you with exceptional feelings. Therefore, it is no surprise that this slot is widely popular in the gambling world and there are a lot of Money Train 2 demo versions available on most casino websites.