Reactoonz Slot Review – Spin Delightful Symbols and Win High Amounts

April 12, 2022

Reactoonz has been engaging punters ever since its establishment due to its unique gaming interface and tremendous winning possibilities. This game was launched by one of the top software development companies called Play’n Go in 2017, and it has gained enormous popularity on every casino website. In this Reactoonz review, we would like to talk about the reasons behind such a massive involvement of gamblers in this game.

It has definitely made a revolution when it comes to slot games in the gambling world since Ractoonz was one of the first ones to offer entirely different gameplay. Instead of spinning in a traditional way, this game offers an 8×7 gameplay with a lot of characters and the main objective is to form proper winning combinations with these symbols. 

Reactoonz game

We want to highlight that Reactoonz includes an RTP of 96.51% which is a pretty high number and it is promising to return you high amounts on average in case you wager a lot of money. Also, this game features high volatility which means that players can win huge stakes but not so frequently and the highest payout you can obtain is 4570x your bet in case you are lucky. 

Moreover, there are a lot of Reactoonz demo versions available online and you have the possibility to play this game for free in order to get familiar with it and continue enjoying it with real money in the future. Below, you will find out all the necessary information regarding this slot! 

A Better Look At Reactoonz Design Aspects

Reactoonz slot

As we have said, Reactoonz features quite an innovative playing interface. You will encounter 7 reels, 8 rows, and 7 paylines along with many different symbols. These figures are basically little faces containing one or two eyes and they constantly peer at each other as you spin the reels. 

They all create a fascinating gaming atmosphere that attracts a vast number of punters and you will experience this as soon as you enter the game. Your eyes will be drawn to the various vivid colors instantly and the visual effects will be mesmerizing for every newcomer since it is something really unique. We want to emphasize that the Reactoonz mobile version is as exciting as the real one!

Apart from these delightful graphics, we would like to also mention that the gaming interface was created in a way that would make the playing process exciting for every gambler. There are all the necessary buttons presented on the screen and you are able to play Reactoonz with a simple click on the green square button on the bottom right side of the game. 

Reactoonz Audio – How Does It Feel?

Besides amazing gaming design, Reactoonz offers a pleasing and enchanting soundtrack in the background as well. It is well suited to the flow of the game and the confluence of the graphics and music is noticeable as soon as you start playing. 

The developers of Play’n GO know very well how important it is to create engaging and satisfying music for every casino game in order to make the overall playing experience memorable for every punter. As a result, they have provided an amazing soundtrack that allows players to enjoy Reactoonz without getting bored. 

Reactoonz Game Mechanics Explained

Reactoonz slot review

As we have stated above, this game is quite different compared to other traditional slots and it provides unique game mechanics. We will explain how to play Reactoonz in this section. First of all, you should know that winnings are achieved by matching at least 5 adjacent symbols and every symbol offers different kinds of payouts. The highest paying figure is the pink one. 

Wild symbols are presented as a whirl of yellow light and it is able to substitute all the other figures in order to form winning combinations. Also, you have a chance to double your winnings by collecting four matching symbols adjacent to one another in a squared shape and it is called a Giantoonz. 

There is a possibility for every spin for Gargantoon to drop up to 8 wild symbols onto the grid that will help you to win more easily. Gargantoon is a 3×3 sized monster that appears when you reach the bonus game. 

Reactoonz Bonus Game At a Glance

Reactoonz slot real money

Reactoonz features a pretty exceptional bonus game that no other slot can compare. First of all, we want to mention that this game includes a unique attribute called a quantum leap that contains 5 features. They are charged every time after you win on 25 symbols and when 4 features are charged then there is a possibility to appear a Gargantoon. 

The quantum leap contains several characteristics that help you to advance to the next level such as implosion, incision, demolition, and alteration. They work differently in order to fill up quantum features and take you to the final bonus game where you will have a chance to win enormous amounts of Reactoonz real money.  

As we have said above, Gargantoon becomes visible only in the bonus game when all the five features are charged. It comes to the game as wild and replaces every figure to create winning combinations. It is divided into three parts – first, it appears as a 3×3 monster, then it is separated as two smaller ones, and finally, nine little Gargantoons pop up and finish your winnings. Even though there are no Reactoonz free spins available, you still can earn a lot of money.

Wrapping Up 

In this Reactoonz guide, we have explained all the characteristics of a very popular slot game in the gambling world. It has fascinated punters ever since its establishment due to its innovative and high-quality attributes. This game was launched by one of the best software development providers called Play’n GO and it is no surprise that we witness the highest quality of graphics and music. 

Moreover, you have the possibility to win substantial amounts here since it includes extremely high RTP and volatility. As for the game mechanics, you will come across completely unique resources that no other slot can compare. Therefore, if you are willing to wait for a long time for your chance to come then this game is promising to furnish you with tremendous rewards.