Sun of Egypt 2 Slot Review – Explore Ancient Egypt

April 22, 2022

Sun of Egypt 2 is released by the industry’s leading software development provider called Booongo and it features all the elements that an Egypt lover can dream of. Are you fascinated with ancient Egyptian culture and would like to earn substantial amounts of money? Then this game was absolutely launched for you! 

We have to note that out of every slot that was constructed with Egyptian components Sun of Egypt 2 stands out significantly since we encounter pretty innovative characteristics that you will not find anywhere else. Therefore, it is obvious why the majority of gamblers are choosing this slot and we would like to write a Sun of Egypt 2 review in order to inform you about every essential attribute.

Sun of Egypt 2 slot online

First of all, we want to point out that all the fun is waiting for you in this game in case you are fascinated with Egyptian customs. Everything about this slot will remind you of ancient Egypt starting from the name since the sun was considered a giver of life and people were worshiping it as a god. So, that’s why developers have decided to name this slot Sun of Egypt. 

What’s more, every symbol is displayed as well-known figures that were famous in ancient Egypt. You will see that the yellow color dominates the game since it associates with every element connected to Egypt, so almost every component is composed of this color in Sun of Egypt 2.

As for the game mechanics, we encounter pretty good numbers since this slot includes 95.64% RTP and medium-high volatility. For those people who are not familiar with these terms, we want to emphasize that Sun of Egypt 2 allows you to generate considerable amounts of money relatively often, so it is a highly generous proposal! 

The classic playground contains 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines that are able to form winning combinations for you. The minimum bet you are allowed to gamble with includes 0.25 GBP, whereas the maximum is 60 GBP. As for the highest payout, you have a chance to obtain 5.000x your initial stake in case you get really lucky! 

Don’t forget that there are plenty of Sun of Egypt 2 demo versions available on several gambling platforms online. They will help you to better acquire the game mechanics and get ready to gamble with Sun of Egypt 2 real money as soon as possible.

A Better Look At a Sun of Egypt 2 Design Aspects

Sun of Egypt 2 guide

The design of this slot will most likely make you travel to Ancient Egypt from the very first second. You will have this impression even when looking only at the name itself and as soon as you open the game, you will be lost in the vibrant yellow-colored interface and it will definitely leave you with exceptional feelings. 

The background of this game features a desert which is the most accurate representation of Egypt. This dessert with some clouds on the top feels like a magical place displayed in a slightly dark way that enhances the feeling of being in a mysterious land. 

When it comes to symbols, you will come across all the elements that were popular in ancient Egypt and you may have already seen them somewhere. They include some kind of a crown, cross, and several other figures, all colored yellow as it was the most iconic color in ancient Egypt. The wild symbol represents a pharaoh and scatter is displayed as a golden pot. 

All these components are connected with Egyptian culture since it is well-known that ancient pharaohs were very rich. So, creators have developed convenient symbols representing their lifestyles. Furthermore, you will encounter the easy-to-understand gaming interface in the Sun of Egypt 2 mobile version as well which will give you the same kind of enjoyment!

Sun of Egypt 2 Audio – How Does It Feel?

It is worth noting that the audio of Sun of Egypt 2 is extremely captivating and it is in sync with the gaming design flawlessly. You will hear continuous sound effects of strings and drums that follow the flow of the game very well. This piece is composed excellently and it once again helps us to experience being in a marvelous place somewhere in the desert. 

You might have already heard this music in the videos related to ancient Egypt since it is a pretty well-known soundtrack. So, you will have a chance to gamble in this slot for many hours without getting bored or tired because developers at Booongo have ensured pleasing music in the background for you! 

Sun of Egypt 2 Game Mechanics Explained

Sun of Egypt 2 demo

If you have ever asked a question about how to play Sun of Egypt 2, then this section will give you a thorough answer. We want to start by mentioning that every symbol mentioned above is responsible for providing different kinds of payouts. The highest figure is a lady sculpture that will award you 10x your bet if you collect five of them!

As for the wild figure, it will give you 12x your stake. Most importantly, this slot contains a free spins feature that you can unlock by catching three or more scatter symbols on the second, third, and fourth reels. By doing so, you will be rewarded with 8 Sun of Egypt 2 free spins where every figure will play except for standard card icons.

When you land three more scatter symbols, another 8 free spins will be retriggered in this round which means more chances to generate high amounts of winnings!

Sun of Egypt 2 Bonus Game At a Glance

Sun of Egypt 2 win

Sun of Egypt 2 provides a slightly different bonus game compared to traditional slot games. You have the possibility to trigger this bonus game by catching six or more bonus figures and they all will be stuck on the reels throughout the round. They will also furnish you with respins and this round will be continued until all 15 bonus symbols are collected. 

During the bonus game, there are three coins that appear randomly – Mini, Minor, and Major Jackpots. You will be rewarded with one of them in case you collect all 15 bonus figures of any type. Also, this round features a mystery icon that will transform into any of the jackpots mentioned above. The highest jackpot will give you 5.000x your initial bet, which is an extremely lavish opportunity that no player should miss out on!

Wrapping Up

We have written this Sun of Egypt 2 guide in order to provide thorough information about a famous slot that was released by a well-known software development provider called Booongo. This is a perfect game for every punter who is fascinated with ancient Egypt culture since it includes all the components related to it. So, you will have a chance to dive into a mysterious desert and explore unique opportunities in this game, where you might even obtain the highest payout – 5.000x your bet!