Wolf Gold Slot Review – Experience The Wild Life Among Animals

April 22, 2022

Wolf Gold has been released by a well-known software development company called Pragmatic Play and it was ranked as one of the most popular games in 2021. There are a lot of factors underlying such a huge engagement of punters from all over the world, but mainly because it features an exceptional gaming interface that will help you to go on an adventure into wild nature with some amazing animals. 

Moreover, there are great possibilities in this slot to generate a good amount of winnings due to different kinds of bonus games. Considering all these reasons, we are seeing a vast number of gamblers who wish to play this game, and therefore, in this Wolf Gold guide, we are going to provide detailed information regarding the features and game mechanics. 

Wolf Gold review

The main theme of Wolf Gold was definitely inspired by the American West since we encounter all kinds of components connected to it. As the name says itself, this is a wolf-themed slot where you will also come across various animals including – buffalos, eagles, big cats, and horses. So, this game is for everyone who is fascinated with wild animals, and we have to note that all these figures are constructed with delightful graphics that will be spectacular to watch from the very first second. The colors are not modified and you will see those animals with their natural looks. They all represent a wild western lifestyle that fascinates so many people, and that’s why it has gained such colossal popularity. 

As for the game mechanics, we don’t see too many differences compared to other slots. The playing area includes classic 5 reels and 3 rows, whereas 25 paylines will be able to create winning combinations for you. The minimum amount of bet you can place here is 0.25 GBP and the maximum is 125 GBP. 

Wolf Gold contains an RTP of 96.0% which is above average in the gambling world, and medium volatility will help you to generate winnings relatively often but not huge amounts. Players are able to receive the highest payout in this game if they win a jackpot, which will be 2.500x their initial bet! So, there are great opportunities in this game and you should not miss out on them! 

We would suggest every newbie try out a Wolf Gold demo version first in order to better understand the game mechanics. There are plenty of them on different platforms online and it will help you prepare to gamble with Wolf Gold real money next time!

A Better Look At Wolf Gold Design Aspects

Wolf Gold guide

As we have stated above, the design of Wolf Golf is made of western elements since you will run into all kinds of wild animals originating from the American West. The symbols include horses, eagles, big cats, buffalos, and wolves representing wild figures that create an impression of howling when you catch them on the reels. As for the scatter symbol, they are displayed as some kind of rock buildings and the visuals of every icon are mesmerizing. 

Although the background of the game is relatively small compared to other slots, we can still see rock sculptures that will most likely remind every visitor of a well-known place called the grand canyon. It is also located in the west which once again highlights that all the components of Wolf Gold are inspired by western culture.

The developers of pragmatic play have definitely established this game for every punter who loves wild animals since you will have a chance to go on a journey to wild nature with them as you spin the reels. What’s more, the playing interface is highly straightforward and you just need to click a few buttons in order to choose the amount of bet and start gambling. We have to note that the Wolf Gold mobile version is as captivating as the normal one since it features the same quality of graphics and visuals.

Wolf Golf Audio – How Does It Feel?

The audio of Wolf Gold is something amazing and it is one of the most appealing parts of the game. Due to the fact that creators at Pragmatic Play have launched this slot specifically for wild nature enthusiasts, they have also worked hard to develop convenient sound effects in order to connect with the gameplay excellently. 

This is an extremely significant aspect of every casino game. Pleasing music is what makes players stay and gamble in the game for a long time, so it has no less importance than the design and game mechanics. 

Wold Gold features fascinating music in the background since you will hear the true sounds of nature. Have you ever taken a walk in a forest full of animals? This game has pretty much a similar effect and you will hear the sounds of different animals, mainly the cawing of eagles and howling of wolves. 

Wolf Gold Game Mechanics Explained

Wolf Gold demo

We want to teach you how to play Wolf Gold properly. As we have mentioned, there are various animals as symbols in this game and the highest paying figure is a buffalo that will award you 20x your bet in case you collect five of a kind on the reel. Then comes an eagle with a 16x payout, the third one is a horse that will pay you 12x your bet, and the final one is a big cat promising to give you 8x your stake!

The wild symbol is displayed as a wolf and it is able to replace all the other symbols except for scatter and money icons. Also, there is a money respin feature in this slot that is unlocked when you catch at least six money symbols. They are able to award you more respins throughout the entire round until all positions are filled with the money figures. 

During this feature, normal icons disappear and only money symbols are left on the screen that contribute to your winnings, and if you fill all 15 positions you will win a mega jackpot that will reward you with the highest payout of Wolf Golf – 2.500x your initial stake! So, our recommendation would be to watch out for these icons frequently since they are able to provide tremendous opportunities for every player. 

Wold Gold Bonus Game At a Glance

Wolf Gold mobile

We have to say that Wolf Gold includes a fairly standard bonus game. Pay attention to scatter symbols as they only appear on the first, third, and fifth reels, and in case you catch three of them you will unlock a Wolf Gold free spins feature. 

You will get 5 free spins in this round where the second, third, and fourth reels spin together like a giant symbol. Players have the possibility to earn an unlimited number of free spins since every time you catch three scatter icons you will trigger another 3 free spins and the special reels are in play in this bonus game!

Wrapping Up 

As you can tell from this Wold Gold review, this popular slot is offering enormous possibilities to every visitor. It was established by a top software development company called Pragmatic Play which means that you are guaranteed the highest quality of performance. The game represents all the elements connected with wild nature since you will come across different kinds of animals as symbols, and enchanting music will definitely make you travel in a wild forest.