Crypto Betting Cricket

Cricket is one of the United Kingdom’s national sports and thanks to cryptocurrencies Bitcoin cricket betting has become a popular option for punters. The sport is also of great importance to India and South Africa. Compared to sports like soccer and basketball, cricket is considered to be a local sport. The majority of countries do not have national teams thus only the 3 above-mentioned states pay a lot of attention to the development of this sport. Therefore, betting is limited too.

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Now there are two main varieties of cricket:

  • First-class cricket is a type of match, time-limited.
  • Limited overs cricket is a type of match, the duration of which is limited to the number of overs.

To successfully bet on cricket, you should devote a considerable part of the time to thoroughly study the rules. Teams consist of 11 players and the point of the game is to score more points than the opponent.

Before you start cricket betting with Bitcoin the knowledge of rules is important. The match consists of several parts, they are called innings. In each inning, teams are served and taken once.

Cricket matches can often last up to 3-5 days, with teams likely to be on the court for 5-6 hours a day, which requires a lot of physical exposure.

Despite the less prominence of the sport, cricket competitions are quite common in most countries of the world. Some of the most prestigious tournaments are Ashes Cricket, Asian Cup, CB Series, Sharjah Cup, Sheffield Shield, County Championship of England. The most important cricket tournament is the World Cup every 4 years.

When it comes to betting with Bitcoin there are no notable differences from the usual betting. The concept is the same with the only difference being the possibility of betting with cryptos. Transactions are significantly faster; anonymity is guaranteed, and central banks and governments cannot interfere with transactions.

Most Common Crypto Bets on Cricket

Cricket matches almost always have a rich variety of betting options. And given that the games last a long time, the bettors have ample opportunity to test their strategies and conclude successful bets.

In general, there are 4 main options players prefer to choose more frequently: betting on victory, winner of the tournament, live, and handicap.

Betting on Victory

It is the most common and popular type of cricket betting among beginners. When choosing a favorite, focus players should analyze statistics and H2H matches. Of course, betting on cricket with Bitcoins on a favorite team offers low odds, compared to betting on the underdog.

At the same time having a look at squads and injuries is also important. Injuries are not alien to cricket. Players sometimes are forced to miss several matches and we are talking about leaders of course. Their absence can significantly impact the overall result of a match.

Cricket matches can take up several days to finish. This is another important factor for predicting a winner of the confrontation. Being in a decent physical condition is pivotal for any player to beat the other team.


Handicap betting is popular with experienced punters. Most often, such bets are concluded in matches between teams of roughly equal class, choosing to win with a zero handicap.

In general, handicap equals chances for strong and weak teams. The essence is to provide players with an opportunity to bet on cricket with Bitcoin on the option, which will eventually result in more winnings. When there is a heavy favorite playing against a weak team 99% of the time the former will be the one winning a match. Therefore handicap not only equals the chances of these two but guarantees more winnings.

When we talk about placing bets with Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptos, volatility guarantees maximized winnings. Once again, like in betting on general outcomes, handicap betting also requires comprehensive research on teams – how they play against each other and in what shape the teams are facing the match.

Winner of the Tournament

Before the start of a major competition for several months, crypto sportsbooks publish odds on the winners. The most prestigious tournament which is the World Cup offers betting opportunities on different events and the winner of the tournament is one of them. This is available on almost all cricket betting cryptocurrency sites.

This situation is observed in almost every major competition adjusted to the venue, on which the chances of the main contenders depend. Like England, Australia and India are some of the strongest teams in the world, almost always they take up the leading places.

This is considered to be a long-term event. Tournaments are individual in terms of duration so a player should wait for some time before it is finished.

It is a risky bet, however. During tournaments, there are dangers that a particular player might get an injury that might cause the whole team to crumble. So, when a player is making such a bet he or she should pay attention to this factor.

Live Bets

Live betting in general includes all the options that have already been mentioned above. The development of live Bitcoin cricket betting is useful for players. It has considerable advantages, as a player can observe the match and place bets accordingly.

Betting during matches is popular among professional punters and those who have basic knowledge of cricket. Live betting options are in the same positions as in the pre-match. Only the winners of the next wound, bets on even/odd totals of wounds are added.

Sometimes there are moments when a match takes an unexpected route, and the favorite is struggling to defeat the weak team. In this case, live betting is certainly a favorable option for players. They can overturn their initial prediction. Even though odds could be lower, at least a punter can have more space for maneuvering.

How to Know if a BTC Betting Site is Legit

Choosing a BTC betting site for cricket could become problematic at times. There are several important factors that every player should consider before selecting a bookmaker.

First of all, the visual side of a BTC cricket betting site immediately gives the first impression. It should be polished and absent of unnecessary information. Secondly comes the reliability of a BTC betting site. It should have a license, the information about which is located normally at the bottom of the website.

Provably fair games and the possibility of withdrawing money instantly is vital. When it comes to cricket, a bookie should offer as many leagues and betting options as possible.

Provably Fair

Online gaming is provably fair when there is a system in place. This on-site system will allow players to check the honesty of the procedure in the game.

The idea of provably fair is associated with the growth of online betting on cryptocurrencies such as casinos, lotteries, and online games.

In truth, fair games began immediately after the advent of Bitcoins. These games guarantee fairness as a major advantage, unlike traditional online games that can be manipulated.

On the contrary, blockchain and cricket betting sites with Bitcoins provide reliability. All transactions are in the public book and cannot be fabricated. Smart contract platforms, such as Ethereum, have software code that controls the entire game. This code cannot be manipulated by anyone.

Reliability is the first and foremost priority for every player because when they are storing funds into their account, they should be sure that these funds won’t be lost. At the same time, winnings should be possible to be withdrawn immediately.

Variety of Leagues

We have already mentioned that there are not many countries where cricket is the first option, however, those that do, pay a lot of attention to this sport. If a BTC bookmaker has cricket betting available on the website then it will feature the leagues from Australia, England, and India. Of course, championships are also counted. The World Cup in cricket is the most prestigious event that attracts millions of viewers and punters who place Bitcoin bets on cricket.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional cricket league. The competition is held in April and May each year by eight teams representing the cities of India in the Twenty20 format.

The Indian Premier League is the most visited cricket league in the world. So, this is the league where most cricket lovers place their bets on.

Variety of Betting Options

The more diverse betting options are – the better for players who place BTC bets on cricket. Cricket offers many possible betting options. Some of the most popular ones include a bet on the outcome. The player must decide which team will win the match.

When it comes to the top scorer the player predicts which of the players in this team will become the top scorer of a match.

One of the rarest bets on BTC betting websites also includes accurate match results. However, it is difficult to guess, as cricket matches turn out to be unpredictable sometimes.

Betting on the player of the match is certainly an opportunity. A punter must predict which of the players will be more effective than everyone else in the game. It could be a player with a team winner or a loser, usually a batsman, who earned the most runs or innings that hit more times in wickets.

There are even more options, and the betting site should ensure that the possibilities of betting on matches are vast.