Crypto Sports Betting

The cryptocurrency, which appeared almost 12 years ago in 2009 managed to establish itself as one of the most popular payment methods in recent years. Bitcoin is actively used in various industries and betting sites are no exception.

Below, we have compiled a list of the best crypto betting sites on the Internet. These websites are completely legit, reliable and offer users numerous bonuses with a huge selection of different sports. Live betting is also possible, and several payment methods are available. Check them out and start placing bets now!

Crypto Betting Sites We Recommend:

When we talk about Bitcoin betting and its characteristics the only thing that differentiates it from regular betting is the possibility of placing bets with the cryptocurrency. Otherwise, everything remains the same. Almost all types of sports that you will see on traditional bookmakers are also available for crypto betting. Principles remain the same and with Bitcoin, live betting is also supported on myriad platforms.

All popular sports including soccer, basketball, tennis, football – accept bets with popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin. As for other ones, it is up to a crypto bookmaker to decide whether it will feature them. Frequently less popular sports are also available, like table tennis, water polo, snooker. Bitcoin betting sites try to diversify their line of betting to attract more clients.

People place bets with Bitcoin for numerous reasons. The main advantage of bets made with the help of cryptocurrencies is maximum privacy and anonymity. Here, players are not limited to domestic rules governing transactions through banking institutions and official payment systems.

Another advantage is that the Bitcoin exchange rate is subject to serious fluctuations. It is advisable to order payment when the cryptocurrency has become cheaper. In simple words Bitcoin is a volatile currency – it changes all the time. A player may deposit a certain amount of Bitcoins on his or her account and without even placing bets can make an additional profit because of its fluctuation.

Cryptocurrency has been considered one of the most convenient, reliable, and safe ways of online payments for several years. Transactions with cryptocurrencies on Bitcoin sports betting sites are significantly faster compared to fiat currencies. While the latter can take up to several working days to be executed, cryptocurrencies ensure maximum convenience, low commission fees, and rapid executions.

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Best Sports to Bet on With Crypto

Today it is possible to bet on absolutely all sports that exist, even on exotic ones. This was not always the case, for example, when the first bookmakers appeared, bets were accepted only on horse races.

The ability to choose between a variety of sports is a huge plus for cryptocurrency betting websites. In the 21st century, sport is developing so rapidly that yesterday’s outsiders today cannot be underestimated.

Crypto betting follows general principles. Sports that are popular in traditional bookmakers are also popular on crypto bookmakers’ websites.


Soccer is the most popular sport with millions of fans all over the world, and betting on soccer is one of the most popular activities for punters. It is impossible to imagine a crypto bookmaker without major league events. There are always a lot of possibilities in both – pre-match and live.

Even the youngest bookmakers offer at least 100 options for each soccer match. If the event features two major teams or is a final game of the tournament, the number of options can reach several thousand.

When we talk about betting with Bitcoin on soccer these are the main options players usually make predictions about:

  • Outcome (victory of one of the teams or a draw);
  • Total (the number of goals scored by two teams);
  • Individual total (performance of one football team);
  • Handicap of each side (it equalizes chances of strong and weak teams);
  • Number of yellow cards;
  • The number of shots on goal;
  • The performance of individual players (whether a player will score a goal);
  • The number of corners and more.

Once again, these options can increase depending on the status of a match. If there is a major tournament such as the World Cup, then additional betting options are offered.

Express is one of the most popular bets on football. The player has the right to include in the express any events: the number of corners, goals, cards, etc. There is a bet, which is offered to guess which of the teams will make the first throw-in.

Overall crypto betting on soccer offers a wide range of betting possibilities for customers. Major games are held on every weekend.


The increasing popularity of eSports along with traditional sports has helped this discipline to attract attention from punters. The essence of eSports is easier to grasp. These are gaming competitions, which are held in a simulated virtual space using computer technology.

Regularly in eSports competitions are held. There is an international tournament called World Cyber Games (a kind of analog of the traditional Olympics) and there are many alternative international competitions. The rules of the competition are approved depending on the specifics of a particular game on which bets are provided.

Several thousand users every day bet on eSports, not only with cryptos but also skins. The main criteria for the popularity of these competitions are availability and simplicity. Almost all sports betting cryptocurrency sites accept bets on eSports online. Some of the popular games include CS:GO, Dota 2, StarCraft, League of Legends.

As has already been mentioned, real players participate in these competitions. Since the human brain is more difficult to analyze than artificial intelligence, it is much more interesting to observe the team battles where real players are competing, controlling virtual characters.

Compared to bets on real sports, where you need to monitor the health of the athlete, his form, the state of the team, the weather, the features of the match, eSports players do not need a multi-directional analysis. These games are completely skill-based which means that external factors have zero influence on the outcome of games.

Many users like to watch virtual events rather than the game in real life and place bets live. Like soccer and other sports, live betting is also supported in eSports. On online sports betting Bitcoin sites you can place live crypto bets on a map winner, handicap, individual performances, etc.


Basketball is one of the most popular sports. The dynamics, emotionality, and unexpected endings of matches, when in a matter of seconds the situation on the court changes is appealing for a punter. It is interesting to watch the games, and experienced fans put on the outcome of the confrontations.

In addition to cricket, boxing, tennis, and MMA, a significant number of Bitcoin bets are made on basketball matches.

Almost all Bitcoin bookmakers offer users bets on outcomes. You can choose between winning or losing a particular team for a match, half or quarter. It should be noted that when we are talking about betting on the outcome, overtimes are also included. There is no draw in a basketball game and one of the teams should eventually end up as a winner.

Cryptocurrency betting on handicap allows you to bet on basketball as insurance when the player is not completely confident in the victory of the team. There are losses of several points, which is covered by the handicap, and the bet is winning.

Betting on totals is also popular. Odds for such outcomes are often equivalent. Some bookmakers offer to put on the total points of a particular player of the teams. There are bets on over-time, the winner of a particular quarter, or the entire tournament.

Like in eSports and soccer, live betting here is also available. Players can observe the course of the match and overturn their initial decisions. In some cases, a favorite team might lose its leader because of the injury, and the situation is turned upside down. Live bets change all the time, and it is necessary to follow them meticulously.

Things to Look for in BTC Betting Sites

When it comes to choosing the best BTC sports betting sites the problem arises for some players. The selection is limited and there are details requiring attention from punters.

First of all, it is the reputation and reliability of a bookmaker. The license is especially important in this regard. It ensures that the odds are fair and the bookie does not hold an unfair advantage.

Paying attention to the founders of the company is essential, while the number of sports and bonuses also play their role when it comes to choosing a website.

Who Are the Founders?

Researching the founders of a crypto betting website is another important factor. Some names are considered to be the most prestigious in the iGaming industry. These founders ensure that the provided experience to customers is high-quality and their needs are met.

The status of the founders and their activities always should be considered. Beginners tend to ignore finding more information about the people who established the Bitcoin betting site which is a mistake.

Usually, a new casino is a company making a new project rather than a completely fresh company. The most important factor for assessing bookmakers is a place in the overall rating. Usually, it’s the aspect the user is focused on.

How Many Sports?

The sportsbook must provide the widest possible line. It should represent not only classical sports but also more exotic disciplines. For example, as we have already discussed, many players bet on eSports, earning on the performances of their favorite team.

There are less popular sports such as beach football, volleyball, that do not particularly enjoy great popularity among players, but they should always be available for betting.

Another important factor, which is rarely noticed by beginners, is a broad range of the betting line. It’s about choosing options for betting on a particular sport. In addition to the main outcomes, when using crypto for sports betting in soccer you can place bets on who will score the first goal, on the total, on individual performance, or team statistics.

This variability allows you to earn if the outcome in favor of one of the clubs is not obvious. For example, you can bet on the number of goals scored or on the fact that the favorite will win with a certain handicap.


Bonuses and Bitcoin bookmakers are two intertwined things. Without a rich promotion policy, it is practically impossible for the bookie to establish itself in the online gambling industry. This aspect is really important to take into account.

Punters should pay attention to the information about the bonuses and promotions offered on the website. Some betting sites make interesting offers. For example, newly registered users are immediately charged a certain amount for the deposit. Also, many bookmakers offer a so-called loyalty system that allows to reduce the level of commission and grab additional bonuses as well as prizes and get Bitcoin betting tips as a form of assistance.

However, bookmakers have certain wagering requirements which should be met to withdraw the bonus money. No deposit bonus is also an opportunity but compared to the deposit bonus it is rarely available.