Bitcoin Lottery

Because the lottery is one of the most advantageous forms of gambling, the number of free Bitcoin lottery sites continues to increase rapidly. The lottery is a traditional gambling activity that has been available in casinos for so long. It’s extremely popular in both land-based and online casinos but thanks to the BTC lottery, this game of chance becomes more and more common activity for online gamblers.

The lottery isn’t the most common activity on online gambling sites but still, there are a lot of trustworthy operators who offer lottery in Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Below we listed the websites where you can buy tickets for the BTC lottery and participate in the most advantageous gambling activities on the entire market. Keep in mind that the lottery is not the only attractive activity on these gambling sites. Just check our reviews to find out more about their service or click “Play Now” to start lottery gambling immediately with your Bitcoins!

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The basic rule of the lottery is that by paying a small amount of money or placing little bets, you have a chance to win a big jackpot. Even though winning probabilities are very low, usually, people risk their small portions of funds with the hope that they will somehow turn out to be lucky customers. Usually, an online lottery is much more favorable than a physical one. The key difference is that the traditional form of lottery requires buying tickets from lottery stores. But online casinos that offer lottery allow players to purchase tickets online in minutes without having to stand in long queues.

The Bitcoin lottery game is quite different from regular casino games. Ordinary casino games like blackjack, slots, roulette, poker, etc., have specific rules and strategies and players usually compete against dealers or each other. But with the lottery, you are not competing at all. The lottery is not a game. It’s more of a gambling activity where you place a bet on certain numbers. You don’t need to take any action or learn techniques. Just simple waiting is enough to find out whether you’ve become the lucky winner.

Lottery numbers are calculated randomly. Just like slots, reliable online casinos always use RNGs (Random Number Generation) to have a fair outcome. Each bet that players make contributes to the prize pool. Therefore, the mechanism of the lottery is pretty much alike to progressive jackpots. The main goal of lottery players is to predict the numbers correctly and win real prizes. Today online gambling sites provide various versions of the best Bitcoin lottery games and the most popular ones between them are the following four: Scratch-off, Lotto, Raffles, Balls.

How Does Crypto Lottery Work?

If you are aware of the basic principles of the regular lottery, then you will quickly understand the rules of the BTC lottery as well. There’s no real difference between a regular lottery and a BTC lottery. Some of the Bitcoin lotteries that can be found on crypto casinos are just live streams of an official lottery. However, gambling on online casinos is much more favorable because usually, you are not allowed to buy lotto tickets with cryptocurrencies on traditional lottery facilities. But crypto casino platforms just sell lottery tickets or “numbers” in BTC and then pay the compensation in Bitcoins if a person wins. Everything besides this is the same. The odds are no different and therefore, chances of winning a lottery jackpot are the same with both regular or crypto lotto.

The process of playing a lottery is something like this: first, you purchase a BTC lottery ticket which is approximately equivalent to $2 or so. Most crypto lottery tickets consist of 6 numbers and you have to choose the numbers from 1 to 49. The entire process of the game is drawing 6 numbers randomly. Once the numbers are revealed, you can easily find out whether you’ve won or not. You will be eligible to win a BTC jackpot only if you’ve matched all the numbers. But some operators also offer relatively small numbers if players guess more than 3 numbers.

The size of the prize pool can be as big as one million dollars. However, it depends on the number of participants in a certain game. Each ticket that is sold contributes to the prize pool. Sometimes, the jackpot is divided into small parts for those who match just 3 or 4 balls. One of the most important things about the BTC lottery is that here you have a chance to win bigger prizes and usually, stakes that are required in the crypto lottery are lower. Other than this everything is the same. BTC lottery is fully transparent, and you can be sure that the gameplay will be completely fair.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a BTC Lottery Site

If you plan to take part in the BTC lottery, you should know that there are some things that you should be aware of. To have the best possible gambling experience, you need to take care of both choosing the perfect lottery as well as choosing the site for it. First of all, you should review the history of this certain lotto. It’s important to know whether an operator rewarded previous winners, were there cases of winning at all or not, etc. You should also know how transparent the gameplay is and if a particular casino offers smaller payouts or if the jackpot is the only available option.


Understanding the history of certain blockchain lottery is an essential step for choosing the right BTC lottery site. You need to know if this lottery has been done before or if somebody has ever won a jackpot. The internet today is full of scammer online casinos. To avoid unfair treatment and losing your deserved rewards, you should learn as many things about the given lottery activity, as possible. Also, you should check how much the prizes of previous winners had been. The same applies to lottery sites. The more important details you can gather about a particular operator, the better understanding you will have of their service. That is why you should try to do a little research and find out how long they have been around or who they are. In that way, you can be more certain that you are not wasting your BTCs and your winnings from the free Bitcoin lottery faucet will be paid back fairly.


When it comes to gambling in general, transparency is one of the most essential things to be taken into consideration. Before you choose a lottery site to gamble on, make sure that the service it offers is completely clear and honest. For having the best lottery experience online, both the lottery company as well as the casino site should be open about the number of people taking part in the lottery. However, sometimes instead of that casino sites are pointing out the total number of people that are taking part on their website.

But this is not representative of the truth and distorts the odds of winning. Unlike this, reliable gambling sites that offer fair service always have an obvious list of their lotto participants and offer completely transparent lottery activities. In that way, you can be sure that a cryptocurrency lottery site will pay for your winnings and none of your BTCs will be wasted.

Small Payouts

Even though every lottery player is aiming for winning a jackpot, it’s very important to check if the gambling site has an option of paying for smaller wins as well. You should know that the lottery shouldn’t pay its players only if they hit the jackpot. There should always be some smaller wins a person could go for, the smallest of which can be the price of the ticket itself. However big the size of a jackpot is, if a casino doesn’t have an option for smaller payouts, then you should consider choosing a different gambling site.

Generally, a single lottery ticket consists of 6 numbers. Players need to match the six of them to win a jackpot. However, chances are very small that you will guess all of the numbers and get a Bitcoin jackpot lottery. But why should you lose a chance to get something if you guess 4 or 5 numbers correctly? Fairy casino operators try to appreciate smaller wins as well which is why they reward players with small payouts.

Advantages & Disadvantages of BTC Lottery

Playing lottery games is one of the most advantageous things that you can do online casinos. The main reason for this is that you have a chance to get a jackpot by just buying a ticket worth $2. Becoming a millionaire for a $2 ticket is indeed something that every gambler has dreamt of. But actually, the chances of winning a jackpot are not very high. Playing the lottery with Bitcoins is accompanied by both advantages and disadvantages. Even though taking part in this activity is anonymous and you can get wealthy very quickly, you should also be aware of its cons before you decide to get involved in Bitcoin lottery sites.

Pro: Completely Anonymous

The first and most important advantage of the BTC lottery is that it’s completely anonymous. Not only the lottery but all casino activities that are available in Bitcoin are fully confidential. One of the main perks of blockchain is that nobody can trace your transactions. The identity of a crypto owner can’t be linked to his or her actions. Cryptocurrency is decentralized and is not connected to the government, central bank, or any third party. Therefore, no one will be able to see how you spend your BTCs and whether you are involved in gambling activities or not.

Pro: Quick Wealth

One more great thing about the lottery with cryptocurrencies is that you can become a millionaire in just seconds. Playing this game is nothing complex. You just ended up buying a ticket and filling it with a combination of numbers. After that, everything is up to your fate. Thanks to the free Bitcoin lottery, you can get rich in seconds, but also, it’s very risky and highly unlikely to happen. Still, there have been several cases when players guessed all the numbers and won jackpots. That’s why players never refuse to pay extra few dollars for lottery tickets.

Con: Very Low Probability

On the other hand, sometimes playing lottery games with BTC can be quite risky. Before you start gambling, you should know that the mathematical probability that you will guess all the numbers correctly is ridiculously small. This means that you have a very little chance of winning something in this casino activity. That is why it’s better to just use the money on other casino games as they could bring much better yield. While you have a guarantee that you will get something from regular casino games like craps or dice if you win, with a free BTC lottery there’s no such thing as a guarantee.

Con: Heavily Monopolized

Another thing that players find unfortunate about Bitcoin lottery games is that it’s heavily monopolized. Most lotteries are held by governments and are very hard to take part in. The lottery is considered a gambling activity and isn’t officially allowed in some countries. If a government owns a monopoly of the lottery, it can be hard to buy a lottery ticket online with Bitcoins without trouble. But still, there are also exceptions, and not every lottery site is connected to the government. Often the lottery regulations are developed only for casino operators and players don’t have anything to do with it.