Crypto Betting on cybersport tournaments

eSports betting has gained incredible popularity in recent years and continues to develop, as more and more crypto betting websites are offering this opportunity to players. Many bookmakers have already thought about adding this discipline to the list of available betting options.

Here we have assembled a list of the best BTC eSports betting sites. These bookmakers have long been known for their vast choice of eSports disciplines, let alone diverse payment methods and bonuses for newly registered players. Don’t wait too long – sign up and start playing right now!

BTC eSports Betting Sites we Recommend:

eSports means competitions for which computer simulation is used. Each map features fights where real players are competing against each other.

When we talk about eSports games their number is growing rapidly. There are many disciplines now, but the most popular ones are the following: CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, FIFA, Fortnite, Rocket League, Call of Duty.

The main difference that players will see in eSports betting compared to sports, is that the latter has fewer options. In sports, you can place bets on different possibilities, while eSports disciplines mainly feature general outcomes – win or loss of a particular team.

With the time and development of Bitcoin eSports betting, more platforms allow eSports betting. In some cases, they exceed in popularity compared to other sports. Pretty much all the sportsbooks are starting to feature it.

There is no real difference between BTC betting and its regular counterpart. The only thing that differentiates these two is the possibility of betting with Bitcoin. Otherwise, you will see almost the same odds and opportunities for betting.

You can bet on eSports in pre-match or live mode. You just need to study the rules of discipline and statistics to understand which of the athletes is better to bet. In modern eSports is a lot of disciplines, which allow you to find a game with the most understandable rules.

In traditional sports, you need to pay attention to such nuances as injuries, the condition of coverage, the refereeing staff, weather conditions. In eSports, such nuances can be left behind which improves the accuracy of predictions.

What are the Best Cybersport Games to Bet on with BTC?

As we have already mentioned at the beginning of this guide, the selection, where you can choose games is vast. A particular game might not be popular at first but with time and audience, it attracts more players, which results in eSports websites accepting betting for this discipline.


Skill-based games are when nothing out of the control of the players can impact the gameplay. Something random will not change the outlook of the match, it is completely based on the players and their skills.

When we are mentioning eSports games in eSports crypto betting, they are the most skill-based games. There are two teams full of real humans, who must rely solely on their skills to defeat other players. Everything comes with experience and training, so you cannot blame factors such as injuries, which are often seen in traditional sports or other reasons. Here everything comes to the capabilities of individual players.


Five-person teams play in the CS:GO tournaments. Maps can be unique or standard, it depends specifically on the tournament itself. But before the competition organizers publish a list of cards on which players will participate. Let’s say we know that one player from the first team plays well on Dust 2, and from the other team, 3 players play perfectly on this card. This increases the chances of the second team winning the tournament.

The tournament is as follows. The team needs to score fifteen winning rounds first. When it comes to eSports betting with Bitcoin the tournament lasts 2 periods, each of which is 15 rounds. If after 2 periods, the teams have scored the same number of victories, two additional periods of 3 or 5 rounds are given.

This game is the least RNG-based and the most skill-dependent. It is also the most popular type of eSports.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a team game of the type MOBA, playing five-on-five. The goal is to destroy the throne (the main building of the enemy). The map remains unchanged from the beginning of the tournament.

The total and accurate score remains the same as CS Global Offensive. It is considered one of the most popular disciplines in crypto casinos and more people are betting on it.

Although Dota could have some RNG elements to it, it’s mostly based on skills. The most common RNG thing in the game is the crit-chance. But that can also be quite predictable when you bet Bitcoin on eSports.

League of Legends

League of Legends is a strategic cooperative game in the genre MOBA, in which two teams of 5 participants fight each other in an attempt to destroy the enemy base.

In addition to dozens of local tournaments, each of which bookmakers take bets, since 2011 the World League of Legends Championship has been held, the ticket to which the winners of the summer splits of the major professional leagues receive.

Now LoL is among the five most popular eSports disciplines. The game stands out for graphics, active gameplay, and a variety of characters, each of which has not only individual class abilities but also a well-developed story. This is one of the reasons why players bet on LoL in bookmakers and exchanges specializing in eSports.


One of the majors in the development of the game as a cryptocurrency eSports betting discipline was the appearance of the simulator at prestigious tournaments. The series is developing rapidly: the scale of tournaments, the number of professional players and amateurs, the amount of prize money, and the number of bets on these competitions are growing.

Concluding a bet on an eSports match, it should be remembered that here the status of the team or the names of the players are not the main factors for the victory of a player – the determining will be the skill of gamers. To successfully bet on this discipline, you need to follow eSports, watch recordings of matches and streams, understand the intricacies of competition regulations and know the mechanics of the game itself.

It is a very skill-based game. The only RNG here is whether the game will bug out or something.

Rocket League

Racing and sports simulators are firmly in the eSports cryptocurrency betting industry. Rocket League became a new word and a real breakthrough. Teams of three players control racing cars, but all this takes place on the football ground, and the main goal is to score goals in someone else’s goal. Also, the developers managed to add special modifications to basketball and hockey. Dynamic and incredibly colorful discipline quickly gained popularity, but bookmakers began to look at it recently.

Rocket League is also a highly skill-based game. You need to concentrate on your abilities a lot and do everything to beat other players.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a popular computer game with weapons, where four players join the team and demonstrate not only their accuracy but also strategic abilities.

The popularity of this eSports discipline on the best eSports Bitcoin betting sites is evidenced by international level tournaments on Call of Duty, in which the size of the prize pool can reach up to several million dollars. Even in regional leagues, the prize pool is tens of thousands of dollars, and a lot of players make bets on this discipline. As a rule, Call of Duty competitions can be watched in real-time not only on YouTube but also in bookmakers, most of which, along with traditional sports offer to bet and on eSports disciplines.


RNG stands for Random Number Generation. These games are a bit more unpredictable. It’s when a randomly calculated event could seriously affect the way a match goes.

When we talk about such a game the first one that comes to mind is PUBG. You do not have an idea when you will land, what ammunition will be there and how it will change the gameplay. Because of that, these games have some RNG elements in them that affect eSport BTC bets opportunities for players as well.

Of course, it does not mean that nothing depends on a player. The latter should try its maximum to beat other players and thus get the upper-hand.


Although most people say that Fortnite is a skill-based game, there are still game-changing amounts of RNG. For example, when you jump out of the bus, there’s always a different chance of what loot you will get, or whether a lot of people are jumping wherever you’re jumping. It’s a lot of RNG that can change how the match goes. A good player can get bad weapons and lose to a bad player who got good weapons.

People who make bets in crypto casinos on this game should pay attention to these factors.


Hearthstone is a strategy, where each gamer chooses the tactics of fighting. The draw determines the right of the first move, the players compete against each other. The result of their fight is unpredictable when it comes to bets on the pre-match games hearthstone. In Bitcoin live eSports betting, you can already bet on the outcome of the Hearthstone match with a greater chance of winning.

Strong deck cards usually mean the preponderance of the forces and the rapid destruction of the enemy. However, if the gamer properly disposes of his deck and applies the right strategy, he can hold out for a long time and even win.

It is the most RNG-based eSport in the world. Nothing compares.

Crypto eSports Betting Sites – Handbook

Choosing an eSports betting site could become complicated not only in traditional bookmakers but also in their crypto counterparts. This trend is something that is still developing. Even though we see a lot of traditional betting websites that come into visibility, for crypto websites this is something that is gaining a foothold recently.

To choose a relevant crypto sportsbook users should pay attention to several factors. First, it is provably fair that ensures fairness of games. The next one is a variety of eSports. The more disciplines – the better. The final one is a possibility of betting options, where players can choose between different options.

Provably Fair

Provably fair is a technology that you will see in Bitcoin gambling mostly. This technology makes it impossible to deceive the player from the casino. You no longer need to doubt the integrity of the results of each game. Whatever game you play, you can be sure that the result will be fair and accurate, given that its honesty is provable and most importantly verifiable.

To check if your last bet was fair, go to the online SHA512 generator, copy the initial server and customer number, and you’ll get the SHA512 hash result. Then convert the symbols from the settling to the decimal ones on two numbers. On eSports Bitcoin betting site operators provably fair is something you will meet frequently.

If the decimal score ends at 0 to 37, that figure is a fallen number. If the number is more than 37, the step is skipped, and we will convert the next set from hexing to decimal until we find the correct number (0-37).

Variety of eSports

eSports is a discipline of various nature and complexity virtually. Now there are a huge number of eSports disciplines for all tastes and colors. Types of eSports do not have an official definition, but conditionally they can be divided into the following:

  • Shooters (Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Point Blank)
  • Strategies (Dota 2, League of Legends, Starcraft 2)
  • Fight (Mortal Kombat, Tekken)
  • Simulators (FIFA, Project CARS)

When we are talking about crypto eSports betting sites that offer bets with Bitcoin, the diversity of eSports is one of the key characteristics. The more possibility for a player – the better. Because of that, a lot of betting websites try to come up with maximum options, when it comes to eSports betting.

Variety of Betting Options

Betting options are different from casino to casino. While most of the time you will see opportunities as a result, there are other options as well.

Betting on the outcome is without a doubt the most popular one. This is a bet where two teams are competing against each other and the player should decide how the match will end. Looking at statistics is helpful here.

You should also pay attention to eSports betting cryptocurrency to the future winner of the tournament. This is the kind of bet that a lot of players tend to be used actively.

Some bookmakers also have the opportunity of betting on kills. For example, when the first kill will take place, or how many of them will end up being killed.