Betting Sites That Have Bitcoin Soccer Wagers

Soccer is without a question the most popular type of sport in the world and cryptocurrencies paved a way for establishing Bitcoin soccer betting sites. The game which appeared a long time ago in England ended up conquering almost all countries. Nowadays it is impossible to think of a country that does not follow soccer.

Do not know where to start? Here we have created a list of the best BTC soccer betting sites online. These websites have already proved their reliability and authority offering incredible bonuses and a diverse line of Bitcoin soccer betting. Find out more below and start betting right now!

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With the development of online betting, soccer has become an irreplaceable sport for punters. Undoubtedly, this sport has the most followers when it comes to bookmakers and the possibility of betting options is vast. Predicting the outcome of soccer events is always difficult. Nevertheless, betting on soccer is a favorite activity for punters.

Soccer bets are gaining popularity, and the bookmakers offer matches of almost any championship or league. Odds are pleasantly attractive because the bookmakers allow you to instantly place your bet on the match.

There are numerous leagues in the world, however, the top 5 leagues in Europe stand out from the rest. People mostly place bets on La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and Premier League. Although minor leagues tend to be popular among some players.

Bitcoin betting on soccer offers incredible advantages. First of all, the transactions with Bitcoin are faster – in case of the winnings, the money can be withdrawn instantly. Furthermore, your privacy is protected with cryptocurrency. When you are making bets, your identity is revealed, while Bitcoin eliminates this possibility. Also, chances to seize maximum winnings because of Bitcoin’s volatile nature are increased.

When we are talking about BTC bookmakers, soccer is the first option. If there is a bookie, then it will feature soccer for betting. Compared to traditional betting sites you will not notice any big difference. The odds are practically the same. The opportunity of in-play betting is present.

What Can You Bet on Soccer With BTC?

There are quite a lot of events that can happen during a match, but some of them are more popular to bet on than others. Besides the standard option of betting on winning or losing of a particular team, other options also include total goals, number of cards, and handicap.

Total Goals

The bet refers to the number of goals in the match. Punters mainly bet whether there will be more or less 3 goals. If we take a look at the statistics, most people prefer betting on more goals, because there is always a chance that a team will score.

In the case of the <2.5 option, even a goalless draw in the 75th minute does not guarantee success. In cryptocurrency soccer betting when two strong equal teams are playing against each other punters anticipate that it will be a prolific match, where both will score. Looking at statistics and recent results is a key to succeeding in this option.

Odds with Bitcoin on this option are almost the same as in traditional bookmakers. For example, if <2.5 is 1.5 for regular bookmakers, crypto bookies will offer 1.48 or 1.52 – depending on the operator.


Most BTC bookmakers offer two types of handicaps European and Asian. The second one is considered to be a better one because the number of possible outcomes is reduced to two, not three, as is the case with the European Handicap.

Such bets make sense especially in the situation when we get information that the unequivocal favorite of the match is not going to beat his opponent by a huge margin (for example, because of the nearest important match in the Champions League or a huge number of injured players).

The basic explanation for the handicap on soccer betting Bitcoin sites is as follows: you bet on a stronger team you think will win by 2 or more goals. The opposite of it is betting on a weaker team a punter thinks will not lose by 2 or more goals. Depending on the strategy which a player chooses it is very individual. Looking at H2H matches is usually helpful.

Betting on Amount of Cards

The number of cards in the match is the next interesting option in soccer betting. There are such matches, in which it is known even before the referee’s whistle that there will be a massive “confrontation” and a lot of fouls. This type of betting is recommended by more experienced players who have a great knowledge of soccer.

What to look for when placing such bets? On the history of direct matches, players, fans, or coaches (sometimes the atmosphere is fueled already at the pre-match press conference). The next factor in a Bitcoin soccer bet on the number of cards is the atmosphere in the stands of a stadium. The more heated spectators are – the tougher will be the match. There is also a referee who can show a lot of yellow and red cards to players even for the slightest foul.

Usually, BTC soccer betting sites offer the amount depending on a match’s status and which players are featured.

Betting on the Outcome

Betting on the outcome of a match is one of the most popular and understandable types of bets, which is divided into a single outcome and a double. The essence of a single one is clear from the name – the player puts the bet on the win of the first (1) or second team (2) or the draw (X).

In this case, the chances are not difficult to predict with good knowledge of the teams and their squads. On BTC soccer betting sites the double outcome of the match is a bet with reinsurance but has the lowest odds. Betting on a double outcome of the match includes the win by one of the teams (12). Betting on wins or draws of either team is also possible (1X, X2).

It should be noted that this option is without a question the most prevalent one in betting sites. It is much easier to predict the result considering teams’ results and form.

Choose the Best Soccer Betting Site – How-To

Choosing a good soccer betting site could be tough sometimes because there are a lot of criteria that need to be taken into account. First of all, the reliability and experience of the bookmaker is essential – how long it has been internationally and what success it managed to achieve.

Fair and open odds of winning is also something that players should pay attention to. It should follow the general standard of Bitcoin soccer betting and does not deviate from it.

The more leagues the better. Punters like when they are not limited in choice and can bet on numerous leagues, with a huge variety of betting options.

Provably Fair

Provably fair is a technology by cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies that eliminate the possibility of fraud by casino players or operators. You don’t have to worry about losing because of unfair games. In any game you play, you can be sure that the result will be honest and accurate because online casino platforms can be honest. Both parties, operators, and participants contributed to the randomization, which in turn ruled out a small possibility of deception or fraud. Fair play can use cryptocurrency algorithms to prevent randomness without manipulation.

While this technology is not incorporated into soccer betting the way we have described it here, on soccer betting sites that accept Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptos fair and open odds of winning are key to reliability. The bookmaker must make sure that the winnings are given to players on time and there are no problems regarding withdrawing them. Also, provided odds should be adequate.

Variety of Leagues

One of the biggest mistakes that most BTC bookmakers make is the limited choice in leagues. Several bookmakers in their line of betting only include popular leagues and championships while small tournaments are sometimes ignored.

While the top 5 leagues (Spain, England, Italy, France, Germany) are present on every website, for example, bookmakers might not offer bets on minor divisions, when they are played in the absence of major leagues. If the bookmaker accepts bets on minor leagues, this is a strong argument in its favor.

Players should always choose the bookmakers in which the line contains as many leagues as possible. When you bet on soccer with Bitcoin you might prefer low-tier leagues. Some people know better how to make money by betting on minor leagues and they do not even bet on major ones. Because of that, always go for the BTC bookmaker, which will offer a variety of leagues.

Variety of Betting Options

It is optimal when in addition to major odds there is also a wide choice in the line of betting. It is always interesting to choose a bookmaker that diversifies betting options and not limits itself to bets on only outcomes or total.

Besides betting on the result and total goals, players can also place bets on statistics, including corners, cards, shots on target. For punters who are focused mostly on statistics, these options are favorable.

Best Bitcoin soccer betting sites should feature the possibility of live betting. Even though most bets are made before the starting of a match, live betting also makes sense. The situation can turn upside down quickly, so a person may want to place a completely different bet.