Play Baccarat on Crypto Casinos

Baccarat is a table game that tends to be incredibly attractive for gamblers from all over the world, but today it seems like Bitcoin baccarat is rapidly gaining popularity. With the integration of blockchain ledger into the online gambling market, casino sites started to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method and designed plenty of games that can be played with Bitcoins. Baccarat is one of the most widely played games among them.

Today there are so many great Bitcoin baccarat gambling sites where you can play different versions of this game and get plenty of benefits. But if you are not sure which online casino is the best option for you, just check the list of the most amazing crypto casinos below and choose the one that is most suitable for you! We examined all the available operators on the internet that provide crypto baccarat options and revealed the most reliable ones between them. So, read our reviews, click “Play Now” and enjoy your game!

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Baccarat is a simple table game that is considered a game of chance. This means that whether you win or lose in this game, the outcome is mainly determined by your luck. The gameplay is quite easy. The main idea of either crypto baccarat or regular baccarat is to score points as close to 9 as possible. Getting exactly 9 points is the best option for winning and making the dealer go bust. However, if you have more points than the dealer in a single round, you will still win. But keep in mind that you should not exceed 9 points in order not to lose. That is the entire process of this cryptocurrency casino baccarat game.

However, when it comes to betting, it is not as straightforward. You can bet either on the hand of a banker/dealer or your hand. Therefore, in this case, if the banker wins, you still have a chance to be paid. Generally, the banker will pay 95% of your wage if you have bet on their winning.

Online casinos usually provide many different types of Baccarat. The three most popular baccarat variations today are Punto Banco, Chemin, and Banque. Therefore, casino operators always try to have these games in their libraries. However, some of them have even more baccarat versions. The thing that makes BTC baccarat special compared to regular one is that in this case you place your bets using cryptos. As a result, the transactions are more convenient, and, you have a chance to end up in greater winnings.

Top 3 Baccarat Types

Just like other table games such as blackjack or roulette, crypto baccarat also has plenty of variations. Players today seem to be enjoying both traditional and classic baccarat games, as well as more modernized versions. The most popular types of baccarat are the following:

  • Punto Banco (a.k.a. North American Baccarat)
  • Banque (a.k.a. “à deux tableaux”)
  • Chemin (or Chemmy)

Punto Banco

Bitcoin baccarat sites usually offer Punto Banco games as it is one of the most popular variations of this table game. Punto Banco is an Italian phrase. “Punto” translates as a player and “banco” means a banker in English. The name of this game describes the entire process of gameplay – Punto Banco is a competition between a banker and a player. This baccarat variation has been around for decades already. It is still one of the most frequently played games at land-based casinos in the USA, Australia, or Europe. The game was first introduced in Argentina, but it quickly spread across the world and became one of the most beloved games in the history of gambling.

One of the reasons why players often prefer Punto Banco is that unlike other variations, here the casino is not involved financially. The main aim is to bet against the dealer, no matter you play an online version or live dealer baccarat BTC. The gameplay is similar to classic baccarat games – players should reach nine points or closest to nine before their opponent does. But with Punto Banco, there are different betting limits and some strategies that are specifically created for this game. The average house edge for Punto Banco is 5%.


Chemin is the most popular version of online baccarat. By introducing a crypto version of this game, it became even more frequently played by online gamblers. Chemin de Fer, also known as Chemmy includes six decks of cards. Players in this game are generally seated across an oval shape table and are betting on themselves to win. Unlike other types of baccarat, where they can place bets on a banker as well, here you can wager only on your outcome. The value of cards and hands is like regular baccarat.

Chemin is considered as a BTC baccarat variation of Punto Banco but the main difference is that in this game you are competing against other players and not the dealer/banker. Also, sometimes a player can change their hand by using the strategies of hit or stand. The minimum number of players that are required in Chemin is 8. Maximum 12 players are allowed to be seated around the table. The cards in this game have the same values as in other forms of baccarat. 2-9 numbered cards are worth their face value, Aces are worth 1, and 10, J, & K are 0. Joker cards are not used in this Chemin baccarat.


Baccarat Banque is also referred to as “à deux tableaux” which translates from French as “with two tables”. As the name suggests, this game is using two tables. Banque involves two hands of the player, one at the first table and the other at the second. The Bitcoin live baccarat dealer plays against both hands of the player at the same time. This variation of baccarat is common in land-based casinos of France and other EU countries. The game was originally introduced in France, but it quickly became popular in the United States as well. Today the top crypto gambling sites offer BTC versions of Baccarat Banque and allow players to place their bets using various digital coins.

Banque involves 10-16 players that are seated across two tables. The dealer sits in the middle of them and divides the table into right and left ones. Another difference from Chemin de Fer or Punto Banco is that this game is played with only 3 decks of cards instead of the traditional six or eight. When it comes to dealing with the cards, there is a small difference as well. In this online casino baccarat game for BTC, there are usually two hands of players – one at the first table and the other one at the second. On the contrary, in other baccarat types, the hands dealt are one for the banker and one for the player.

Most Common Bitcoin Baccarat Strategies

Although baccarat is a table game that is mostly based on your luck and, not your skills, it is particularly important to have a strategy while playing this game. Gamblers have designed lots of different strategies for effective gameplay. To avoid getting more points than 9, it is better to choose the most optional strategy between the following three most common baccarat techniques:

  • Trend Switch
  • One-Sided
  • Break the Doubles

Trend Switch

Trend Switch is one of the most practical strategies of baccarat games. According to this technique, the law of large numbers is not important at all. This strategy suggests that there are certain trends when the banker is winning in this Bitcoin casino baccarat game and the ones when the player is winning. By using this strategy, players alter their bets to stay with winning trends. Baccarat contains four basic trends:

  1. Trend Switch Treatment
  2. Zigzag Zone
  3. Streaky bankers and players
  4. Hovering State

With this strategy, players combine different trends. And if they lose three-time, then they switch to other trends in order not to end up on a losing strategy.


The one-sided strategy of baccarat is another effective way to play this casino game. The name of the strategy explains it all – a player places a bet on one side – player or banker. Generally, there are three possible bets in this game – on a player, a banker, or a tie. If you choose this strategy, then you will be focused on only one from the available three. The main purpose of this possibly best Bitcoin baccarat strategy is that it allows the player and the banker to take advantage over time and give overall odds of 4:1 at the end of the game.

Break the Doubles

Break the doubles is one of the most popular strategies for BTC baccarat players. The whole idea behind this strategy is to wager on opposite sides until you run into a double streak. Therefore, using “Break the Doubles”, players bet on the player and the banker alternately in the following way: P B P B P B and so on. This pattern continues until you achieve your desired outcome. However, keep in mind to realize the trends and change them from time to time.