Play on the Best US-friendly Bitcoin Casinos

Gambling has always been a subject of interest in the United States and with the appearance of Bitcoin, crypto gambling in the USA has also gained popularity. The rapid and ubiquitous market of gambling in the global network could not help but touch such a well-known country in gambling as the United States of America. It is a topic that frequently comes to the surface and has been debated widely. Step by step the United States started legalizing gambling in different states and the emergence of Bitcoin has complicated this matter significantly.

Not sure where to start gambling online? Here we have compiled a list of the best US-approved BTC casinos which you should try out. These online BTC casinos over the years have proved to be reliable and safe providers, offering customers a huge number of bonuses and different games. Start gambling right now!


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In general, Bitcoin is not recognized as a legal tender in the United States. In simple words, digital coins should be registered within the country’s database. As for gambling, federal laws and particular regulations of individual states often confront each other. According to federal law, there are almost no records that would restrict gambling over the Internet. It is legal federally, but due to how the US is structured, not all states allow gambling and bitcoin online casinos in the USA. Because of that people are often confused, not knowing where they should discover the proper information.

There are 50 states in the United States and all of them have different regulations when it comes to Bitcoin and online gambling. At the present moment only Delaware, New Jersey, Nevada, California, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania allow online gambling. Discussions about legalizing gambling in other states have circulated over the years.

However, the legal framework is different for betting in the United States. Compared to gambling there are a lot more states where betting is considered legal. Generally, when it comes to gambling and betting with Bitcoin people should consider two things: if online betting is restricted where you live and Bitcoin is also prohibited as a method of payment, then you will be unable to engage in betting. Otherwise, you are completely free to keep on playing as long as there are no specific regulations regarding bitcoin casinos for USA players from state to state.

How Does Online Gambling Work in the US?

In the United States, there has already been experienced in restricting gambling, which resulted in the criminalization of all gambling-related establishments, but lack of influence on the popularity of them. Therefore, online casinos were approved in the United States but received quite severe restrictions of their activities, which, nevertheless, did not affect the state of the gambling business, because the management of such resources was enough to transfer their activities to other states, which from a legal point of view gave them freedom from the obligation to follow the laws of the United States.

US-friendly bitcoin casinos exist online only. It is possible to notice that many gambling venues have their resources on the Internet, where anyone can take part in games using demo accounts, i.e., without investing real funds. On the one hand, it may seem irrational from the point of view of the budget of such casinos. Such demo games have become a very serious advertising tool, additionally motivating the player to visit terrestrial gambling establishments.

Of course, the competition on the Internet is much wider than among brick-and-mortar casinos but it is much more pleasant to spend time playing an online copy of a popular and reliable casino.

It should be noted that laws in the United States are quite different when it comes to gambling. For example, it’s enough for you to cross the border and go into the USA state Nevada where you can immediately start bitcoin gambling. This is an interesting point, and the same fact applies to gambling with Bitcoin. It might not be legal in one state but after you are in a state which recognizes Bitcoin gambling you are good to go.

Most online casinos prefer their mobile platforms but also provide desktop versions. It can be said that they are paying a lot of attention to their product and want it to be equally tailored to clients’ needs.

Things to Know about BTC Gambling in the US

BTC gambling has become exceedingly popular not only in the United States but also in the rest of the world. People, especially newcomers, do not pay attention to various details that exist in this field. There are 3 moments which we can talk about: taxation of gambling, capital gain tax, and acceptance of different coins on USA crypto casino sites.

Gambling is Taxed

The topic of taxes in the United States remains relevant from year to year. In the field of online gambling, questions about tax liabilities are also relevant for both operators and players. Taxation of gambling in the US 245.

If you win a large amount, the player must receive a tax form. The Internal Revenue Service, in turn, also receives it, so when concealing the fact about winning a player can wait for the consequences in the form of audits and fines.

Control of the movement of gaming tools: consciousness is mandatory and personal.

Local players often keep diaries, where they contribute detailed data about the amounts won and lost, as well as information about sessions at tables and buy-ins.

In the online poker segment, which is legal in several states, this task is greatly simplified, as all the data can be checked on your account. At the same time, Bitcoin gambling in the United States requires payment of taxes, even if the site is in another country. It is also known that online gambling is not regulated in some states.

If you win, you will partially deduct your gambling losses. To do this, the loss data is reported separately from the total gain.

It is noted that for the IRS, which is not a law enforcement agency, there is no significant difference in the types of gambling. Also, for the American justice system, there is no difference in where a person has won – in illegal or in legal gambling institutions. Proceeds from an illegal operator are also required to be included in the declaration.

The income of active gamble participants in the USA crypto casino sites may be taxed on self-employment and involve possible quarterly settlement payments. As part of the tax reform, a new requirement has emerged: players will no longer be able to deduct business expenses beyond net income from rates.

Capital Gain Tax

In the United States, capital gain tax is a personal and corporate income tax levied on realized capital gains.

Capital gains are mainly derived from the sale of stocks, bonds, precious metals, and property. Capital gains are recognized when assets are sold at a higher price than they were paid at their purchase, or when they produce additional value, such as interest or dividends. Capital gains tax is levied only on the difference between the current and initial value.

Not all countries have capital gains tax, different countries have different rates of tax, and these rates may vary depending on whether the person is physical or legal.

Cryptocurrency US casino gambling still counts as “making” bitcoins so it’s likely that the capital gain tax will apply as well. Rates are between 20-37%

Not All Coins Are Accepted

In the world, there are more than 2000 cryptocurrencies, and their number is only growing. Of course, it does not mean that online crypto casinos accept payments in all of them. Roughly 10 cryptocurrencies are considered the ones, which you can use for gambling.

The United States is no exception. The USA does have some issues with several coins, XRP being one of them. Five digital coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash are accepted on almost all crypto casinos, but rare ones are sometimes omitted. For example, you might not find Monero as an option, even though it is a popular cryptocurrency in other industries. In some cases, there is even no point in adding these cryptos on casino sites, as people have no idea about them and likely will not start gambling. Don’t expect to see every single coin available for gambling in US casinos. Depending on a policy of a particular crypto casino in the United States, it may have a wide variety of options available but that’s not always the case.

Does US Law Allow Casino Bonuses?

Bonuses and online casinos cannot be discussed separately. They both are strongly intertwined with each other. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to win a competition in the field, which has a lot of participants, constantly coming up with unique bonuses.

The US Law allows online casino bonuses which is beneficial. Some countries allow online gambling but don’t allow bonuses. Canada is a prime example. Even though online gambling is considered legal, bonuses are not allowed.

What types of bonuses can I get in the best BTC casinos for US players? Most likely you can get three types of bonuses: Deposit Bonus, No Deposit Bonus, and Free Spins Bonus. Let’s have a look at each of them.

No Deposit Bonus

This one is rare in US crypto casinos. No deposit bonuses are bonuses that are given to the player’s account in an online casino without making a deposit. Registration is enough to receive such a generous offer from a casino.

No deposit bonuses in online casinos are the most tempting type of bonuses. They do not depend on the amount that the player puts on a deposit or puts in the game. Typically, their size ranges from $1 to $100 – this is individual.

To receive such an offer the client needs to register on the site of the online casino. Sometimes you need to enter the bonus code or contact customer support which will reward you with this bonus.

Some Bitcoin casino US sites offer their customers special codes. They are usually provided as exclusive bonus elements to those players who have fulfilled certain conditions: becoming participants of the promotion, installed a special mobile application, got into the top players, etc. Especially good bonuses are received by high rollers.

A typical free play bonus is one version of a no deposit bonus. Instead of a small amount of money that can be used whenever you want, the free play bonus provides a much larger amount for the game (about $1,000 or more).

However, the use of these funds is given a limited amount of time: the player can have only 30 minutes or an hour to make the most of their bonus money, otherwise unused funds will be zeroed.

To access such an offer, once again you need to create an account on the casino’s website.

Deposit Bonus

The first deposit bonus, which is usually considered on USA Bitcoin casinos, is a bonus for registration. Its other name is a welcome bonus (registration bonus) as well. In casinos with a reliable reputation, this form of deposit bonus is quite common. The registration bonus is in the form of a cash amount and usually makes up 100% of the first deposit. Under the terms of the casino, the amount of the first deposit has a minimum and maximum size. Some gambling establishments may accrue bonus points on a player’s account, which in the future may be exchanged for something significant.

The difference between land-based casino bonuses from online casinos is that bonuses are easier to win back or do not need to be re-won at all, using them for betting.

Deposit bonuses are the most common type of bonus that is given to the player for the first or regular deposit of money into the account. On Bitcoin casinos in the United States, this can be both a fixed amount and a certain percentage of the payment.

Casinos also have different ways to contribute. Methods of replenishment of deposits in a casino site may differ depending on the legislation of the country. The speed of withdrawals will also vary based on the jurisdiction of the state.

When it comes to deposit bonuses it should also be noted that this bonus can also come with second, third, and subsequent deposits. At the same time, there are wagering requirements, which players should take into account in advance to make the money “withdrawable”.

Free Spins Bonus

This is usually a part of the deposit or no deposit bonuses. Very rarely does a casino offer this separately.

However frequently this bonus comes with no deposit bonus. The promotion can only apply to certain slot machines. Thus, the player is limited in the choice of the game on the best Bitcoin casino for USA players, but in the end, he or she can still win real money.

Like the bonuses described earlier, these offers have similar limitations, including the maximum payout limit and certain betting requirements. Of course, the chances of winning a certain amount of money in playing crypto slots are high, but even after winning some money, they need to be wagered. Usually, the wagering requirement in US online crypto casinos varies between 30-50.

Free spins can also be awarded exclusively to players who are wagering large bets. The number of free spins can start from 10 and can feature 100 spins even.

Which Games do US Gamblers Play Most Often?

The United States has always been famous for gambling and is sometimes a synonym of casino games. They invented a lot of games, which can be played in modern online casinos. On top Bitcoin gambling websites in the USA provides you will come across numerous games. With time live casino games have also become a popular option for players.

If we look at the statistics, players from the United States tend to be choosing blackjack, poker, and slots more frequently over other games. Let’s have a look at these games. The appearance of Bitcoin fueled the creation of games where you can also play with different cryptocurrencies.


Blackjack is by far one of the most popular card games played in many casinos. This is a game that has a long history and perhaps a second prominent card game after poker. Even though a lot depends on luck in blackjack, still the players need to calculate everything and use different strategies to succeed and beat opponents. Americans invented this card game whose crypto version later became a part of the best USA Bitcoin casinos.

Before you continue your journey into the world of blackjack, you should familiarize yourself with the types of games available on online websites. This is not one type that is better than the other, as it all depends on your personal preferences, so there is a list of different types of available blackjack games.


Poker is one of the gambling card games. The history of poker goes back more than 500 years, and the game itself originated in Italy, Spain, France, and Germany. However, it was vastly different from modern poker at the time. Although the main principle of the game was saved – to collect a better combination of cards than the opponent, winning the pot.

Poker has two main goals. The first is to play a hand and win it. The game consists of several such hands-on (if the opponents have money in the bank, or the desire to play). The second – more global – is to beat the opponents at the table, knocking them one by one during the hands. This means collecting the maximum pot.

There are 2 to 10 people playing poker. In the first case, it will be a one-on-one game. Up to ten players at the same table usually gather during tournaments. Each of the players takes a seat at the table, you cannot change during the game. And only after that, the game begins.

Although Poker is mostly played in offline venues and tournaments, more and more casinos are introducing users to online versions of poker games. And in some cases, it’s pros preparing for their next tournament sitting in the lobby and practicing.


With the development of Bitcoin, the best US Bitcoin casino sites started offering crypto slots. If you classify slot machines according to regional changes, it is possible to single out American machines as a separate category. The US is known to be the birthplace of slot machines that currently exist.

America’s slot machines have pushed back all the others because they are much easier to play. This type of slot machine has been promoted in different parts of the globe.

It is interesting to know that the very first place that owned the machine was the Flamingo Hotel. It was this hotel that made slot machines available. Thus, by the end of the 1980s, machines were just as profitable as various table games. Compared to the past, machines are believed to be the reason for the emergence of more than two-thirds of online casinos and gambling establishments in our time. Of course, Bitcoin gambling in the United States would not be the same without slots.

In the United States of America, both private and public slot machines are regulated by the government. Many U.S. states managed to establish a gaming registry to manage gambling in the country. It is interesting to know that the only U.S. state that does not have special gambling restrictions is Nevada. For example, in New Jersey, slot machines are only allowed for casinos in Atlantic City. By the way, in Las Vegas gaming terminals can be located even inside the airport.

This is like the universal “most-loved” casino game in the world. So, no wonder it’s popular in the US.