What is RNG in online casinos?

September 15, 2023

Online gambling is different. New technologies allow to meet the need for security.

The games and casinos that players select should be trustworthy. Players want to be sure that the round results are fully random and not exposed to casino influence.

Random Number Generator (RNG) guarantees straightforwardness and fairness in online casino games.

It’s a ground-breaking framework that has truly advanced reasonable play.

Defining RNG

A random number generator, also known as an RNG, is a computer program that produces numbers at random. RNGs produce colossal, autonomous number groupings void of any design each moment to create a result of the game round.

They are responsible for giving a particular number from the arrangement or related numbers when asked at any time.

Although many different kinds of RNGs are available, the two most common methods for generating numbers are “true random” and “pseudo-random”.

RNGs are employed in almost every aspect of our lives, including computer simulations, security software, and statistical sampling, regardless of their method. However, we’ll be talking about how RNGs are utilized in casinos in this blog.

Role of RNG in Online Casinos

Game providers are the primary users of RNGs. Game content developers must make every effort to ensure total transparency in their offerings. Their main objective is to demonstrate that the game is impartial and does not benefit one side.

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RNG is essentially a game-included algorithm. The algorithm is housed alongside a remote gaming server run by the game provider or a third party, housing the game files. Once there, it is impossible to influence the RNG.

However, the RNG technology is also used to choose the jackpot campaign winner and produce game content. RNG generators offer flawless integrity and give players and operators a sense of security regardless of the type of jackpot run, whether local or global.

How RNG Works

Since a random number must be generated from a seed value or starting point to be truly random, the RNGs used in video and casino games are pseudo-random number generators. The current time in milliseconds is often used as the seed value in online casino games.

There are main algorithms described below on how the RNG generates results:

⭐ Seed Value: The RNG algorithm generates each result by starting with a “seed,” using it as a starting point. These seeds originate from hardware or equipment influenced by their surroundings, such as the system clock or LED light. After a seed is chosen, it is subjected to a complicated algorithm that generates multiple results.

⭐ Algorithm: A program code using the MD5 algorithm is built into a casino’s software and serves as the RNG that casinos use. It takes away the chance that games’ results can be manipulated or rigged by producing random numbers.

⭐ Entropy Sources: Data from physical processes like chaotic mathematical equations are one of the sources of entropy. The goal of using it is to obtain a rich source of erratic raw data that can be used as the building blocks for truly random numbers. By including a seed value in the entropy source, the casino also adds its randomness on top of that.

Fundamentally, physical slot machines produce random outcomes because cogs randomly land to cause the reels to spin in a particular direction. There has been a significant increase in sophistication since their creation.

The RNG calculation utilized in online casino games like blackjack, slots, video poker, and roulette runs on a non-cyclic premise. In other words, there’s no design or long-term cycle, and each result is arbitrary.

Ensuring Fairness

RNG software that is regularly audited by independent auditors is used by legitimate and reliable websites. Brick-and-mortar casinos and online gaming platforms frequently receive consulting and thorough testing services from third parties.

Slot machine

Such an approach ensures that customers who gamble at reputable land-based and online casinos have a fair and enjoyable experience.

These audits may consist of:

✅ Audits of the RNG;

✅ A review of a sportsbook, live dealers, or gambling exchange;

✅ Evaluations of games and mathematics;

✅ Reporting and verifying game payouts;

✅ Examining the pari-mutuel and lottery systems.

The integrity of the games that use random number generators depends on their security. An RNG must be fair to be used in an application, meaning each player must have an equal chance of winning.

To ensure this, Random Number Generator testing is required for online casinos. These tests guarantee all licensed casinos are fair and secure from fraud.

A betting site’s RNGs are random if it has received a fairness certification. Players can easily verify this by looking for the certification seal on their preferred gambling website, which is typically located at the bottom of almost every page.

Additionally, without going through a rigorous process and informing gambling regulators, gambling operators are not allowed to change specific machines or games. A gambling site that is found to be breaking these rules risks having its license revoked or facing a hefty fine.

Pseudo-Random vs. True-Random

Typically, we distinguish between two categories of RNG:

1️⃣ True Random Number Generator or Hardware Random Number Generator is referred to as HRNG (TRNG).

2️⃣ Using a pseudo-random number generator, or PRNG, is referred to.

The two approaches aim to generate a series of random numbers, but they do so using entirely different methods.


A mechanical process is used by a piece of hardware known as a TRNG to generate randomness. Usually, the physical device considers specific environmental indicators to produce an unexpected outcome.

The TRNG algorithm produces random numerical values by using physical phenomena made up of random elements and typically using signals. A signal can be any kind of input that can generate a measurable output.

This way, TRNG ensures that there won’t be any repeated numerical sequences or predictable results. However, gambling sites often use the PRNG due to an improved algorithm that creates long string numbers from shorter ones.


A PRNG is a software algorithm programmed to generate random numbers from a given value (or condition), also called a “seed”. The algorithm and the seed number are all the PRNG needs to generate a result; it does not require outside help.

A key that limits the variety of outcomes that generators can produce is known as the seed. It is the initial value that the hashing algorithm enters into its mathematical formulae to calculate the result. 

Even though PRNGs play on numbers, the game’s outcome is not always — in fact, it is seldom — expressed in numbers. For instance, in slots, each value corresponds to a tile with an image that, on the player screen, represents the outcome of the round. 

Due to this, we are discussing the potential for predicting PRNG results. Hypothetically (it’s barely conceivable for all intents and purposes), you’ll anticipate what combinations of theoretical “cherries and lemons” the slot machine calculation will donate if you know the seed number and the fundamental scientific guideline.

Provably Fair Casinos

Numerous online casinos provide their customers with a provably fair gaming environment. Be sure to look for the “provably fair” logo when choosing a reputable and secure online casino. Your assurance that the casino is utilizing a trustworthy and fair RNG.

The provable fairness of a casino’s RNG can be confirmed in several ways. Finding the “provably fair” seal of approval on the casino’s website is one way.

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Reading the terms and conditions of the casino, particularly the section on fairness, is another option. However, using a third-party tool to confirm the randomness of the numbers is the most trustworthy method. 

Websites like Casino Verification Service and The RNG Test Lab are just a couple that provide this service. You can be sure the RNG is trustworthy and fair if you use one of these services.

Misconceptions and Myths

Each gameplay has a unique random result because the RNG is not programmed to run in any particular cycle. The most common misconceptions about both online and physical casinos are debunked below.

A player wins the Jackpot right after you leave the machine because the random number generator (RNG) never stops generating numbers.

Even when the machine isn’t being played, the RNG constantly changes a new combination every millisecond. Since timing is everything, it is almost impossible for you to hit the spin button at that precise second and win the jackpot.

It is completely untrue to say that a slot machine stops paying after a significant win. Once more, every reel spin results in unique outcomes unrelated to the previous gameplay. Players view a device as “hot” when it has a string of significant wins and is likely to have a successful run of wins.

When carefully selecting one or more bonus boxes, you often miss the most significant prizes. How many times have you triggered a Bonus game and had to pick a box to reveal the number of Free Spins,

Multiplier, or cash, only to be disappointed by your choice? You can stop berating yourself because the outcome is already predetermined by the random number generator (RNG), and your selections are essentially meaningless as soon as you press the play button.

Hitting the Stop button on a Slot changes the outcome of the game – If a player stops the reels and lands a generous win, it is purely coincidentally. The result remains unchanged if the reels are stopped.


Gambling websites wouldn’t be well-known or receive any attention without RNG. Random number generators guarantee that online casino games are always entirely fair.

Another benefit of RNG is that it frees software designers from worrying about the outcomes and lets them concentrate on the graphics, animations, and unique bonus features.

You can enjoy RNG games with confidence that the results are truly random and that you have a fair chance of winning as long as you play at an authorized and regulated casino site.

With Random Number Generators, online casino players can be sure of their decisions while playing casino games, as this technology confirms the provable fairness of the casino provider.