Crypto Craps

The demand for Bitcoin casino craps in the online gambling market is rapidly increasing. Craps is a traditional table game that has been played in a land-based casino for so long. It is one of the most common games of chance where players bet on the outcomes of a single roll of a dice or multiple rolls. The classic versions of craps became especially popular after World War II. This game was invented in the United States and quickly became one of the greatest gambling activities in Las Vegas casinos.

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Even though players still find craps games extremely attractive in the brick-and-mortar casinos across the world, recently online craps became even more admired. As a result, you can hardly find a great online casino that does not provide craps. Many top gambling sites have several versions of craps games in their game lobbies. Some of the most frequently played variations of Bitcoin gambling craps are High Point Craps, New York Craps, Simplified Craps, Diceless Craps, Bank Craps, Craps with Both Cards and Dice, and more.

At a first glance, the rules of Craps may seem a little bit confusing but, nothing is too difficult in this game and everything is determined by your luck. You just need to be aware of the basic rules of a certain game and choose the right strategy. After that, you will become an experienced player without lots of effort.

Today there is a tendency of adding cryptos to online casino games. The main reason is that Bitcoin and other digital coins are very favorable due to their anonymity, fast transactions, or great convenience. Therefore, most players enjoy BTC versions of online craps games. However, if you are considering playing craps with cryptos, you should know that there is no real difference between BTC craps and regular craps. The only special thing about crypto games is that you can place bets with digital currencies instead of fiat ones. This means that your transactions are protected from the involvement of third parties and the government cannot trace your gambling actions. That is the key difference, but the gameplay, rules, and common strategies remain the same. Even though craps is not the most popular casino game with BTC, currently the awareness about this game quickly raises and as a result, it may even replace some traditional casino games in the future.

How to Play Craps with Bitcoins

Craps is a game of chance that is amazingly easy to play. Considering it is a dice game, here everything depends on a roll of a dice. However, one of the most important factors about the gameplay is the number of dice objects. The more dice are available in a certain craps game, the more complex it is and therefore, more enjoyable. In this classic dice game players usually bet on the outcome of a roll of dice. Unlike other table games, craps usually include a bigger variety of bets. That is why a deep understanding of cryptocurrency craps is very essential.

Basic Rules of Craps

To take part in BTC craps games, the first thing you need to know is that generally, the game contains a standard pair of dice and the number of participants is not limited. Everybody can start the game but if several players wish to start and become “throwers”, the dealer rolls the dice, and it will be determined randomly. The game starts with the thrower rolling the dice. The numbers that will be set on the dice are crucial as they are your outcome. Keep in mind, that usually, players place bets before the dice are thrown. However, there are lots of bets available in craps games and you should be aware of them before starting to play. The only difference with BTC craps is that you should place a bet with Bitcoins.

The game is played in rounds and therefore, you can place not only one but several bets while playing crypto craps. These bets are placed at different parts of a table and each part is intended for a different bet. “Thrower”, which is also called “shooter”, is a player who rolls a dice. Whether you win or lose is completely determined by the outcome of the rolling dice. Generally, each round has a different shooter. If the first throw is a 7 or 11, then it is called a pass and the player wins. On the contrary, if the throw results in 2, 3, or 12 in total, the player loses the round, and it is called a “crap”. But he or she can continue the game and try to win other rounds. The other numbers (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) are called points and they are neither winning nor losing outcome.

Keep in mind that to play craps with Bitcoin correctly, both dice objects must be rolled by one hand, and also, a shooter must throw a dice as far as possible from the opposite sides of the table. Otherwise, it won’t be counted, and you will lose the round.

Types of Bets

Betting options with BTC craps games is one important thing that makes the process very enjoyable and diverse. There are lots of different bets available in craps and understanding each betting option is especially important to make wagers most effectively. Let’s discuss types of craps bets one by one.

◊ Pass – a pass bet or pass line bet is the most frequently placed bet in craps. Players often choose this betting option as it helps them to result in winning. Pass bet means to wager on the shooter to set a dice on 7 or 11. If the first roll doesn’t end up in 7 or 11, the pass bet will continue in gambling craps for Bitcoins until they finally get one of these two points.

◊ Place – place bet is the most basic bet in online craps. That is when a player places a bet on a roll of dice on any number before 7 is rolled.

◊ Come – come bet is another optional betting strategy. This is like a pass bet but the difference is that you can place a come bet while the round still goes on. Here as well, you will win if you get 7 or 11, and you lose if 2, 3, 12 sets on a dice.

◊ Don’t Pass – This is the opposite version of a pass bet, as the name suggests. If you place this bet, you will lose if the shooter rolls 7 or 11 but you will win on 2, 3, or 12. Here you are betting on a thrower to crap out or that he or she will make the point before seven comes out on the craps crypto table.

◊ Don’t Come – Don’t come is another famous betting option that is opposite to come bet. Here, you are betting that the thrower will crap out or not roll 7 or 11. You lose on 2, 3, or 12 but if 7 is rolled before the point number will be rolled, then you win.

Important Crypto Craps Tips

As you have probably already read, playing craps online and placing bets in cryptocurrencies is nothing overly complicated. However, there are so many strategies and techniques that can help you to increase the chances of winning. First of all, you need to understand the most common betting options and effectively place your bets. However, when it comes to crypto gambling, nobody wants to waste their Bitcoins and that is why we decided to provide important tips about crypto betting in craps. We recommend taking a great look at our online craps Bitcoin tips, memorizing them, and using them in the process of playing online craps with BTC.

Tip 1 – Make Correct Wagers

First, it would be better if you consider betting options before starting the game and determine how much you can afford. Winning the craps game depends on your luck. It’s not a skill-based game and therefore, once the bet is made, you can’t change the process of gameplay. So, try to wager only the amount of BTCs you can afford to lose. Check your crypto wallet carefully and avoid placing excessively big bets. For this, you should decide how much you can risk and never exceed this amount. Otherwise, you may end up regretting that you have placed a big bet and lose your BTCs. So, reasonable betting is one of the most important things to take advantage of craps BTC games.

Tip 2 – Use Various Betting Options

The second tip about Bitcoin casino with craps is to use as many different bets in a single game as possible. Craps is widely known for its various betting possibilities. It would be better if you understand the meaning of Pass bet, Come bet, Don’t Pass bet, Don’t Come bet, or other betting options and sue them whenever it’s the right time. Try to make sure not to stay on just one bet. To make the process of playing craps more interesting and enjoyable, you should consider placing different bets. So, change the payouts and win odds to raise the chances of winning and use the full potential of the game. According to your wagers, you can adjust the game in a way you want to and influence other players too. The opportunity to place different bets is one of the most important things that makes online craps so attractive for players.

Tip 3 – Be familiar with Craps Strategies

If you want to play crypto craps more effectively than ever before, you should do a little research and try to realize its strategies deeply. Although craps is an easy online game to play, still it would be better to get familiar with the main strategies and techniques and do not start the game if you are aware only of basic rules. The gameplay mainly depends on your luck, but you can develop a great gaming plan for increasing the chances of success. So, avoid rolling dice completely randomly and develop a strategy to predict your next movements.