Dice Crypto Casinos

Bitcoin dice gambling is becoming more and more popular in the modern online gambling industry. Dice is a traditional table game and has been around for centuries, but online dice is a relatively new activity which is why the demand for it rapidly increases. As a result, most great online casinos try to offer as many dice variations as possible. Recently, the BTC version of the traditional dice game has become even more popular. It seems like gamblers enjoy placing bets using their cryptocurrencies because of their accompanying advantages.

If you are thinking about getting involved in cryptocurrency gambling, then you are at the right place! Below we provide the list of the most advantageous online casinos that you can find on the entire internet. All these casinos have cryptocurrencies in their payment methods and allow players to gamble not only with BTCs, but with several other cryptos as well, such as LTC, ETH, DOGE, XRP, BCH, DASH and more. These high-quality casinos provide dice games win BTC free possibilities for their customers. So, take your time, read our reviews, and choose the most suitable one between these top-tier gambling sites!

Best BTC Dice Casinos Listed & Rated:

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2 Coinplay https://crypto-gambling.io/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/coinplay-logo.png 80 free spins + 100% Welcome bonus up to 5000 USDT Play Now
3 TrustDice https://crypto-gambling.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/TrustDice-logo.png Free crypto every 6 hours + deposit bonus up to 3 BTC! Play Now
4 BC.game https://crypto-gambling.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/BC.Game-logo.png Get up to 20k in deposit bonuses! Play Now
5 JackBit https://crypto-gambling.io/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/jackbit-casino-logo.png 100% welcome bonus up to 100 USDT Play Now
6 Tsars.com https://crypto-gambling.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Tsars-casino-logo.png €2,000 in deposit bonuses + 200 free spins Play Now
7 Winz.io https://crypto-gambling.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/winz-logo-1.png GET UP TO $5,000 or 160 mBTC with NO WAGERING Play Now
8 Bitcasino.io https://crypto-gambling.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Bitcasino-new-logo.png The world's first licensed crypto casino Play Now
9 Crashino https://crypto-gambling.io/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Crashino-logo.png Welcome package 1000 USDT + 100 free spins Play Now
10 Fairspin.io https://crypto-gambling.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Fairspin-new-logo.png 200 TFS signup bonus wager-free + 450% bonus up to 5 BTC + 140 free spins Play Now
11 Bets.io https://crypto-gambling.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Bets.io-logo.png Up to 20% cashback every single day + up to 1 BTC bonus + 100 free spins Play Now
12 Sportsbet.io Casino https://crypto-gambling.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Sportsbet.io-new-logo.png Wager 200 USDT and get 200 free spins! Play Now
13 mBit Casino https://crypto-gambling.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/mBit-new-logo.png 100% deposit bonus up to 1 BTC + 100 free spins Play Now
14 Bitkingz https://crypto-gambling.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/BitKingz-crypto-new-logo.png Welcome package 3 000 EUR + 250 free spins Play Now
15 7bit Casino https://crypto-gambling.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/7bit-casino-logo.png 100% bonus up to 1.5 BTC + 100 free spins Play Now
16 Bitsler https://crypto-gambling.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Bitsler-logo.png Claim Bitsler Coins (BTSLR) for free + welcome bonus up to $700 Play Now

Dice games are played with a small object with numbered sides. The gameplay of each dice version includes rolling a dice. Considering that you cannot predict on which side this dice will land and what you get, it’s completely a game of chance. However, you can still calculate some probabilities depending on how many dice games are present in a game and what crypto dice strategy you use. Today online casinos provide six major types of dice games which are Hazard, Chuck-A-Luck, Craps, Klondike, Sic Bo, Banka Franceska. But on some platforms, you can also find other variations as well. If a casino accepts cryptocurrencies, then probably you will have a chance to play these games with your BTCs.

The fact that dice is one of the oldest games in the history of the world, does not prevent it from being one of the most popular casino games with bitcoins. However, some other table games such as blackjack or roulette still tend to be more popular in the online gambling market.  This game was first invented in ancient Egypt. Since that, many things have changed and today the rules of online dice are almost completely different from what was before. However, the main idea is the same even after this long time – whether you have a good Bitcoin dice strategy or not, rolling a dice determines everything.

BTC dice are nothing too different from the regular one. If you decide to take part in Bitcoin gambling, then you should know that the gameplay, rules, and entire process of playing remain the same. It is only the payment method that’s changing. So, you will just need to place bets in BTC. The rest will be like regular dice games.

Available Bitcoin Dice Types

The number of Bitcoin variations is getting more and more huge. Software developers are working hard to satisfy the needs of their customers and provide diverse choices for dice games. However, some of these dice games tend to be more popular than others. This applies to traditional versions such as Craps, and some modern ones as well. Let’s discuss the seven most popular dice games in today’s online crypto gambling market.


Craps is the most played dice game on online gambling sites. The classic version of dice is frequently referred to as craps. This game originated from ancient dice games and became the most beloved variation for online gamblers. If you have ever played dice in person or land-based casinos, probably you can easily get involved in BTC dice gambling as you already know its main rules and strategies. Craps game has one main objective – to bet on the outcome of the roll of a dice and make the right prediction. Traditional craps include two dice objects which make the game more complex and enjoyable.

Even though Craps is a pure game of chance and there is no way that you can affect the outcome, you still can place several different bets. Your wagers will be based on what combination of dice will be rolled. The game usually starts with the came-out roll. It’s the initial roll of dice by a dealer. Generally, online casinos require a shooter to make a wager before rolling dice. This makes prediction a little bit harder but it is still a lot of fun.


If you have never gambled online before, this name may seem a little bit weird. But Chuck-A-Luck is among the best Bitcoin dice games on the internet. This variation of dice is also known as a Cuck Luck, Chucker Luck, or even a Bird Cage. The game originated from England and its older version was referred to as a Sweet Cloth. As the anime suggests, the game involves a special hourglass-shaped wire cage that can rotate. Players need to place their bets inside this cage. The layout has the numbers 1 to 6 for wagers. However, in the online version of this game, there is no wire cage, only a virtual one.

Chuck-A-Luck players can place their bets on numbers from 1 to 6. After that, a dealer rolls the dice, pays the winners, and keeps other stakes. The amount they are paid changes according to how many dice objects their number came on. For example, if your number came up on one dice, then you will be paid at odds of 1 to 1. But if your Bitcoin dice game number appeared on two dice, then you will be paid at odds of 2 to 1. The same strategy goes on. Generally, the house edge of this game is something close to 7-8%.


Klondike is one of the most enjoyable online dice games today. It is a little bit different from classic dice games, which makes it even more attractive. The game was first introduced in North America, but it quickly spread to the rest of the world. The game is called after a beautiful region of Canada. This game is even more complex compared to Chuck-A-Luck and Craps as it includes 5 six-sided dice. Klondike looks a lot like the Poker Dice game because here as well players need to roll certain combinations of dice to win. However, Klondike has fewer combinations compared to Poker Dice and the rules are slightly different as well.

Klondike has one of the best Bitcoin dice game faucet opportunities. However, this game is more frequently played by experienced gamblers than beginners because having 5 dice in the game reduces the chances of making the right prediction. The game starts with the banker who rolls the dice. Only one single throw of a dice is possible. A player needs to get more than a banker for winning. Otherwise, even if he or she gets equal to the bankers, they lose. Here are possible winning combinations in this game in ascending order:

  • One pair
  • Two pairs
  • Three-of-a-kind
  • Three-of-a-kind and a pair
  • Four-of-a-kind
  • Five-of-a-kind

One (or Ace) is the highest number in this game. The rest dice numbers are usual, ranked from highest to lowest.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo dice is especially common for Asian gamblers. The name “Sic Bo” translates as “Dice Pair” and is pronounced as “See Bo”. The weird fact about this crypto dice game is that even though it is called Dice Pair, the game includes three dice objects. Sic Bo originates from China and is also called Tai Sai (Lucky dice) and Dai Siu (Big-Small). It is a dynamic game that is widely appreciated by craps and roulette lovers. Sic Bo has been developed according to Grand Hazard and Chuck-A-Luck games, meaning that if you are aware of the rules and strategies of these games, you will easily understand Sic Bo as well.

Players can place various bets in this game. The easiest possible bet is on the three dice in total. However, keep in mind that the payouts of each bet are different. If the probability of a bet is lower, then the payoff is higher and vice versa. A great part of top crypto gambling sites provides live dealer versions of Sic Bo. This means that you can take part in a Bitcoin casino dice that is streamed from a real gambling facility and interact with dealers in the process of playing.


Hazard is one of the most famous dice games in the world. Considering that dice is a very hazardous game, this name is not weird at all. The hazard dice game is also referred to as Grand Hazard. While “Grand” means “Big”, the word “Hazard” derives from an Arabic al-zahr which means “die”. The history of Hazard Dice goes back to the 13th century. Back this time, it was especially popular in medieval Europe. However, the game quickly spread to the rest of the world.

The rules of this game are similar to Chuck-A-Luck and Craps. Hazard contains two six-sided dice and is played by any number of players. The game can be started by any player. However, if two or more wish to start, they roll the dice, and the one that gets the highest number starts the Bitcoin dice game free. In some versions of this game, players can compete against each other but in some French and English versions of this game, players can gamble against the house. Today there are a lot of great online versions of this game available that can be played by cryptocurrencies.

Banka Francesca

Online dice is an immensely popular gambling activity for Portuguese players. They even have their special dice variation which is called Banca Francesa. The name of this game translates as “French Bank”. Therefore, players in this game compete against a bank. Because this game is similar to Baccarat, it’s especially beloved for those who enjoy playing Baccarat variations.

The game is played with three dice objects. Accordingly, there are three pebble betting options: Big, Small, and Ace bets. Big bets are the sum of these three dice (14, 15, or 16). Small bets on crypto dice sites can be 5, 6, or 7. And Ace bet can be only one dot per dice. The gameplay and rolling the dice continue until one of these results comes up.

Banca Francesca’s dice contains two possibilities of winning. First of all, players that wager on Big or Small can win even bets, just like in roulette games. Also, if Ace comes up, the players that bet on it win, but others lose. The house edge of this game is 1.6% on average. Therefore, the RTP of this game is quite favorable. Compared to Craps and other traditional versions, this dice type is a little bit rarer on online gambling sites.

Scratch Dice

And the last of the most popular dice game variations that we are about to discuss is Scratch Dice. Even though this game is not as common as Craps, Klondike, Chuck a Luck, or other variations, it’s still one of the most beloved Bitcoin dice casino games for gamblers. The gameplay of this game is nothing too complicated and as a result, it is the most attractive choice for beginners. The game is generally offered by top-ranking software brands such as SoftSwiss, BGaming, and Betsoft gaming. The game includes three six-sided dice and according to your outcome, only one single bet can be paid for.

Scratch dice is pretty much like scratch cards. The outcome is revealed in the same way as in scratch card games. The game starts with a player making a wager. After that, a player can scratch a game card to reveal the outcome of three dice. So, if you get any of these combinations 1-2-3, 2-3-4, 3-4-5, or 4-5-6, you will be able to get a Gold Ticket. Thanks to this ticket, your payouts will be more advantageous on the best Bitcoin dice site. It is especially if you place your bets in Bitcoins or other available cryptos.

Things to Know Before Choosing a Crypto Dice Site

If you are about to choose the best online casino where you can bet with cryptocurrencies, you should pay attention to some things. Today there are lots of gambling sites that claim to be reliable but are in fact scammers. That is why you should check some features of a website before registering on it and making your deposits. First, the casino must have provably fair games. Also, it would be better if it provides a mobile application or mobile-friendly platforms. The greatest crypto casinos also offer crypto faucet bonuses which are especially attractive for beginners.

Provably Fair

“Provably Fair” is one of the most frequently used phrases by casino operators. However, you should know that not all Bitcoin dice casinos offer provably fair games. Such games are designed in a way that the outcome is calculated completely randomly. It is a great advantage of online casino games because thanks to a provably fair system, you can’t be cheated on and you will be paid for what you win. Provably Fair games contain a mechanism called Random Number generation (RNG). Thanks to this device, no one can change your outcome. Even though sometimes it makes predicting an outcome a little bit difficult, gamblers that enjoy games of chance usually prefer to take part in provably fair games. So, if you want to ensure that you are gambling on an honest casino, then you should choose the one that has fair games in its game lobby.

Mobile Versions

Another thing that you should consider choosing the most optional gambling site is the availability of mobile versions. Having mobile applications is a great advantage of Bitcoin dice sites. Today many players enjoy gambling from their mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, or more. However, some online casinos are not mobile-friendly even today. So, if you cannot find anything about compatibility with mobile devices, you should look for a live chat and ask customer team members about the support of mobile devices.

The greatest software developers of the world usually produce mobile versions of their dice games. It is far more convenient because you may do not have your laptop or PC everywhere you go. So, remember that the best Bitcoin gambling sites always take care of their customer’s needs and try to make the process of gambling as convenient for them as possible.

Variety of Dice Types

One more thing that you should check before choosing a crypto gambling site is the game lobby. Generally, authoritative online casinos have a wide game selection. Also, their platform usually allows players to sort Bitcoin dice free games according to a provider, category, or use a search bar to find a specific game. Even though Dice is not a separate category on most of these online sites, you can find dice variations in the section of Table Games, Card Games, or Live Casino. The best online casinos provide more than 20 different dice games and include different versions of them. But you should also know that not all crypto sites are dice-focused, so the number of available dice games is not so numerous sometimes. However, in this case, examine the game lobby more carefully and rate the diversity of overall game selection.


Crypto faucet bonus is a quite common thing on online gambling platforms nowadays. Even though the main idea of faucets was to raise awareness about Bitcoins, today it remains as a type of free bonus. Top online casinos usually provide possibilities of a Bitcoin dice game with faucet. Unlike regular casino bonuses, where players need to meet wagering requirements, pay attention to the minimum and maximum number of deposits and withdrawals, use promo codes, and more, with BTC faucet bonuses none of these demands is necessary. Faucet bonuses can be claimed by just quick actions that do not take longer than 5 minutes. For example, you may have to watch an advertisement or solve a captcha and after that, you will be rewarded with a few satoshis or mBTCs. The most advantageous thing about these faucet bonuses is that you will get cryptos on your player account even if you do not have a crypto wallet.

Top 3 Crypto Dice Strategies

Although dice is a game of chance, experienced players developed so many great strategies that you can use to get better dice combinations. Generally, crypto dice strategies do not increase the chances of winning but by using the best Bitcoin dice strategy, the process of your game will be more fun. Today there are so many different strategies for dice games that you can use. Below we will discuss the most advantageous ones between them which are 6 & 8 Strategy, Pass and Come, and No Pass – No Come. You should find the one that suits you best and use this strategy while playing crypto dice games.

6 & 8 Strategy

This strategy is one of the most effective strategies of crypto dice games. The main reason why it’s so popular is that players can choose the numbers themselves instead of waiting for the shooter. The most common numbers of this strategy are 6, 8, and 7. However, placing your bet on 6 and 8 is more favorable because the house edge of these bets is just 1.52% on average. Generally, if players use this dice strategy Bitcoin, they stay away from wagering on other numbers because the house edge is higher in this case. It is 4% on 5 and 9 and 6.67% on 4 and 10.

Pass and Come

Pass and Come is another strategy of BTC dice that is commonly used by online gamblers. Generally, starting a game with a pass line is considered a great move because it is accompanied by a low house edge which is 1.41 on average. Using this strategy with free odds is even better because the house edge decreases if you pass the bet and then place it on odds several times. Most players that use this strategy follow their “pass bets” with two or three “come bets”. Therefore, placing Come bets after Pass ones are very favorable but you should use this strategy only with odds.

No Pass – No Come

Even though the Pass and Come is a good Bitcoin dice game strategy with odds, sometimes players prefer to use No pass- No come. It is the opposite of pass and comes. Here players bet against the shooter. The house edge of this strategy is even more favorable as it’s lower (approximately 1.35%). The best way of using this strategy is to wager on the table minimums and do not use pass and come bets one after another. By doing so, you should reach your desired wager by laying the odds.