Crypto Keno

Keno is a lottery-like game typically seen played on online casinos nowadays. Thanks to cryptocurrencies a new variation of Bitcoin keno appeared recently, which is taking the industry by storm. It is believed that Keno first appeared in China. Many artifacts of ancient Chinese origin have been unearthed that specifically mention these games.

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The rules were the following: of the 120 characters players had to mark several characters. Specks of ink were the markings at the time. The fairness of the choice was determined by the ink, so that players could not change their decisions down the line.

Twice a day, in the morning and the evening, the Emperor of China pulled out random combinations. And if the noted hieroglyphics coincided with the winning – the players received huge prizes.

Thanks to the early development of writing in China, the game has gained huge popularity among the population. After the establishment of crypto casinos, BTC keno was also created.

Today, Keno is one of the most popular games, with different variations present in almost every country in the world. If we have a look at the modern period, now more people are engaged in playing keno.

Keno is actively played in almost all online Bitcoin casinos. Here, participants unite in huge virtual game halls, get to know each other, and enjoy the game. Keno is popular among people of all ages and nationalities because for a little money you can win a fortune.

If we compare Bitcoin Keno with its regular counterpart there are no big differences. Playing with Bitcoin simply offers more chances to grab decent winnings.

How to Play Keno with Bitcoins – Explained

Playing keno with Bitcoins does not differ from the usual keno. The modern game is represented by all possible forms. You can attend it live on tv. In this case, lotteries are often designated as national. The event takes place with a certain frequency and is characterized by a significant disadvantage: the winner must give part of the winnings on taxes.

The virtual version of keno is much more profitable for a player. The tax system is still lacking in the global network, which, along with confidentiality, gives the winner the right to dispose of the prize fund at his discretion.

At bitcoin keno gambling sites another advantage of an electronic ticket is maximum informativeness. The provider reports all the details of Keno: rules, statistics, the probability of winnings for each type of bet. The final motivation to play the online lottery – draws are held more often.

Keno rules

The essence of Keno is partly reminiscent of other lotteries. In front of the player is a ticket with a certain number, which requires the cross out of the set number of positions. A significant difference creates the possibility of participating in an incomplete combination draw. A player does not have to cross out the maximum number of numbers. You can bet on a single position, a couple, etc.

How many balls participate in the draw, other numerical parameters of the lottery, determine the rules of Keno:

  • Each ticket has 80 numbers;
  • 20 balls fall out;
  • Keno participants can specify up to 20 numbers.

Only the average parameter remains stable in the various versions of crypto Keno. The total number of balls often varies. For example, in the original version of the game, 120 numbers participated. Then their number was reduced to 80. Several providers conduct a draw on the scheme of Keno-70, where the number of balls is limited to seven dozen. Depending on how many numbers you have guessed, the winning is determined. It is not necessary to guess all 20 numbers. Sometimes even 15 winnings can guarantee a decent payout.

The choice of the player is also not always limited to 20 numbers. Some varieties of Keno allow you to cross out only 15 or even 10 numbers. It is important to remember that this is the upper limit. You can mark fewer options in the ticket.

Draw scheme

The rules of the lottery can include the peculiarities of its holding. The first stage of participation in Keno is the purchase of a ticket. Bitcoin keno sites sell several variants of lottery tickets:

  • Direct – allows the only combination.
  • Separate – allows you to bet on two different groups of numbers.
  • Combined – a modification of the direct ticket, combining several options of bets, for each of which a separate fee is paid.
  • Travel – is formed in three successive stages.
  • Royal – a variety of the previous ticket.

On the last tandem of options, we can stop in detail. The ticket is filled in as follows. First, the card selects the number of groups of numbers. Next, the number of combinations is specified. The total number of bets is recorded at the end.

The royal ticket is an extended version of the ticket, which additionally marks a separate series of winning numbers.

As you can see, the simple rules of the lottery compensate for the confusing system of filling tickets. It is much easier to play Keno simulators.

It should be noted that the bitcoin keno game is slightly different in visuals. It does not mean that you will see notable differences, but the visual side is more improvised in BTC keno.

Important Crypto Keno Tips

Even though Keno is a game of chance like a lottery where little depends on a player, it should be pointed out that some tips can help players increase their chances of winning. These tips of course do not guarantee success inevitably – if it were so everybody would be using them.

Because of that, the crypto keno tips which we are going to explore below are purely designed to assist players to increase their chances of winnings.

Alan Kriegman’s System

When we talk about Keno’s tips, we cannot escape Alan Kriegman’s System. The biggest win will be the result of a coincidence of all the numbers you put on. The chances of this happening in Bitcoin keno are extremely small and are approximately one in three and a half trillion. If the entire population of the world will play keno, about 20 jackpots will be won per day. This probability is confirmed by the facts: so far no one has guessed 20 numbers.

Given the above, it is easy to conclude that no one can guarantee you a 100% victory. Alan Kriegman’s system is based on calculating the probability of winning based on the number of numbers won.

Imagine you are playing the Bitcoin keno lottery. You define numbers (from 1 to 20 pieces). If you bet on one number, you guess it with a probability of 25%, if you choose two numbers, the probability of guessing one of them becomes 38%, and the probability of guessing both are 6% in crypto keno.

You choose three numbers: the probability of guessing one – 43.1%, two – 13.8%, all three – 1.4%. With four numbers: one number you guess with a probability of 43.3%, two – 21.3%, three – 4.3%, all – 0.3%. That is, the larger the number of numbers, the higher the probability of guessing a specific number.

Play for Free

This tip can apply to all casino games. Before you move to play with real funds, it is always a good idea to test keno beforehand – by playing for fun. A lot of BTC casinos have an option of demo mode, where you can try out keno or any other fun game. With it, players can determine payouts, chances of winning, how the system works. In short, free bitcoin keno is a perfect possibility to understand what the game is about.

You can also make sure that in case something wrong happens, you do not lose your money. The practice is always necessary at first, before beginning the game with Bitcoins.

Choose Between 4-8 Numbers

This tip is also helpful for new players. Beginners believe that if they select more numbers the better the winnings. It is difficult not to agree with them because with more numbers the probability that you will get correct numbers is higher.

However, we should also note that the payout is different. For example, if you select 6 numbers and guess all 6 of them payout will be different, but if you manage to guess 6 out of 10 then there will be another payout.

If you choose numbers lower than 4, the chances that you will get the correct numbers are little, because there are 80 numbers in the bitcoin casino keno machine. So, it is better to focus on limited numbers than choose all 20 immediately. Of course, it purely depends on a player’s preferences.