April 12, 2021

Crypto CasinoFair casino is a Curacao-based company, instituted in 2019. After a whole two years since its launch, the company has attained loyal clientele. All of their games are made by themselves; they don’t use a game provider.

The allure of the company is that it’s a small blockchain casino made by and for the people.

After doing extensive research on the casino, we want you to take note of the following conditions of the establishment.

  • Promotions are only available to newcomers.
  • Per-user, one welcome box. Per IP address, one welcome box. Any household wishing

to register multiple accounts may reach out to customer service for one welcome package per household.

  • The casino can credit one welcome package to one household account only.
  • Each FunFair Wallet is allocated one welcome bonus.
  • If during the promotional period, a player’s account is suspended or closed for some reason or CasinoFair suspects a player of fraudulent behavior, the player will not be able to collect their welcome bonus.
  • The “Welcome Bonus” may be earned by all the approved countries.
  • The overall amount paid out is Nice 10,000.
  • The weekend sign-ups will collect payments on Monday morning.

CasinoFair homepage

Is CasinoFair Legit?

There are a variety of categories one should discuss when thinking about the legitimacy of any type of online company, let alone a casino. We will thoroughly discuss all the aspects we have found in our CasinoFair review.


CasinoFair is operating with Curacao Interactive Licensing issued by the government agency.

Although this license is a symbol of the prestige of the casino, it still means that players from countries where online casinos are prohibited or highly limited are unable to gamble here, including players from France, the UK, the USA, Italy, China, and the Netherlands.


FairChecker is how the company presents its open and fair gaming site. The specifics of each game round, including the amount staked, won, or lost, are shown in chronological order as they are checked by FairChecker.

When a game session has ended, the blockchain is saved with a record of the bets wagered.

Which was highly praised in the CasinoFair reviews we came across while doing our research.

Then they can be accessed on your account page at any time inside the FairChecker tool.

This past can never be altered or modified because of the existence of the blockchain. We are giving a clear and fair record of their gaming history to our players.


It is easy to check your account! you will be sent an email describing your verification code upon signing up with your email address and password.

  • Use the prompt to enter the authentication code and you will be successfully logged in.
  • You’ll need to pass a KYC (Know Your Customer) verification review before playing the “Guaranteed Fair” games on the FunFair platform to ensure that you are located in one of the countries approved by CasinoFair Casino.

You will then have immediate access to the suite of games at your leisure upon successfully submitting the required information.

Two-factor authentication provides your account with a significant security improvement. For better account security, we strongly encourage you to allow two-factor authentication. This allows you to enter a time-sensitive code when signing in. Authy, or Google Authenticator, is suggested.

If you want to use Authy or Google Authenticator

  • Go to Account > Setup > Security Configuration.
  • Press Trigger Two-factor authentication.

You will be prompted to search the QR code on your computer using the Authy or Google Authenticator application and set it up automatically.

FunFair Wallet

CasinoFair casino’s blockchain-based, non-custodial FunFair Wallet has been specifically designed to provide a seamless user experience on the FunFair platform for existing and new players gambling with FUN. With no criteria for handling confidential private keys or phrases, it’s incredibly simple to use-your funds are safe.

The wallet ensures that sign-up processes and security features are more identifiable, thus ensuring that the wallet will run on any browser and any device without the need for any plug-ins or software from third parties.

CasinoFair blog page

It’s easy to move FUN from any exchange into your pocket! Only log into your account and head to your account section-your wallet address is the first thing you’ll see. Copy the address, paste it on the exchange you’re using into your withdrawal form, double-check that it’s correct, and send it.

Games you can play on CasinoFair

CasinoFair Bonus is available in countries where a gambling license is licensed for Curacao. Unfortunately, that means that CasinoFair cannot be played by players from the United States, the United Kingdom, and others where online gambling is limited or highly regulated. They can, however, play in demo mode for free.


The Slots section offers six distinct names, all proven to be fair and produced by CasinoFair’s FunFair in-house, including:

  • Cyber Hunger, is a 20-bet line futuristic slot with a lot to show
  • Astro Wilds, a savage outer-space journey
  • Bounty on the High Seas, where your inner pirate will indulge you

CasinoFair casino games selection

Table Games

You can choose from 12 traditional table games in the casino portion of the CasinoFair Casino, all guaranteed to be fair and equally exclusive. If you’re a casino or video poker fan, you’ll be glad to discover a variety of different titles on sale.

CasinoFair casino table games

Instant Games

Instant games are by far the most eclectic portion of CasinoFair. You will find scratch cards here, a crash-like game where the fluctuations of a fictional coin are expected, and other delicious oddities.

CasinoFair casino Instant Games section

CasinoFair Bonuses: What are the options?

There is no CasinoFair deposit bonus. There are ways for you to earn FUN tokens for free, though. For example, for every friend you persuade to register and play at CasinoFair, you can get 1,500 FUN and a 40% commission!

So what are the so-called FUN tokens? Is it some kind of CasinoFair bonus code? No. They are not. It’s basically the casinos’ own cryptocurrency that you can exchange.

Welcome and Deposit Bonuses

At CasinoFair, all new players are eligible for a 200 percent Deposit Bonus.

To acquire it, one needs to follow these straightforward measures:

  • For email marketing, sign up for CasinoFair and “opt-in”
  • Deposit at least FUN 1,000 into your wallet
  • Wager at least 50% of your deposit on any of our exclusive FunFair games

And it is that! You can get up to a gross payout of 10,000 FUN. Be swift! Since this promotion offer expires within 7 days. You will earn a 200 percent deposit bonus on your account the next morning once you follow these steps!

Progressive jackpot on CasinoFair

Other Types of Bonuses

CasinoFair bonus system also provides daily promotions where dazzling quantities of FUN tokens can be collected.

  • Referrals: You both get 1,500 FUN tokens for each buddy that you persuade to sign up and wager, and you get a 40 percent fee.
  • Loyalty Bonus: Within the first two weeks, get up to 75 percent match back up to 1BTC, valid only for selected games.
  • Pleasant Deposit Fees: This means that at the end of the week, shift or MoonPay deposit fees are charged to you in FUN coins.
  • Progressive Jackpot: Play with any participating player for a weekly jackpot that grows larger.

CasinoFair does not, sadly, offer a VIP service that rewards your loyalty.

Does CasinoFair Only Support BTC?

No. It doesn’t. CasinoFair crypto casino accepts various cryptocurrencies. Here’s the list of the 6 of them.

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Edgeless tokens
  • XRP
  • Tron

These can be traded for the FUN tokens of the casino or ETH. You can use only the FUN token to play. Additionally, to pay for Petrol, you need some ETH in your MetaMask pocket.

Deposit BTC on CasinoFair – Step by Step

Depositing Bitcoin on CasinoFair is quite easy. It takes a few seconds.

  • First, sign up and then log into your account.
  • Click on the Wallet icon, which is down in the middle, where it shows how many FUN tokens you have.
  • Switch to your Bitcoin account and click on the “deposit” sign.
  • Copy the address and paste it into the payment window.

Depositing on CasinoFair

How to convert FUN into cryptocurrencies?

At CasinoFair Casino you can submit ETH to your FunFair Wallet and convert it in seconds with a newly integrated cryptocurrency swapping tool, Uniswap.

  • Go to your “Account” and choose “Buy with Crypto”.
  • Choose ETH as your Cryptocurrency.
  • Trade it for FUN, and you’re ready to play!

If you have a Crypto other than ETH, you may also choose to use Changelly. This is a different, safe, and secure cryptocurrency swap provider that supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP, TRON, etc.

You need to have an existing account with a Crypto Exchange or other Crypto Wallet to use the Changelly Swap tool in the Funfair Wallet. Please follow this method to swap your crypto to FUN token currency:

  • Log into your “Account”
  • Go to “Buy with Crypto”
  • Choose the Cryptocurrency you want to swap for FUN tokens
  • Press “Create Transaction”

By doing this process gambling sphere will create a “Send to” address. Then go to your other exchange or Wallet and send the amount of cryptocurrency that you wish to swap for FUN tokens using the “Send to” address code as you created above. The Crypto to FUN swap will take about 30 minutes or less and the FUN tokens will then appear in your Funfair Wallet.

Sign Up on CasinoFair For More Excitement

The company has a great media presence. Just within two years, they have utilized all the social media platforms for their benefit. They have actively been tweeting about their promotional offers.

The customer support team at CasinoFair is supportive and prompt to respond. On their platforms, you can contact them via mail or live chat. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alternative sources of communication include the company’s Telegram and Twitter. The website operates in English only.

However, it may be worth checking out the FAQ page before you attempt to make use of any of these choices. There’s a big chance you can find the answer there if your question is of a general kind.

When compared to other Bitcoin casinos, the looks and feels of CasinoFair are unconventional, in the best way possible. You’re treated to bright and colorful banners on a contrasting black screen, instead of the usual muted tones. CasinoFair is filled with intriguing contradictions:

  • It can be as garish as it is captivating with its vivacious design
  • With the ‘favorites’ feature, you will not have any problems finding your top games, but going back to the home page can be challenging
  • Usually, loading times are fast, but due to some pages being hosted on subdomains, the website can feel a bit clunky

As we are extremely interested in blockchain technology, we have been investigating this casino for a while now. The “Guaranteed Fair” messaging is cemented in the technologies on the CasinoFair Bitcoin casino platform. We were pleased to see that we could confirm that every game is equal and test every round to make sure that the odds are random. Try it out yourself and see.

The welcome promo we got with its introductory offer upon registering an account was fantastic. Plus, the deposit and withdrawal process is really quick as the money is always yours, it’s never the casinos. And if you are a Litecoin customer, it functions perfectly. Transactions are always easy.

Last year the game catalog was updated, and this action garnered much attention. As for the promotional initiatives, they have been getting better as the company continues to march forward. Keep an eye on this casino, it’s worth it.

This makes using the CasinoFair homepage even easier, having so many games in the lobby to enjoy. Playing table games is pure joy and the casino has a couple of them for everyone to enjoy. This is an excellent cryptocurrency online casino.

Register on CasinoFair and win the incredible jackpot!