November 24, 2021

GameArt Review – Leading Slot Game Provider in the Market

Being one of the leading game providers in the market, GameArt was created back in 2013 by a team of professionals with years of experience in the industry. Although the company is new, it managed to bring together people with extensive knowledge and understanding of the gaming world.

The games created by GameArt manage to display a very high level of experience and innovative view of the whole industry, which can be seen in every single GameArt slot created by the company.

The company manages to offer any type of gambler something that they can enjoy, which makes GameArt a perfect provider for casinos. All of the games created by the company are mobile-compatible and can be easily integrated into mobile casino platforms.

To support its worldwide expansion, the company has headquarters in numerous parts of the world including Malta, Slovenia, Serbia, and the United Kingdom. But there are many other things that GameArt does other than creating slot games.

It works very hard to create customized games and gaming platforms based on the individual interest of its clients. The company also works for VLT and land-based casinos making it a well-rounded company.

But there is more that people should know about GameArt game provider. In today’s review, we are going to discover the best games created by GameArt. So, follow our review and find the ones that fit your needs the best.

Top 5 GameArt Slot Games

GameArt is a company that does it all, which makes it a perfect game provider. The company has a very large and diverse gaming portfolio, which means that gamblers of all different backgrounds and interests can find something that fits their personal wants and needs. Below, we are going to discuss the best 5 games created by GameArt.

Dancing Lions

Dancing Lions is one of the best games created by GameArt. This 5-reel 10 pay line game offers numerous great opportunities to gamblers, which can result in high wins for gamblers. This game comes with numerous exciting and unique features.

Dancing Lions by GameArt

One of the great things about this game is the ability to win 10 free spins which can give you a great chance of winning even more money. The game was created after a famous Chinese holiday, Chinese New Year.

With this game, you can step into the very exciting world of celebration and the festive vibes make Dancing Lions one of the best GameArt games.

The design of the game is simply perfect and it features numerous beautiful symbols. The amazing gameplay and looks like no other create a perfect balance, which can be enjoyed by gamblers of all different backgrounds. In addition to all of this, the game also comes with numerous winning opportunities, taking the experience to a whole new level.

Magic Unicorn

Magic Unicorn is yet another great game created by GameArt. Available in numerous languages, this game can be a perfect fit for gamblers of all different backgrounds. Magic Unicorn offers gamblers the ability to enter a whole new enchanted world of the Magic Unicorn with numerous great opportunities including wild multipliers and numerous free spins opportunities.

Magic Unicorn by GameArt

GameArt game provider truly outdid itself with the development of this game which features amazing, high-quality symbols and great sound effects which make the game even more fun and enjoyable.

This 96% RTP game is perfect for gamblers of all backgrounds and can be very rewarding with its numerous winning opportunities. Apart from numerous winning options, the game also features amazing graphics which takes gambling to a new level.

The game truly transports players into a whole new world of magic, where opportunities are endless for further wins.

Crystal Mystery

Among the most popular GameArt games is Crystal Mystery, which is very beautiful and very well designed for gamblers of all different backgrounds. The game features numerous special symbols that further increase the chance of scoring high wins for gamblers.

Crystal Mystery by GameArt

The game takes you to mysterious and beautiful South American jungles and lets you hunt down all the mysterious crystal skulls hidden in the ancient pyramids. The game takes you to the beautiful world of Eldorado, a city where even the streets are made of gold. The game is a rather quiet game, with only a few retro sounds, giving it a special and unique vibe.

This game can be played on numerous GameArt casinos and can help you generate high wins. The looks and design are not the only things that shine through when you are paying GameArt, it also gives you a lot of opportunities for generating great wins.

African Sunset

Created in 2015, African Sunset has already become one of the classics available at GameArt casinos. The game can be a perfect fit for gamblers of all different interests as it features everything that gamblers already love and appreciate so much.

African Sunset by GameArt

The game is of very high quality and it is available in numerous languages. This low-volatility game is able to give gamblers many opportunities with its bonus rounds and free spins.

There are two scatter cards in the game that you should be waiting for: the King of the Jungle himself, wild Lion, and scatter tree symbol. Both of these are able to trigger bonus rounds with numerous free spins and opportunities to earn even higher wins.

The game stands out from the rest with its great merge of design and gameplay that creates an amazing and rewarding experience for gamblers.

Money Farm

Money Farm is a very cute and rewarding game that features several competitive rounds that make gambling a very special experience for people all around the world. GameArt slots are known for numerous opportunities to make higher wins and Money Farm is no exception as it features several free spins rounds.

Money Farm by GameArt

The game has two versions, the original Money Farm, and a newer, Money Farm 2 with additional features. For each line where chicken substitutes in a winning combination, you will win 5 free spins, giving you more chances of making higher wins.

The game also comes with a gamble option, which can further increase your money. But, keep in mind that this gamble option also increases the chances of losing the whole win, so use it wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions About GameArt

Does GameArt offer bonus games?

Yes, GameArt offers gamblers bonus games. In fact, the majority of the games created by GameArt offer gamblers different types of bonus games which can give you the opportunity to further increase your wins. The bonus games can be activated in different types of ways and it depends solely on the GameArt slot you are playing.

What Crypto Currencies are available at GameArt crypto slots?

GameArt is truly a crypto-friendly game provider, which has created numerous crypto-adaptable slots for gamblers. Online casino slots are available for numerous cryptocurrencies, which include BTC, BCH, ETCH, LTC, and many others. The company has also created games for almost all of the fiat currencies, which opens up a lot of opportunities for gamblers.

Does GameArt have jackpot slots for Bitcoin?

Although not every single game has a jackpot option, many of them do, which creates a lot of opportunities for those who are playing Bitcoin slots on GameArt. Thanks to these special jackpots, you will be able to win a lot for different types of games. Some of the games that the company has created even feature progressive jackpots.

What are the unique features of GameArt games?

The most unique thing about GameArt is the way it looks at its games. The games created by the company are not only a way to gamble, but to also enjoy the whole process. The company is full of professionals who are coming up with ideas and stories for the games that make GameArt a unique game provider.