Thunderpick Sports

April 12, 2021
Thunderpick Sports

A huge selection of sports, competitive odds and eSports are some of the main reasons why we have decided to write this Thunderpick review. Established in 2017, the sportsbook is a licensed brand offering payments with cryptocurrency only.

Since its inception, Thunderpick is aimed to provide users with maximum security and the best experience. Unlike other operators, Thunderpick is exclusively oriented on cryptocurrencies and punters have access to a safe environment. Other deposit and withdrawal options as of March 2021 are not available.

In addition to sports, players can have access to different promotions. They usually feature referrals and VIP Club. At the same time, daily rewards are available for active and loyal users.

From the most popular types of sports such as soccer, basketball, football, less popular options are also available. Players can bet on major leagues and also make predictions on minor ones. In eSports, almost all famous games are present like CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty.

The visual side of the Thunderpick bookmaker is polished and nicely designed. At the top right side of the website, you can register or log into your account. The navigation is easier, with eSports, Sports, and Games sections located next to each other.

Contacting the website is possible through live chat and email. The response is usually very swift, and the problems are solved quickly.

The bookmaker is available in 6 languages: English, Russian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese.

Is Thunderpick Legit? – License & Regulation

Thunderpick is registered in Malta and at the same time has a license from Curacao. If we consider the latter’s reputation, it is known as one of the most secure and reliable regulators. We can say for sure that the bookie is completely safe for gambling.

A lot of people, especially youngsters do not have an idea why a license is important for an online sportsbook. First, the relevant license on Thunderpick Bitcoin bookie guarantees fair and open odds of winnings. All players should be equal, and the sportsbook must not have an unfair advantage. It only affects its reputation negatively.

Furthermore, the license is helpful in resolving legal disputes. No one is ensured fully that there will not be issues regarding the account, so the regulator is a perfect possibility to resolve them.

Data privacy is another important aspect when it comes to online sportsbooks. Personal information should be stored securely, and other people should not have access to it without consent. The license ensures that the information is safe.

The license also ensures that withdrawal and deposit options are secure without complications. When you deposit funds into your account you should be able to withdraw them at any time.

Overall license is necessary and provides sportsbooks with all the necessary mechanisms to operate normally and legally. Thunderpick is a completely licensed and safe sportsbook.

Thunderpick license information

Sports You Can Bet on Thunderpick

Thunderpick currently offers over 15 sports for betting – starting from football to table tennis. The odds are decent and fine. We could have described all sports but there are way too many, so we will concentrate on the 3 most popular ones which are football, basketball, and eSports.


It is not a surprising fact that football is the most popular sport in the world. Over 180 countries have a national team of football and they compete at a professional level. Therefore, when it comes to Bitcoin betting on Thunderpick football is without a doubt the first option for players.

Bitcoin betting is no different from a regular one. In the former, you use cryptos for betting. Odds remain the same and you will notice a slight difference, which will not significantly affect the overall winning.

On Thunderpick, from the most popular leagues such as the Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, Premier League, and Ligue 1 players have an opportunity to make predictions on other less popular leagues.

Players can place bets on a single game as well as have some games in their bet slip. Live betting is also available. You might miss a particular match, but this feature enables you to place bets even after the start of the game.

Thunderpick soccer betting


After football basketball is a sport that usually takes second place in the category of the most popular sports. Two major leagues – the NBA and Euroleague are available for betting and players mostly place Bitcoins on these two.

Like in football, there is no significant difference in odds between regular betting and Bitcoin betting. If a team has 1.5 on winning, with Bitcoin betting it could be 1.48 or 1.52 – nothing too different. Therefore, the principles of betting on the Thunderpick remain the same.

Betting live with Bitcoins on basketball matches is also an option for players. Unfortunately, you cannot make long-term bets on Thunderpick. But you can bet on handicaps, total points, and winners.

Only regular matches are available for betting with comprehensive analysis. Of course, these matches also include playoffs which start later after the end of the regular season.

Thunderpick basketball betting


eSports has seen a sharp growth in recent years. The discipline is widely available in different sportsbooks and Thunderpick is no exception. As already has been mentioned above, eSports has a separate category allocated on the website.

eSports generally include matches where two teams are competing against each other. On Thunderpick you can have a look at different games such as CS: GO, League of Legends, Valorant, and StarCraft 2. The teams consist of professional players who can play at the highest level.

eSports bets on Thunderpick sportsbook are not different from sports betting. They work the same way. So, when you come across a match, you should place a bet similarly, as in sports betting. Bets are available on handicaps, total score, live, and maps. eSports games are skill-based ones which means that no external factor can influence the overall results. Players’ skills decide everything in most matches.

An in-depth analysis to make successful bets is necessary, which is available on the sportsbook’s website.

Esports betting on Thunderpick

Thunderpick Bonuses – Are They Good?

Bonuses are an integral part of every online sportsbook. Without them, it is impossible to win a competition in a race where numerous bookmakers are involved. Regular promotions and bonuses increase chances to attract new players and retain the previous ones.

Thunderpick is not a rich promotion, but it does not hamper the sportsbook from offering a referral program and VIP club. At the moment of writing this review, Thunderpick offers a Boosted 100% welcome bonus up to €600.

Referral Program

The referral program makes Thunderpick Sportsbook one of the most attractive brands for users. This feature enables you to invite your friends to receive a bonus for each of the invited friends.

You will get the amount of Rank Points that are equal to your friend’s first deposit value which is represented in thunder coins.

It is also possible to enter a referral code and receive a bonus on your first deposit. Gift Cards in the face of gifts are also available on the website. It is necessary to point out that giveaways vary from 5 euros to 150 Euros.

The referral program available on the website helps you to earn free coins for attracting friends. In general referral programs are subject to change and can vary from time to time.

Thunderpick referral program

VIP Club

VIP Club is a feature that is available on almost all sportsbooks. It is a feature that is designed for the most loyal and active players. When we talk about a VIP membership on Thunderpick sportsbooks this promotion enables players to experience incredible bonuses and premium features.

VIP Club is a possibility to receive sudden presents from the sportsbook’s side. Players should not be surprised when they see unique offers and gifts on their accounts.

At the same time withdrawals are speeded up and accepted before others. You can be sure that they will be instant and swift.

In general, when we talk about bookmakers, each of them has its limits and the highest betting maximum. With VIP players everything is different. You should anticipate that the sportsbook will give you exclusive betting opportunities.

With VIP access you will have to pay nothing for your withdrawals on the Thunderpick crypto sportsbook. Does not matter how frequently you withdraw funds from your account – the fee remains the same all the time.

The withdrawal limit is also increased when you are a part of the Thunderpick sportsbook. And what’s more, there are VIP managers specially assigned to you to make life easier.

Thunderpick VIP Club

Does Thunderpick Only Support BTC?

Thunderpick is an online sportsbook aimed at cryptocurrencies. In addition to Bitcoin, players can have access to 5 different cryptos that are Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Tether, and Bitcoin Cash.

Transactions with cryptocurrencies are notably different from fiat currencies. First, they are fast and secure. Your anonymity is guaranteed which means intermediaries and third parties will have no access to your money transactions.

Transactions and deposits happen rapidly. When with fiat currencies you are forced to wait for a long time, cryptocurrencies make everything simpler. Therefore, you can be sure that the money that you have won can be withdrawn in no time.

Deposit BTC on Thunderpick – Step by Step

Depositing cryptos on the Thunderpick sportsbook is a simple process and does not require additional details.

Here is a comprehensive guide of how to deposit money on Thunderpick:

Step 1 – Create an account on the website

Step 2 – After registration, go through the verification process.

Step 3 – Go into My Account Section and select a deposit method

Step 4 – Choose crypto as a deposit option with the unique address that is provided

Step 5 – Get confirmation and start placing bets with the deposited funds

Depositing BTC on Thunderpick

Sign Up on Thunderpick

We have concluded our review – is Thunderpick Sportsbook for you? Looking at the website we can make assumptions that it is a completely legit sportsbook offering different sports and what is the most important – esports.

At the same time, the bookmaker is licensed – having obtained it from Curacao which is known for its authority.

Furthermore, this bookmaker has 24/7 support, and the customer group is always ready to solve clients’ problems. The abundance of different cryptocurrencies is another important factor that makes Thunderpick one of the most attractive bookmakers for customers.

The website is fully supported on mobile devices and tablets. Players who are keen to use other devices are completely free of choice.

Overall, we recommend this website to both experienced and new players. The sportsbook is aimed to give players maximum enjoyment and convenience.

Bet on eSports with Thunderpick!