Monero Casinos Listed, Rated & Reviewed

Launched in 2014, Monero (XMR) is a type of cryptocurrency with a high degree of confidentiality and throughout recent years Monero gambling has become a popular option among players. It is completely independent of other currencies, and the process of issuing new coins is carried out due to the most complex algorithmic actions of computing machines.

Finding a good Monero casino is a challenging process. Here we have compiled a list of the best Monero casinos for you to get maximum enjoyment. A large variety of games and bonuses, as well as additional payment methods, are certainly worth your attention. Start playing now!

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Monero is a cryptocurrency based on anonymity and decentralization. Unlike Bitcoin, in Monero, transaction information is encrypted, which creates an additional degree of user protection. Monero applies the principle of coin mixing, in other words, all payments are mixed in one registry and then distributed among the recipients. The uniqueness of this cryptocurrency lies in the fact that it is not like all other coins and provides the highest level of anonymity to its users.

Monero is based on the algorithm CryptoNote, the advantage of which is the use of ring signatures and disposable wallet addresses, which allows the participants of the transaction to remain fully protected when it comes to Monero online gambling. It is worth noting that the principle of Bitcoin, in this case, is not used. The main difference from Bitcoin is unlimited emission.

If we compare Monero to Bitcoin in terms of gambling the former has an advantage in regard, that it is more anonymous. However, Bitcoin has an upper-hand in popularity. Not a lot of people use Monero for gambling, compared to Bitcoin. In general, Monero transaction speeds are way better than Bitcoin, but the latter has an advantage based on the average time it takes for a transaction to complete with spendable funds.

Monero compared to Bitcoin, Litecoin and other major currencies is a less used currency in crypto casinos. If we take a look at general statistics, Monero is not the typical crypto for betting, but it does not mean that people do not use this crypto for betting and gambling.

Why Monero?

Among the advantages of this coin can be noted independence from fiat currencies, that is, economic factors, such as inflation, do not affect the rate of Monero. It is also protected from hacker attacks, and this protection is provided by storage technology. Reliability is also the key as only the owner of the wallet can conduct transactions with funds that are stored on the wallet.

The coin is among the top 20 most used cryptocurrencies, as well as by total market capitalization.


Cryptocurrencies have become a popular way of accumulating funds without the need to buy them. Monero is no exception. Although faucets in Monero online casinos, as a rule, are not great, they do not require a large amount of work to be done. And, what is most pleasant, they give out cryptocurrencies for free. Even though faucets don’t make you rich, they are a nice and quick way to get your first coins.

When it comes to the Monero faucet for gambling it is pivotal to pay attention to the timing and payout. Each casino has its policy for distributing free coins. Some sites ask you to enter a certain number of coins.

It is also very important to read the feedback from users. It is not a secret for anyone that safety in the crypto community is a vital necessity. At the same time, initial capital from faucets can help you to collect notable winnings, which you can use later.

Secure Wallets

Monero, like many other cryptocurrencies for gambling on Monero(XMR) casinos, has the opportunity to create a wallet. Once your password is entered and confirmed, the new wallet syncs with the blockchain. Most of its options are similar to other wallets of cryptosystems, but there are differences. For example, when you wire a payment, a large amount will be removed from the balance, then it will be corrected to the correct values.

The address of the wallet can be provided to any person, and it is possible to restore the wallet with the help of a specially created phrase of 24 words. It should be saved and used, if necessary.

It is also necessary to point out that Monero wallets are so secure, that it is almost impossible to hack them. The main characteristic of any cryptocurrency is its safety and Monero ensures the users have nothing to worry about.

Experts in the field of cryptocurrencies note that XMR gambling is the safest option, which is achieved due to the improved blockchain protocol. A system for using disposable addresses has also been introduced, which further allows users to encrypt the participants of the operation.

High Liquidity

Liquidity shows how quickly you can buy or sell a certain asset on the market at the optimal price for it. Financial assets occupy different places in the liquidity spectrum In cryptocurrencies, the concept of liquidity means the ability to quickly sell or buy digital coins. Thus, Bitcoin is considered the most liquid crypto-asset – there are many exchanges where it is traded, it can be sold or purchased at a bargain price at any time. There are examples of rarer cryptocurrencies and tokens, for sale and purchase of which may not be enough volumes. Liquidity pools are created to provide liquidity for such small assets.

XMR is pretty common crypto (outside of Monero gambling sites), so it’s easy to sell it or exchange it for other cryptos on almost every exchange.

Why Monero Isn’t the Best Choice

Of course, Monero is not without its drawbacks, because several additional levels of encryption have been introduced, the blocks are quite voluminous (8 times larger than Bitcoin), which takes a little longer to conduct operations. Some experts from the development teams of other cryptocurrencies try to challenge the absolute anonymity of Monero, citing the fact that the operations can be traced to which the Monero development team stated that this statement is unfounded.


Volatility is the degree to which an asset’s value changes over a period. It is usually measured by the Volatility Index. However, for crypto, there is no such common index yet, because this asset class is still in the early stages of its formation.

Strong price fluctuations, often observed in gambling with the Monero and cryptocurrency market, are not spontaneously formed. Although there are enough trivial, seemingly insignificant news reports and events to change the price of digital money. Several direct factors influence the volatility of virtual currency quotes.

When it comes to Monero, the price tends to fluctuate more than for other cryptos when it comes to XMR. Volatility in general is a double-edged sword. It both could be beneficial and disadvantageous for players. The price of Monero could drop sharply in a particular period and the deposited funds could lose their initial value rapidly.

Speed Issues

The speed of cryptocurrencies is fueled by the fact that there are no intermediaries between receivers and senders. Everything happens between these two entities directly. Like in the case of fiat currencies, there is no third-party that would authorize the transactions. When you withdraw and deposit cryptocurrencies on gambling Monero sites, they appear on your account in no time.

This is a general rule of thumb for most cryptocurrencies, but Monero is an exception. Even though it’s crypto, it’s slow. It takes about 20 minutes to process the transaction which is slower than PayPal. If we compare it to Ethereum for example, the latter can execute transactions within seconds. While Monero has a high-level of security as well as its wallet is safe from external attacks the speed is something that annoys a lot of people involved in crypto gambling.


In 2018, Monero underwent a reorganization that helped significantly improve the use of coins in payment transactions, implemented a multi-signature system, and integrated the ability to use sub-addresses that provided additional security, as it became much more difficult to identify the user, even the use of cross-checking addresses.

There are several ways to bet with XMR and use Monero for gambling. If you want to buy a coin as a means of accumulation, it is recommended to use a full-size wallet, which is installed on the computer. If you plan to use Monero for payment transactions, you can use the online version of the wallet.

Monero is quite an interesting project, has its advantages and disadvantages, like any other cryptocurrency. If the problem of scalability of the project is solved (a large volume of blocks, which, as a result, affects the speed of transactions), then the coin may find its use in the financial system and become one of the most promising projects.

Monero may be somewhat popular for crypto traders, but it’s not as popular with crypto gamblers, so it’s not as easy to find a casino that accepts them.