Crypto Betting Boxing

Betting on boxing was one of the first activities that encouraged people to start making bets and with the development of modern technologies, Bitcoin boxing betting has become a popular option for punters. Compared to other sports such as basketball, soccer, and tennis people rarely place bets on this discipline, but is available on almost every bookmaker’s website.

Here we have collected a list of the best crypto boxing betting sites. Besides decent odds and reliability, you can also check additional information about a particular bout, i.e, statistics of players and H2H matches. Bonuses are also available for those who want to maximize their winnings!

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Boxing is a classic form of martial arts with a rich history and is rightly considered the most spectacular sport.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to betting on boxing. Athletes are not machines, but ordinary people, subject to emotions, stresses, mood swings. All this can affect the behavior of the athlete in the ring and the outcome of the fight. This information has a big impact on the result.

However, we should not forget about the surprises. This sport is especially famous for them. The outcome of the match can be decided by one precise blow that has reached the goal. And the favorite, having missed several such blows, is on the floor, and the outsider wins.

In Bitcoin betting on boxing championships, as we have in soccer, is rare. People usually place bets on bouts where two athletes are competing against each other for the title and belt. Such events are known beforehand, and punters have a lot of time to check the necessary information.

When it comes to Bitcoin betting, cryptocurrency comes with unique advantages compared to regular betting. First, your privacy is ensured and neither central banks nor governments will track your transactions and where you send the funds. Furthermore, withdrawal and deposit options are notably increased taking a maximum of 1 hour, when with traditional currencies, the process is complicated.

Almost every crypto betting site will feature boxing, a sport where you can place bets. The odds are almost the same as in regular betting sites.

Most Common Crypto Bets on Boxing

Bookmaker bets on boxing are among the oldest, as they began to be placed long before the advent of bookmakers. Here you will not have success with “intuitive” bets, the winner is the one who has a deep knowledge of statistics, knows the individual style of the participants of the fight. Every detail is important for a successful bet. Moreover, the fights themselves are infrequent.

Bet on the Outcome

Bet on the outcome of the fight is by far the most common bet. The player has 3 options – on the victory of each athlete or a draw. Such an outcome in boxing betting BTC is rare, so sometimes the odds can reach an astronomical level. Therefore, most punters often place bets on the favorite, because in almost every fight there is an athlete who has slightly better chances of winning.

The standard odds for a favorite in this case range in the region of 1.05-1.30, and on the underdog from 1.50 to 25-30. Unlike football, favorites can produce series with dozens of wins in a row. In the fights of roughly equal opponents, odds are higher than on the favorite, on average 1.50-1.70. But it is incredibly difficult to guess the outcome.

Various events have an impact on matches, so it is essential to research everything thoroughly in advance.

Bet on Early Victory

This is the second most popular type of betting on Bitcoin boxing betting sites. In this case, you need to guess the victory of the player by knockout. It should be remembered that the lighter the weight category, the lower the probability of knockout.

When we say an early victory it also includes cases where a player is disqualified or unable to continue the match. Knowledge of the style that boxers possess, their motivation, skill level will help to make the right choice.

A special variety is a bet on the victory by the decision of the judges, of course, provided that the stated number of rounds took place. Still, it is exceedingly difficult to guess whether early victory will happen or not. Every detail has an impact on the game – from injuries to player’s psychological readiness as well.

Betting on Total Rounds

The maximum number of rounds that can happen in a professional boxing match is 12. Cryptocurrency boxing betting bookmakers offer to guess the end of the fight, before or after a certain number of rounds, for example, when Mike Tyson was fighting against Peter McNeeley the match ended early. Given that the bets on the favorite are not very profitable, this option can be remarkably interesting. However, punters should follow some rules:

  • To find out whether there were episodes in the athlete’s career when he abruptly surrendered to the last rounds;
  • You need to determine by statistics whether knockouts are found in the fight;
  • Learn the number of knockdowns in each boxer’s career.

It should be noted that some players have incredible stamina, and they can hold for many rounds without falling. The physical side of a particular player is necessary to consider. Some athletes can also withstand hard punches.

Betting on Knockout

It is quite natural that in boxing, knockouts happen much more often than in mixed martial arts. However, many punters miss bet on boxing with Bitcoin on the early completion of the fight, limited to the prediction of victory of a fighter.

A knockout in boxing is a frequent phenomenon, which makes the odds, especially in twelve-round fights, not too different from the usual victory of an athlete. Because of this, it is worth paying attention to the round bet, as the odds of this event increase several times.

Like in the options that we have reviewed above, having a look at stats is also necessary before making bets on knockout. Strong athletes do not even need 12 rounds to decide the outcome of a match and they beat opponents rapidly with fast punches, resulting in the match ending with a knockout. Though, when two equally strong players are competing against each other guessing the result is more difficult.

Telltale Signs of the best Bitcoin boxing betting sites

One of the main keys to a successful game on sports betting is the choice of a bookmaker, in which the player will be most comfortable and profitable to bet.

The important criteria are the reliability of the bookmaker. Currently, there are many websites where players share information about the services of bookmakers. Such information is quite objective and can give a real idea of the reliability of the bookmaker.

Also, a decent bookmaker will not hide contact information and be sure to specify the addresses of offices and contact numbers for communication.

Decent boxing odds, provably fair, and a variety of betting options are also necessary to consider.

Provably Fair

The game is considered to be verifiable and fair if there is a program allowing participants to determine the accuracy of the game procedure. The emergence of a provably fair idea on BTC boxing betting sites is almost due to the increase in bets on digital cryptocurrency: lotteries, casinos, and other computer games that allow you to set bets and receive prizes in Bitcoins.

After the advent of Bitcoins, online games began to appear.  In online games, the entire operation takes place privately and can be used if the pioneers of the program want to. Blockchain records all processes in an open file and all rewards payments are open and transparent to everyone.

However, betting provably fair is something different and applies more to the reliability of a betting site. When a bookmaker offers to bet on boxing it should also ensure to offer decent odds and guarantee withdrawals without additional problems.

Variety of Leagues

In boxing, there are weight divisions where players compete against each other and the matches usually feature players for the championship title. As has already been mentioned earlier there are not many leagues available on boxing sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin. The match is announced and scheduled in advance so that the players can have time to find out more information.

A sign of a good bookmaker is to offer as many divisions as possible and include all major matches as well as less popular ones. Some players like to place bets on matches that are not extremely popular. So, the betting site should allow everyone to place bets on matches they prefer.

Variety of Betting Options

The bookmaker’s line in boxing matches depends on the degree of importance of the fight. Top fights for championship titles in this sport are held infrequently, but they are provided with the widest option of betting.

The bookmaker should not limit itself to several betting options and offer customers a wide range of possibilities. In addition to bets on outcomes, total rounds, and knockouts there are other options too and a BTC boxing betting site should make its maximum to provide players with additional opportunities.

However, the most popular option for boxing bets is total rounds – more often punters use it in fights between two equal boxers. In boxing, bets can be put in live and pre-match.