Crypto Video Poker

Video Poker is perhaps the most popular card game for slot machines and thanks to the appearance of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin video poker also gained a foothold in casinos. To start the game, you need to put a token or a banknote in the machine. Then 5 cards appear on the screen. With the buttons, you need to choose cards that cannot be replaced, and new cards will be dealt instead of the rest. This determines whether the player has a winning hand, usually given up to 3 attempts to get it.

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Finest Casino Choices for BTC Video Poker:

There are several types of poker for slot machines, the difference of which is wild cards, i.e., cards capable of replacing any other. In some games they do not exist, in others, their role is played by deuces, in the third – jokers.

In all machines, you can double your winnings. To do this, you need to choose one of four hidden cards, and if it will be more than the 5th open, the whole amount doubles. In BTC video poker, you can risk not the whole amount, but only half, which is more reasonable.

For video poker, as for many other games, bankroll calculations are made – the amount that the player can freely have for a long period. The bankroll reduces the likelihood of a total loss at long intervals. So, it allows you to play professionally.

For slot machines, it is assumed that you need to have a sum of 3-5 times more than the maximum winnings.

When we draw comparisons between video poker and regular poker there the first one is played in machines – similar to the ones that are used in slots. When we talk about crypto poker, the only thing that makes it different from regular poker is the possibility of playing with Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Video Poker Explained

Of course, the appearance of video poker is due to the popularity of poker itself. Providers of the game could not ignore such a promising direction, which was the reason for the emergence of slot machines, created based on slots.

Video poker is a successful combination of the current computer technologies, which are implemented in the video slot and quite popular in the most diverse segments of the population of the card game.

The main difference between video and classical poker is that the player who prefers the first option knows in advance how much he will get the winning for forming his winning combination.

Cryptocurrency casino video poker differs from the standard types of online poker: in this case, you need to collect cards corresponding to one of nine successful combinations like standard poker combinations. Therefore, the more difficult the combination used, the greater the amount of money you can win. In short, the more complex the combination, the higher its cost.

First, the player needs to make a bet. Then five cards will open on the screen. By clicking on the buttons, the player determines which cards should stay and which will be replaced. If after these manipulations the cards make a combination, the player wins and accordingly, otherwise loses his bet.

There are many varieties of video poker, from Deuces Wild, where deuce always acts as a joker, and Jacks or Better, where a pair of jacks is the minimum combination, to the modern 50 Play Poker (Poker for 50 hands).

The size of the winnings when you play video poker with crypto varies from the difficulty level of the combined combination. Among other things, video poker has the function of doubling the winnings. At the end of the round, the player can always increase his winnings at least twice, though only if he has a winning streak. The computer will then give him five closed cards, his task at random to choose a red card.

To make the game worthy, the user is recommended before the game to carefully learn and understand the rules, consider the functionality of the slot machine, as well as pick up a casino, which would have a payout rate of more than 95%, which indicates the level of honesty of the casino and increases the chances of winning for the gamer.

Video poker varies by the number of betting lines, payout levels, the presence of a progressive jackpot, or lack thereof. Additional rules are also offered for each game released by individual bitcoin video poker casino providers.

Winning a video poker game on Bitcoin casino, like all other games online, depends a little on calculation or strategy. But, still to develop your strategy will not hurt, as it trains the mind well, and who knows, and suddenly, yes help to break a good jackpot.

Tips to Follow for Crypto Video Poker

Due to the huge variety of video poker and different rules on how to play video poker for it, many experienced players try to make up certain strategies for themselves, considering the specifics of each game. However, none of the strategies, even those that give the impression of the best, are 100% guaranteed of winning.

Most professionals understand video poker is a rather difficult game that requires a certain level of knowledge. Crypto video poker strategy is something players have been trying to successfully integrate within the game. Of course, having a lot of experience allows them to develop certain strategies that help to increase the odds to some extent, but they are aware of the difference between the regular version of the game and online video poker, in which there are more game aspects, and the winning depends not only on the skill of the player but also on luck.

A certain level of knowledge of combinations will help you to achieve significant success and increase the size of your winnings.

10’s or Better

This game is remarkably similar to the version of video poker Jacks or Better, but the winning combinations in it begin with a couple of dozen. There are 52 cards in the deck, there are no wild symbols. The player can change any number of cards that have fallen once.

Since BTC video poker is inherently quite simple, it will not cause you difficulties. First, there is a rule – always play the most coins. Bet 5 coins on the line, even if they will be of minimal value. So, you will increase your winnings tenfold.

Jacks or Better

A variety of video poker called Jacks or Better was the first of its kind and appeared in the casino in the early seventies of the last century. However, despite such a solid age for such games, Jacks or Better is still popular. It is also considered the best option for initially studying video poker in general. The fact is that this game is not notable for the intricateness of the rules, and it is easy to master. Almost all best bitcoin video poker casinos offer this variation to players.

Initially, the probability of winning was seriously increased, and then it was the turn of the payment system, which now begins with a pair of jacks, where the name of the game – Jacks or Better came. This approach was liked by the players, which greatly increased the popularity of this type of video poker around the world. And with the advent of online bitcoin casinos, Jacks or Better began to play even more often, because it has become much more accessible.

Remembering this whole table of combinations is not as hard as it may seem at first glance. It is enough to consistently deal with each combination, starting with the maximum, and understand in what situation it is necessary to try to collect them. You can then go on to look at cases with different pairs and different cards.

How to Choose a Casino for BTC Video Poker

Sometimes it becomes difficult to discover a casino for BTC video poker that will satisfy all your needs. We are not going to review the visual side and experience as these characteristics are obvious for any casino. When a player first enters an online crypto casino, he or she pays attention to the visuals of a website.

To make the selection process easier for a casino, players should focus on bonuses that are featured on a casino’s website. Nowadays it is impossible to think of an online casino that does not have bonuses. Hence you should check them. Another important factor is provably fair which we are going to explore below.


Nowadays, without bonuses, it is impossible to think of any online casino and BTC operators are no exception. Bonuses that exist at different casinos are designed to be used in various games like blackjack, baccarat, slots. Bitcoin video poker faucet is the first bonus that comes to our mind, not to mention the other ones.

In video poker bonuses are usually present in free coins. You are given credits that you can use for playing. These coins vary in numbers but usually, you should anticipate getting them in the range of 5-10.

There are bonuses within the game of video poker as well that you can use to your advantage.

Provably Fair

In the BTC gambling industry with the provable fair the player bets on the games offered by the operator of the service. The service operator will publish a method of checking every transaction in the game. This is usually done using open-source algorithms for random generation seeds, hashing, and random number generators.

Once the game is played, the player can evaluate the result using only published algorithms, initial numbers, hashes, and events that occurred during the game. Having a look at the bitcoin video poker tips, players can always verify that the result of each game round is fair and has not been changed, as are the game operators. Thus, fraud is probably impossible.

Protocols are generally non-blockchain-dependent and in most cases can be added to protocols that offer a set of standardized validators. In general, it is a possibility to ensure that the Bitcoin casino does not hold an unfair advantage over the player.