Crypto Casinos that Accept BCH

A fork of Bitcoin called Bitcoin Cash appeared in 2017 and since then gained a lot of popularity, resulting in online casinos accepting Bitcoin Cash gambling. Also known as Bcash, more and more online casinos are accepting this currency as a payment method.

Not sure which BCH casino to choose? Here we have placed together the best crypto casinos accepting BCH gambling. From casino games to betting – they offer customers everything and incredible bonuses are also available. These brands proved to be one of the best casinos, offering players maximum security and an unforgettable experience!

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Many people tend to mix these cryptocurrencies, which is a huge mistake. These 2 are completely different currencies. The only thing that is common between them is essentially only a part of the name. Bitcoin Cash has faster transactions and confirmation rate, not such a limited emission and lower price compared to Bitcoin.

At the same time, Bitcoin Cash has a larger block size and, accordingly, it can pass more transactions per second for a smaller commission. Also, Bitcoin Cash realized the ability to create tokens, which is not in the classic bitcoin.

It is difficult to say directly which one is better. Both ones have their pros and cons, but as has already been mentioned above, Bitcoin Cash is way faster compared to Bitcoin. When it comes to BCH gambling it can proceed with more transactions per second than its counterpart. Thus, players can be guaranteed to receive their winnings quickly. As for the price, Bitcoin Cash is nowhere close to Bitcoin.

Compared to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is not such a volatile currency. It has ups and downs but does not change notably like Bitcoin.

If you come across an online casino 99% of the time it will support Bitcoin Cash. Alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Litecoin, Bcash is one of the world’s most popular currencies and online casinos have it integrated into their payment systems. Almost every casino will also have its unique wallet of Bcash where players will be able to deposit their funds and start playing. The concept of betting and playing other games remains the game as in traditional casinos.

Advantages of BCH Gambling

Although the creation of Bitcoin Cash was met with mixed reactions, it quickly became a popular cryptocurrency for betting. This is because it is a continuation of the same Bitcoin. The original bitcoin is limited to 21 million coins that can be mined. Also, they now have a lower value than bitcoin itself. The value of Bitcoin Cash today takes second place.

Fast Transactions

Bitcoin Cash is significantly faster than other currencies and it is convenient for gambling. Several factors determine the speed of a transaction on Bitcoin Cash gambling sites for a given network, which is usually quite controversial because things like data sharing and the overall difference can speed up or slow it down. This also depends on the length of time used from different sources, which can also lead to a change in transaction speed.

The biggest aspect affecting the speed of transactions for many cryptocurrencies is their fixed limit. Cryptos such as Bitcoin have limits on the number of transactions per second, they can perform at a given time.

Bitcoin Cash is a fork that concerns the limitation of the block size in Bitcoin. Increasing the size of the block means a higher transaction speed, so with the introduction of this limit, the network can scale better.

Every modification or fork can increase the speed of a transaction. At the present moment, it is a fast currency compared to other ones.

Lower Commissions Than BTC

Low commission fees or their complete absence on Bitcoin Cash casino sites is typical for cryptocurrencies. Commissions begin to rise when the blockchain of cryptocurrency is heavily loaded. First of all, this is reflected in the mempool. This can be called a cloud where transactions get into when they are sent to the network.

That is, when you have created a request to send 5 Bitcoin Cash, the translation gets into the mempool and waits for its confirmation. If the blockchain is not heavily loaded, and the size of the block allows – the processing is quite fast, due to which the mempool is not clogged.

Today, the average commission is 10 cents, which is generally invisible when paying. Bitcoin Cash enjoys one of the lowest commissions when it comes to gambling.

Thanks to this, Bitcoin Cash can be used not only for transactions in the hundreds of thousands but also for micropayments. This cryptocurrency can be ideal for depositing money on a BCH coin casino.

Widely Accepted

While the emergence of Bitcoin Cash was met with suspicion initially, it has then evolved into one of the most popular and demanded currencies in the market. Every casino, supporting cryptocurrencies will have Bitcoin Cash as one of the main options for gambling.

The further development and rating of BCH show incredible perspectives for this cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash is also widely accepted because it bypasses its “big brother” in terms of convenience of transactions.

Bitcoin Cash will hold its position and grow notably in the future. Low commission fees, fast transactions, and relatively stable prices force a lot of customers to use this currency for different activities. In addition to online casinos, Bcash is actively used in other industries and is a form of payment.

What Good BCH Casinos Should Have?

Choosing the best Bitcoin Cash casino is sometimes associated with problems – especially for beginners. There are numerous details worth paying attention to because you should select a crypto casino, to whom you will trust your funds.

The first essential characteristic of a good BCH casino is reliability, that is, having a proper license. Most crypto casinos have a license obtained from the Gaming Authority of Curacao. It ensures fair and open odds of winning as well as the safety of your personal information and funds.

Furthermore, a BCH casino should possess a reliable wallet and have additional coins available for betting. The anonymity and privacy of users should also be protected.

Reliable Wallet

Crypto wallet is a special high-tech program, thanks to which it becomes possible to receive, send and store cryptocurrency. It is like your bank account, but in this case, you store cryptocurrencies and not fiat money. There are also multi-currency crypto wallets.

The best Bitcoin Cash online casinos should ensure that they have a reliable wallet that is protected from outside interference. When you store your money on a casino’s account, there should be no threats from third parties and hackers. Thus, a reliable wallet is extremely important.

There are generally two types of crypto wallets: hot and cold. Cold crypto wallets are special programs for storing keys offline. Despite some inconveniences, a cold wallet is considered to be the safest.

Hot crypto wallets are online services, exchanges, applications for mobile devices, which are accessed over the Internet. Such cryptocurrency stores are more suitable for temporary savings of financial assets. Long-term cryptocurrency is better to store on cold services.

BCH casinos will have a hot wallet available, which is connected to the Internet and it should be secure all the time.

Other Supported Coins

The best Bitcoin Cash casinos should also support other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin Cash. There are more than 2000 cryptocurrencies available. Of course, not every one of them is popular and used for gambling, but an online casino should try its maximum to have diverse payment methods.

5 major cryptocurrencies currently in the field of the online gambling industry are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. Almost every crypto casino concentrates on these 5 and based on their preferences additional ones can also be offered.

It is always a good idea to include different options, as customers are satisfied when they have freedom of choice. Diverse payment options also allow us to exchange different types of cryptocurrencies without problems.

Total Anonymity

One of the greatest advantages, when you gamble with Bitcoin Cash, is the anonymity and privacy of users. Platforms adhere to the No Log principle – users’ actions are not recorded or stored on servers. All information is removed as soon as the coin owner completes the operation. The client sends his coins with a history, and in return receives a translation from the “clean” BTC from the reserve. Services divide all transactions into many small parts and then make them repeatedly sent on the backup chain.

At the same time, BCH casinos do not disclose information about users. You are not required to indicate information about your full name and go through ID verification. If the casino insists to get this information from you then most likely you are dealing with an illegal operator.

There is no government, central bank, or third party that would have access to your transactions. Thus, gambling with cryptocurrencies on casino Bitcoin Cash sites is safe and secure.