Dogecoin Casinos - opportunities for experienced players

Named after the famous dog meme, which is a picture of the Shiba Inu, a hunting dog of the Japanese breed, Dogecoin has conquered the world of cryptocurrency, and DOGE gambling has become a popular option for players.

Look at the best Dogecoin casinos provided below and start gambling right now! These websites have managed to establish themselves as one of the most notable brands in the online gambling industry. Different bonuses and a variety of games make them a desirable option for players. Do not wait anymore and enjoy playing casino games!

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Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that has open-source, and it is significantly different from other landmark cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are issued with a strict restriction on the supply of coins. The main difficulty that arises with a deflationary cryptocurrency is that it can encourage accumulation, as its perceived value increases over time.

Although Dogecoin was created based on the Litecoin network, created by modification of Bitcoin software codes, dogecoin has many distinctive characteristics. One of the first benefits is that the Scrypt mechanism is used to encrypt data on the network, instead of the usual SHA-256, which makes its mining quite simple and does not need complex equipment.

Initially, the limit was set on the production of 100 billion coins, but in the future, the founders made the emission unlimited. Dogecoin gambling games also enjoy a fairly reduced transaction fee, comparing it to any commission payment in other networks. The amount is no more than 1 cent, while in Bitcoin, the commission can reach approximately $10.

The huge speed of transaction processing, which is achieved due to the reduction in time when blocks are added makes Dogecoin a favorable option for players involved in crypto gambling.

The low price of coins makes it possible to buy them to any interested users, despite the amount of capital available from it. While the volatility is inherent to any cryptocurrency existing in the world, the low price of Dogecoin does not mean anything – it can surge at any time, which can bring players incredible profits and increase their funds remarkably.

Why you Should Gamble With Dogecoins

Compared to more popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Litecoin, Dogecoin is very cheap. This was affected by the absence of a limit on emissions, as well as a fairly fast period of initial mining (every minute).

However, like the rate of any other cryptocurrency, Dogecoin fluctuates depending on what interest investors show to it. The advantages of dogecoin, on which the popularity of this cryptocurrency is based, are:

  • High speed of transfers and exceptionally low commission.
  • High level of security: the coin is decentralized and completely anonymous.

Microscopic Commissions

When we talk about commission fees in cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin casino sites have one of the lowest ones alongside Bitcoin Cash. There are several types of basic commissions: commission for making a transaction, commission for entry, and withdrawal of funds. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the existing commissions, so as not to give all the profits to the casino.

When we are talking about fiat money on traditional casinos, the administration charges an extra fee for the service. With cryptocurrencies, these fees are so low that hardly even they are considered. Especially when we are talking about Dogecoin the fee is so small, that a player won’t notice anything upon withdrawing funds.

Better Security Than Others

In terms of security, Dogecoin is indeed safer than its other counterparts. Blockchain consists of many computers connected to the network. When you transfer money to another user and in this case to Doge casino, everyone in the participants sees the operation. The zero-disclosure proof helps protect information about how much money is in a particular account, a block of distributed database, it is encrypted with hash functions. To confirm that you are doing the right transaction, you report the main property of the records without naming specific numbers. That’s how zero-disclosure proof works.

High-level encryption is used to preserve anonymity and security. It allows you to perform with encrypted data mathematical operations that correspond to the results of calculations with original data. The main thing in all these methods is to ensure that the information of the elements of the system is properly synchronized.

At the same time when you register on a Dogecoin casino, you are not required to provide information about yourself thus your identity remains secure.

Higher Transparency and Anonymity

One of the defining characteristics, when players gamble with dogecoin is transparency and anonymity: to make transactions the user does not need to provide their data. Thus, the bitcoin blockchain does not record the names of the senders, but the digital addresses of wallets and the amount of money.

Some people note that Dogecoin has pseudo-anonymity. Another basic principle of blockchain is transparency and publicity of transactions. The chain of operations of any member of the network, for example, the frequency and volume of transfers can be traced, but it is practically impossible to do so.

In simple words transparency and anonymity of Dogecoin allow users to take the maximum in online BTC casinos. This is a cryptocurrency rightfully having one of the leading places in terms of transparency.

What Are Some Disadvantages?

While we primarily talk about the advantages of Dogecoin, there are some silver linings. Nothing is only sunshine and rainbows – everything has its pros and cons. Of course, a dogecoin gambling site is no exception. It has two disadvantages: high volatility and not a lot of people use it worldwide.

Quite Volatile

Volatility shows how sharply an asset price can rise or fall. The same applies to Dogecoin. Volatile assets such as cryptocurrencies are often considered high-risk assets because their price is difficult to predict and can change in unexpected ways.

Dogecoin volatility can let you down. When you are depositing funds into your account, in no time the price can go downwards, and you might lose profits. In such circumstances, it is very difficult to accurately predict price fluctuations. Of course, you can also predict that its price will go up within a few days or weeks. But whatever you choose, you’re still going to have a hard time.

Volatility is deservedly considered a double-edged sword. Also, if the price of Dogecoin suddenly falls sharply, and players visiting casinos that use dogecoin may experience a syndrome of missed opportunities. Talking about cryptocurrencies, it is very difficult to make any kind of predictions, but when we have a look at Dogecoin it fluctuates rapidly – creating problems for players.

Not too Common

While a cryptocurrency, based on a joke, created a massive furor in the crypto industry, still Dogecoin is not as common as other cryptos such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. It has a very low price. Talking about the prospects of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin is very difficult because this is still a “beginner” currency.

A lot of experts do not consider Dogecoin as a serious digital currency. Two factors can affect the rise in the value of DOGE coins. The first is the influx of new investors, who, when looking for promising coins, on any, will stumble upon articles about the prospect of Dogecoin.

At the same time, if we have a look at the best dogecoin casino sites, even though almost all of them have support for Dogecoin, people prefer playing with established cryptocurrencies that we have already mentioned above: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

The 2 Best Dogecoin Games to Play

Besides gambling Dogecoin is actively used in other games as well. Most of these games are mining ones, where players should fulfill tasks to receive some Dogecoins in exchange. Although the price of Dogecoin is very low people still play these games dogecoin has custom made games

Dogecoin Shooter

Dogecoin Shooter is one of the best adventure games based on titular currency. Nicely-designed puzzle levels with bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other coins to smash and eliminate in each level. The game became one of the most addictive ones for players.

Dogecoin Shooter is different from other puzzle games in that it combines 3 games. The game is possible to play online and offline as well but has no connection with doge gambling games. Dogecoin Shooter offers different puzzles and challenges.

While most of the games created upon cryptocurrencies also enable players to collect some coins, it should be noted that Dogecoin Shooter does not support such activity. You can play a game to enjoy yourself, but it is not possible to withdraw funds and collect Dogecoins.

Doge Runner

Doge Runner is another game, however, in contrast to Dogecoin Shooter you can collect coins. It is a game of reward where the received points can be exchanged for BTC or DOGE. However, it takes quite a lot of time to collect them.

The game is based on running – the more you run the more Dogecoins you earn. The minimum amount for withdrawal is only 20 dogecoins. Even if you run for a very short time, you can still get points.

How to Find the Best Doge Casino Sites

Finding a reliable DOGE casino is frequently associated with complications. There are numerous aspects when it comes to choosing a crypto casino and beginners frequently ignore them.

First of all, it is a license of a casino. A licensed casino comes with significant advantages such as fair and open odds of winning, licensed games, and security of personal data.

Variety of games and other people’s reviews are also important, while customer support and bonus policy add up to the casino’s popularity.

Check User Reviews

Many resources constantly update lists of the best online casinos and publish detailed reviews. You should read the reviews on different communities where you can learn a lot of interesting and truthful information. A good casino always gets into the ratings and has positive reviews. This also applies to resource administration: the availability of support and authentic reviews create a reputation.

The DOGE community when it comes to dogecoin gambling is very open and talkative to each other. So, it’s likely that they will share information.

Compare Game Variety

A good Doge casino has a wide range of games: slots, roulette, craps, poker, keno, card, and board games. There are licensed casinos that offer only slot machines, which is not enough. The choice depends on the player’s preferences. Another modern trend is Live Casino with Dogecoin, where you can play with real dealers.

Providers also play their part in online crypto casinos. Microgaming, Igrosoft, NetEnt, Playtech. These are the providers who present high-quality games to players.

Besides traditional casino games, it is always a good idea to feature sports betting – both regular ones and eSports.

Test the Customer Support

Good and friendly customer support on Doge casinos is vital. On the website, a mobile number should be indicated, where you can call at any time. Each licensed and proven dogecoin gambling site has its own fast and efficient support service. Frequently players may have questions about bonuses, conditions, and rules of the online game. You need to make sure that the chat for communication is working and maintained around the clock.

E-mail should also be indicated. The fast answer on the e-mail address is also pivotal.

Research the Bonuses

To attract new customers, online crypto casinos widely advertise welcome bonuses – free spins for registration or deposit bonuses on the first several deposits. In rare cases, no deposit bonuses are also available.

It is necessary to understand in advance the conditions of using bonus funds. Clarifying the wagering requirement and the duration of its longevity is necessary.

A Doge casino is considered good if there are loyalty programs in which regular customers receive significant rewards: increased cashback, participation in tournaments, and other VIP privileges. Also, check if there are dogecoin gambling faucet games available on a website.