Crypto Casinos to Play with ZCash

Released in 2016, Zcash is the first decentralized network to use a new form of zk-SNARK cryptography to protect privacy, which over time resulted in the growing popularity of Zcash gambling. Anonymous translations are encrypted and unavailable in the Zcash blockchain explorer.

Below our experts have combined a list of the best Zcash casinos for gambling. These brands, over years of activity, have already proved that they can be trusted, offering users a wide array of games and bonuses. Start playing now! Claim your bonus and maximize the winnings!

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Each user of the network, thanks to zk-SNARK, can confirm ownership of certain data (for example, a private key), without disclosing it and constantly interacting with the validator. The zk-SNARK proof algorithm compiles the hash-amount of the transaction into a diagram to solve algebraic equations. To verify the authenticity of the arithmetic scheme, a quadric asymmetrical program (aP) developed by a group of cryptographers in 2013 is used.

The main difference when it comes to comparison between Bitcoin and gambling with Zcash is the increased speed of transaction of the latter. It takes way less time for Zcash to proceed with transactions, while in Bitcoin over 40 minutes are needed for the process to be finalized.

ZEC is also based on Bitcoin. The main difference between them is the stealth of transactions. Zcash casino payments are not that effective. The fact is that Bitcoin registries store all information about transactions.  In this regard, the company has gone a long way. Thanks to mathematical methods, information remains protected. When the operation is confirmed, the data is not scanned. As a result, the registry does not store any data about the details of the transaction. Neither the amount nor the participants.

When we talk about Zcash, it is not as prominent crypto for gambling as Bitcoin. The latter was the first cryptocurrency that appeared in the world and it is difficult for other altcoins to challenge it in the domination of the world’s best cryptocurrency. Thus, Bitcoin is used more frequently for gambling.

Zcash is an exceptionally volatile currency, meaning that its price can change rapidly. Its value fluctuates notably. It can be for example $400 at one moment of the day and surge or decline $500 or $300 respectively, which is a problem for players gambling at Zcash(ZEC) casinos. Of course, players depositing their funds on Zcash casinos should be wary of this factor and assess all the “threats” associated with this cryptocurrency.

As for its common use, other major cryptocurrencies have an upper-hand over Zcash. Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other ones are often used for gambling than its counterpart. Sometimes it is difficult to find a crypto casino accepting Zcash as a form of payment.

Advantages of Gambling with Zcash

Pros of Zcash are expressed both in “general crypto” characteristics and in some unique features. Transparency is one of the major benefits. There are the same opportunities for transparency of transactions in Zcash casinos as Bitcoin.

In this system, cryptocurrency units have no history, so each of them is worth the same. You will not face attention from law enforcement only because the coins bought on the stock exchange were previously associated with the purchase.

Transactions are cheap and quick. The average cost of a transaction on the network varies in the region of $0.001-$0.002 or even less.

Fixed Supply

Zcash is a digital currency that has a hard cap of 21 million coins. It means that in simple terms it is impossible to mine more than 21 million Zcash coins. In this aspect, Zcash is very similar to Bitcoin, as these two share the same limit of coins.

Zcash has a very unique way of injecting more coins into the blockchain, which makes the price pretty controlled and less volatile compared to other coins. But in the eyes of many, this could be a disadvantage, especially when it comes to ZEC gamble. It depends on which side you look at this subject. On the one hand, it can be profitable – especially for casino players, but on the other hand, it can result in significant losses.

Fast Transactions

Speed is a trump card for cryptocurrencies. Compared to fiat currencies they are executed rapidly. Withdrawals and deposits on online Zcash casinos happen quicker than with regular currencies, which makes Zcash currency an attractive option for players.

The Zcash hashing rate has been steadily increasing since its inception, from 80 million operations per second in May 2017 to 300 million operations per second in September of that year. The calculation time of one block is not reduced by automatically increasing the complexity of the block.

During the Blossom update, the speed of generating new blocks was doubled (75 seconds instead of the previous 150 seconds). At the same time, the developers reduced the amount of remuneration to 6.25 ZEC.

Usually, it takes around 2.5 minutes on top Zcash gambling sites to confirm a Zcash transaction. More or less, this time could be different, but nothing too significant that will have an overall effect on the players.

Zcash Disadvantages

Zcash is a highly controversial currency because its value has gone down sharply since entering the stock exchange. At the same time, no cryptocurrency comes with advantages only and they also have silver linings.

Let’s look at the disadvantages of this currency. This will allow determining its potential in the future.

Not as Private

It is known that cryptocurrencies are considered private assets, especially when it comes to online gambling. Your privacy and anonymity are ensured to their maximum extent when you are involved in playing casino games. You are not required to indicate personal information and at the same time addresses are encrypted in a way that it is impossible to find out information about sender and receiver on Zcash gambling platforms.

However, everything is arranged differently when it comes to Zcash. Of course, it is still an anonymous cryptocurrency but there are matters worth paying attention to from customers.

Zcash has 2 transaction types, T-Transparent and Z-Private. Any legitimate casino would require its users to use the T-Transparent transaction as they would be subject to regular audits by their local government organizations. It makes the concept of cryptocurrencies useless as you are asked to provide information and the information about you will be disclosed to third parties. Because of that, Zcash is not as anonymous as it may seem from the first glance – in comparison to other cryptocurrencies.

Number of Options

Even though this project has certainly taken place and will continue to develop due to the presence of one of the best development teams in the industry and great community support, Zcash gambling still has a long way to go to become an established currency for gambling. Of course, the team has a clear plan for further development of the project and resources for their implementation, but everything is relative.

Zcash is very uncommon in crypto casinos, so it’s hard to find a venue that would accept it. If you take a look at the crypto casinos existing online, almost all of them have 5 major cryptocurrencies available and it is difficult to find the one that accepts Zcash as a form of payment. Everything is subject to change and this trend is also likely to change in the future.

How to Choose a Zcash Casino?

It might be a difficult task to find a proper Zcash casino for gambling. The amount of casinos is so large that it is almost impossible to count the number of newly opened casino sites.

When it comes to finding the best Zcash casinos online several details are important to consider. Let’s have a look at each of them.

Read the reviews

Usually, it is the reviews of players about online casinos that make it possible to make the right choice and avoid trouble. However, they are not so simple. Some casino administrations specifically hire people to write a negative about their competitor on different forums and platforms. Thus, it is necessary to pay attention to the opinion of other players, but if most of the reviews are too flattering or on the contrary full of bile, repeat other comments without trusting them.

Variety of games

The site of the online casino should be clear, with easy navigation. It should be simple to move between news, current events, tournaments, and gaming machines themselves. A ZEC casino should offer customers a wide range of video slots, card and board games with different themes based on comics, movies, or historical events. It is even better if a particular casino offers sports betting to players.


All gaming machines and other equipment must be licensed. The casinos should be allowed in your country. The customer support ideally should work around the clock, with e-mail, live chat, and mobile number available on the website. At the same time, players should examine the integrity of financial transactions and the percentage of payments.