Crypto Betting Bonuses

A sportsbook is a place where a gambler can wager on various sports competitions and thanks to cryptocurrencies, a new type in the form of Bitcoin sportsbook appeared. Sportsbooks are engaged in financial activities, namely, accept cash bets and pay winnings for a variety of sporting events, as well as can take bets on other events too. The bookmaker should be a professional and thoroughly obliged to know the type of sports on which it takes bets.

Here we have compiled a list of top Bitcoin sportsbooks for players. These brands throughout the time proved to be excellent choices for customers, offering incredible promotions, a vast line of sports betting, and fair odds. Start playing right now – sign up on the websites below and earn unbelievable winnings!

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The first bookmakers appeared a long time ago in the 18th century. They mainly accepted bets on horse racing, boxing. With time their specialization broadened even more and now almost every sport is available for betting.

If we take both BTC sportsbooks and regular ones there are no significant differences. Most sports are featured in both of them, odds are almost the same with slight differences. The only thing that distinguishes these two is that in the former players make bets with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, while in the latter you can only use fiat money. Some BTC sportsbook sites also have fiat currencies available for betting.

Sportsbook is not the only term that people use. You will also meet other ones such as bookies, bookmakers, betting sites, etc. What remains unchanged is that the concept for all of these terms is the same.

Sometimes people use sportsbooks and casinos as synonyms which is a huge mistake. They are different.  Sportsbooks usually feature sports disciplines, on which you can wager on any of your favorite games and choose various betting options. Of course, casino gambling has its benefits too but it is more focused on other casino games such as slots, table, and card games.

Sportsbooks in their nature are more specific, while a casino might offer different options. From slots to live casino games, you can discover almost anything on any online BTC casino.

Signs of a Good BTC Bookie

When it comes to choosing a bookmaker for sports betting, the player faces a dilemma on how to find a reliable company with favorable conditions. The BTC bookmakers themselves focus on bright promotions and bonuses for registration. Even though they are important there are other criteria that we can deem more important.

First of all, it is freedom of choice. If there is only one sports discipline available on a bookmaker’s website, then it is not worth your attention. Punters like when they have freedom of choice – some like betting on basketball, while others are focused on different sports like cricket, football, soccer, chess. Odds and bonuses on crypto sportsbooks also play their part, while an organized support team is also something that every player should have a look at.

Large Choice of Sports

The line in bookmakers is a list of events available for betting. Large bookmakers offer customers a large selection of competitions to make a bet. These are bets on a variety of sports (from football to chess), as well as betting on events from the world of politics, economy, culture, and so on.

There are several options offered for betting on a particular match. In sports betting, you can bet not only on the victory of a team but also on more specific indicators: the number of goals, yellow cards, corners, and so on.

In general, the more sports – the better. Not every player is fond of football which is the most popular sports discipline in the world. Cricket, chess, volleyball, MMA are also interesting. Because of that Bitcoin betting sportsbook sites should try their best to offer as many sports as possible to satisfy every player’s needs.

Generous Odds

In the fight for customers, BTC betting sites offer different odds on the same sporting events. For each bet, the bookmaker puts a certain percentage of his profit. The higher the margin, the lower the odds offered by the site.

Most players will say that the size of odds is one of the most important things when choosing a BTC sportsbook. It is indeed the case, but subject to confidence in all qualities and factors of the bookmaker’s valuation. If the bookmaker is reliable and authoritative, does not cut accounts, is always in touch with the client and you are comfortable and pleasant to bet, then the high ratio will be only an additional reward.

Players love when the odds offered from a Bitcoin or Ethereum sportsbook are high. It allows players to earn more. It is less visible with a small amount of money but when it comes to the largest sums everything is different.

Plenty of Bonuses

Bookmakers in the face of fierce competition for potential customers offer various bonuses to newcomers and regular players.

Bonuses are certainly one of the most important factors when choosing a bookmaker. Welcome Bonuses differ not only in the size of the bonus but above all, the conditions that the player must meet to be able to cash it out.

Also, before you make a choice, pay attention to the bonus form:

  • deposit bonus – you will receive an amount equivalent to the first deposit, or an increased rate in case of winning.
  • cashback is a kind of insured rate. You place a bet on games, and in case of loss, this type of crypto sportsbook bonus will ensure that the specified amount of money is returned to you.
  • Freebet is a free rate without depositing funds into your accounts. If you lose, you have nothing to lose, if you win, you will return the size of the bet to the bookmaker and take everything else.

Responsive Support Team

Without a decent support team, it is impossible to talk about a good bookmaker. Here we can say that good BTC bookmakers pay huge attention to the assistance and support of their customers. It is very important for the bookmaker to help its clients as much as possible and to be in touch around the clock. And the player should feel the opportunity to get immediate help in any issues and problems during the game.

It is even more convenient than on the site you can find the phone number of the sportsbook or even access email to send your question online. This is a good level of service on the best crypto sportsbooks. Sometimes there are problems when players are about to claim their bonus. Sometimes you players might find themselves in trouble when it comes to withdrawing the money. Because of that, active and responsive customer support is necessary to address problems.

The Most Popular Sports to Bet on With BTC

Large BTC bookmakers offer their clients to bet on more than twenty different sports, but about 80% of the total volume of bets is accounted for by three sports. Of course, it is only a matter of personal preference which type of sports is the most popular for a particular player, however, soccer, basketball, and eSports tend to be dominant.


Soccer is a game of millions. Soccer and betting have been inextricably linked throughout history. Although the first popular sport for betting was horse racing, football very quickly joined horse racing. The best Bitcoin sportsbooks on the Internet offer to bet on soccer. It is a catalyst for the growing popularity of soccer betting.

Bookmakers were actively engaged in the sponsorship of soccer clubs and competitions. More than half of the live bets are made on soccer. At the same time, when it comes to soccer players have a wide range of opportunities. They can bet on corners, shots, amount of yellow and red cars, throw-ins. Soccer makes it possible for players to make everything diverse, which is a huge advantage.


Dynamic, bright, and spectacular game with an orange ball confidently occupy the second most popular place in the world among team sports. Naturally, in some countries this discipline is not very “in demand”, but in general the position of basketball is very strong.

If you have never bet on basketball, then you should follow the line of the match of the sport in Live on crypto sportsbooks. Let’s say that in the third quarter of the match one of the team’s leads by 20 points. The odds of winning the other team will be great (15 and even higher). At the same time, very often these same twenty points are played back. In fact, in this sport, there is no score from which it is impossible to come back.

Formally, a basketball match can end in a draw. More precisely, even the main time of a basketball match. But in the end, the winner of the meeting will still be determined.

Among the basketball competitions, the most popular one is the NBA. Players can also bet on the Euroleague as well as on European and World Championship but these two occupy the main place.


Recently, eSports betting with Bitcoin has become very popular. And the competitions of the best gamers are watched not only out of idle interest. On their performances, you can earn serious money. Moreover, there are even bookmakers that specialize in betting on esports competitions.

If you encounter a BTC bookmaker, most likely it will feature betting on various eSports disciplines as well. From FIFA to Hearthstone – everything is available for betting. Not only you can place bets on general outcomes, but additional options such as victories by rounds, how many kills will be, etc. esports is deservedly one of the most popular possibilities for players. What’s more, it is a completely skill-based game that makes predictions simpler.