Crypto LIVE Betting

Placing bets live during a match in different forms has always been popular even before online casinos appeared and with the appearance of cryptocurrencies, we got a completely new variation which is crypto live betting. It does not significantly differ from regular live betting except the fact that you use Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to make your predictions.

Here we have provided the best Bitcoin live betting sites for players. They offer betting possibilities for almost every type of sport – from the most popular to the less popular ones. Bonuses and decent odds are also worth your attention, alongside different crypto payments. Sign up and start playing right now!

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Live betting is a sports bet that takes place during the match as it is still in progress. If regular bets are placed pre-match based on the odds in the line, then the live bets are made during any match.

Live bets are good because they allow you to make a relatively large number of bets over a short period. Another advantage of live betting is the rapid change in odds. One break in tennis or ejection in soccer can radically change the chances of opponents to success and with them the odds, which can be used by experienced players.

Bitcoin live betting allows you to find or create forks. And even though the profit from such bets will be small, the winnings will be 100 percent. The simplest example is betting live on a match roughly equal to the strength of tennis players. After each serve is won, the odds will fall/rise by about one-tenth in favor of each player in turn.

We should also point out that cryptocurrencies are ideal for live betting – especially Bitcoin. As the price of the world’s largest cryptocurrency changes all the time your winnings could also go up in seconds sharply. A soccer match normally if there are no extra times continues for 90 minutes. It is a long period when we are talking about cryptos. During this time its price can change several times – mostly upwards and result in more winnings.

Pros & Cons of Live Betting with Cryptos

Even though bets on the course of the match appeared relatively recently with cryptos, punters actively use this mode. The reason is that even the most detailed preparation before the match does not allow to take into account all the factors that will affect the outcome. In the course of the meeting between the clubs, there is always a place for surprises, because of which the chosen strategy simply will not work.

When we are talking about the advantages of live betting with cryptos choice flexibility, speed and efficiency and live deposit options are certainly important aspects. As for the disadvantages of real-time crypto bets, it is lower odds, compared to the ones that are available before a match.

Pro: Choice Flexibility

Observing the progress of the game is a great opportunity for additional analysis, based on which you can change the bet or completely abandon it. Many factors in the analysis of the match cannot be taken into account before the teams take the field, and after the opportunity to watch their actions, the chances of a successful bet increase.

After the event starts, the odds may increase. If before the game the odds of winning one of the teams was 1.45, then after 20 minutes played, if the score is not opened, it can increase a little – it is a good opportunity to earn more, risking the same.

Live is not a bad platform for the formation of forks. As the game progresses, you can detect a few, but they do not exist for long.

In BTC live sports betting you get to watch as the match progresses and make decisions in real-time, without having to hope that your calculations were correct before the match.

Pro: Live Top-Ups

Ever regretted not betting more on a match you knew was going to go your way? Well, live betting helps to prevent that as you don’t have limits to how much you can add to your bet in real-time as the game is ongoing.

At any time, if you are short on money, you can make deposits on your account. As soon as the match is ongoing it will always accept bets. When we are talking about cryptocurrencies, transactions are even faster, and you can make bets before something changes. Time is everything when it comes to live betting.

Pro: Fast and Efficient

This is another advantage of cryptocurrencies for BTC live betting. Imagine you run out of money on your account, or you just bet all you had on one game. But you see that another game is going super well in your favor, and you want to bet on it as well. Cryptocurrencies would be a much faster deposit option than fiat money. The money appears on your account instantly.

Also, there is one big advantage when it comes to efficiency. If the match did not go according to your scenario, you can bet on the opposite outcome. The safety net minimizes losses or brings a guaranteed income at all.

In live betting, sportsbooks offer bets on goals, corners, cards, team performance in periods. Such bets are calculated during the match, not after its completion. You get a win and can immediately use it for the next bet.

Con: Stringent Odds

Odds during live cryptocurrency sports betting change rapidly. If one of the options increases, then the others decrease. For example, when there is zero on the scoreboard, the odds of a draw gradually fall, as well as on a possibility that 3 goals will be scored. Also, live bookmakers increase the margin to protect themselves from losses.

Compared to regular betting odds, live betting odds are considerably less advantageous for punters. The sportsbook needs some insurance that not everybody will be winning x10 of their bets. Why? Because otherwise, they’d go bankrupt. Therefore, odds on live betting sites are worse than on regular ones.

Another example is when the favorite team is winning 1:0 in a soccer match and there are 5 minutes left. If the second team was lackluster throughout the whole match the odds of winning for the favorite team will be extremely low in the remaining period.

Best Types of Sports for Bitcoin live sports betting

Almost any type of sport nowadays accepts the option for live betting. From cricket to football you can always come up with something different and engage in live betting.

Right now, the best types of sports for BTC live betting are soccer, basketball, and esports. We will review each of them carefully.


Soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world, with millions of viewers worldwide. Because of that punters are also placing their bets on this game.

Live bets on football require more discipline, time, and psychological resilience from the player, but in return, he or she gets a higher accuracy of predictions. After all, even the first 5-10 minutes of the game can give a lot of information, which was unknown before the start of the match: the line-ups and formation, the weather, the state of the field, the mood, the support of the fans, the style of refereeing are important factors for analysis.

Another advantage of Bitcoin live in-play betting on soccer is the large space to use strategies.

Betting live on football opens up great opportunities for earning when it comes to crypto betting, you only need to use them correctly and you will be able to get a good win in a very short amount of time.


Basketball is a sport where even unexpected intrigue can appear in any match. During the game, outsiders often have successful moments, thanks to which they win quarters, and often, the whole match in general. Betting on basketball live, each punter can successfully take advantage of such unexpected events.

As has already been mentioned above, the concept of live betting means making a bet on the course of a sporting event. In basketball, they have their specifics. To understand in detail how to place a live bet with Ethereum and Bitcoin on basketball, it is important to take into account the specifics of certain rules of the sport.

For example, the match consists of 4 quarters with the possibility of overtime. You can place bets even in overtime. Based on them and other indicators, the player can have a look at different options. The NBA and Euroleague are undoubtedly the two most popular leagues in basketball live betting.


Esports as a discipline has gone a long way to become one of the most prominent types of sports. You can make live bets on eSports on the player or team, on the result, maps, and more – it all depends on the game and the tournament.

Betting a match or predicting the winner of the entire tournament is a lot of fun, especially if you know the capabilities and tactics of individual teams. Just like in-play Bitcoin betting on other sports, boxing, basketball, or MMA, the same observations should be made in eSports during matches. The bookmaker provides different types of bets, so you need to figure out what is the most effective one.

Like in basketball, certain rounds decide the winner. Things can change rapidly – a particular player might be on fire and lead his team to win. Because of that, live betting on esports is a profitable option.