Ripple-approved Casinos That Accept XRP

Ripple is a global system for gross and international payments that entered the market in 2012 and throughout the time stimulated the creation of Ripple gambling. It is most valued by banks, as it allows instant transfers to anywhere in the world with minimal commissions, but online casinos are also actively using XRP. The decentralized platform was designed precisely to conduct exchange operations of different currencies.

Fort clients who would like to get a convenient experience on the best Ripple online casinos we have created a list of the most prominent and reliable Ripple casinos. These websites over the years demonstrated that they are safe to visit and a large selection of slots and table games, as well as fantastic bonuses, say everything. Try out the casinos listed below!

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The first obvious difference when it comes to the comparison with Bitcoin is speed. While the speed of transactions could take 20 minutes with Bitcoin, Ripple is way faster. It proceeded in several seconds making it one of the fastest cryptos in the world and of course it is a huge advantage for casino players.

These two are different in amounts. There are 21 million Bitcoins, while Ripple has 100 billion. The speed and stability make XRP a better option for gambling than Bitcoin, but the latter’s popularity is not matched.

In terms of security Ripple is not as secure and private as its counterpart and a lot of players note this drawback when it comes to XRP gambling.

One of the key features of Ripple can be called its validator registry. Protocols support “tokens” that represent fiat money, commodities, other cryptocurrencies, etc. (e.g. cellular minutes, frequent flyer miles, etc.). The eponymous company that created Ripple has an official license, and the cryptocurrency used for transactions is called XRP. The cryptocurrency Ripple works according to a unique algorithm and has good grounds for prosperity and a very secure future.

If we talk about the popularity of cryptocurrency in online casinos, we can say that it is met more frequently than other altcoins (if we do not count Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash). However, it could still be problematic to find a good XRP casino for gambling.

XRP Gambling Advantages

XRP gambling, even though it is a relatively fresh trend in the modern gambling industry, comes with significant advantages. Developers of this cryptocurrency put a lot of effort into making this digital coin, which indeed has a perspective to become one of the most used options for playing casino games. The two important characteristics are speed and stability.

Superior Speed

Speed is inherent to the majority of cryptocurrencies. Compared to deposits and withdrawals with fiat money, the transaction speed is notably increased with digital currencies on Ripple casino sites. Considering that there are no intermediaries to check transactions on the Internet, cryptocurrencies are incredibly fast assets for casino payments.

There is one thing to pay attention to. Even in cryptocurrencies, there is one category of coins that are faster than the second one. Ripple goes in the first category.

No cryptocurrency can process a transaction in 4 seconds, and Ripple can do so. For comparison, Ethereum needs more than 2 minutes, Bitcoin more than an hour, and traditional bank transfers a few days. So, if you were to earn winnings in online crypto casinos, you can be sure that it will be possible to withdraw them in no time.

Relative Stability

Experience in the international market gives every reason to attribute the cryptocurrency to a stable and ready for use in enterprises and institutions. Ripple gambling sites are no exception. XRP’s price has been much easier to predict and adjust to than any other crypto. In general, analytics have always classified this currency as one of the most promising, and the coin is characterized by comparative stability.

We are mentioning this detail because stability is something that is rarely seen with cryptocurrencies. It is a known fact that cryptos are the most volatile assets in the financial industry. Their price changes all the time. The abovementioned Bitcoin is a clear example of that, whose price can go up and down in just several minutes. There are moments when the value changes by $1000 in a day.

Ripple temporarily is protected from such fluctuations and considering the financial trends, it is unlikely that the current situation will be subject to dramatic changes.

XRP Disadvantages

While we have reviewed two main perks of Ripple, it is time to talk about its disadvantages on cryptocurrency XRP gambling sites. Cryptos, although they are frequently used and equipped with solid qualities, also have certain drawbacks. Depending on which crypto we have in mind disadvantages could vary. In terms of Ripple, it is the problem of decentralization, volatility, and the number of casinos.

Not as Decentralized

Decentralization is the key trait of any cryptocurrency. When Bitcoin first appeared it was the decentralized nature that fueled its popularity. Decentralization means the absence of central authorities where there is no single entity that would have control over the cryptocurrencies.

Ripple is different in this regard. As opposed to coins like BTC, ETH, and LTC, Zcash is viewed as a “corporate coin” because it’s actively being used by banks. And if your bank can see your XRP transactions, then what’s the point of gambling with crypto? The whole concept of using cryptocurrencies for gambling is that you want to avoid surveillance and government control. If your privacy is not ensured and every XRP gambling site, not to mention central authorities, will have access to your data and collect information about transactions then it is pointless to use Ripple. However, everything is relative.

Low Volatility

High volatility is an opportunity to earn much more money than, for example, when playing with fiat currencies, where there are no such jumps compared to crypto. In the fiat currency market, high volatility can often be observed only during particularly important political or economic shocks.

In fact, with high volatility, you can both earn and lose. It is a double-edged sword. Therefore, serious investment funds will not risk the funds of their clients, buying cryptocurrency, which in a day can lose a third of its price.

Now, although high volatility was perceived as a con for other coins, the fact that Ripple’s is so low, should be considered a disadvantage here. The 3 main aspects of crypto gambling are anonymity, speed, and potential gain. Gambling Ripple crypto has 2 of those missing, and volatility is one of them. The coin simply does not grow as well as others, so it feels like you’re gambling with real money.

Few Casinos

The next notable disadvantage is the absence of online casinos offering payments with Ripple. Very few casinos are willing to add XRP to their list. If we have a look at online casinos that exist on the Internet Ripple is available on 40% of them. Other casinos are featuring cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. Of course, it does not mean that the cryptocurrency is completely neglected but compared to other ones it is a less popular method.

Things to look for in Ripple casinos

There are several moments worth considering when we are talking about the best Ripple casinos:

Game Variety

If you choose the best Ripple casinos for XRP gambling, you should first check the availability of the games. The more games a Ripple casino offers to its players – the better for them.

Bonus Offers

In addition to the types of games, you should also pay attention to what bonuses the site provider offers to new or existing players. Online casino sites usually offer welcome bonuses to new players, while older players usually receive cashback or lottery bonuses.

Payment Methods

Of course, to make bets, players must first make a deposit. It is recommended that you choose an online crypto casino website that has a variety of transaction options, such as local transfers, to make it easier for you to deposit or withdraw money from your winnings.

License and regulation

To ensure fair and transparent play, the best casino sites must have an official license from national or international bookmakers. When we talk about gambling with Ripple the same applies. One of the most striking examples here is all the parameters are applicable. Make sure you know the licenses and rules applicable to the website as a guarantee that you can play safely and comfortably before you bet.

Website security is not only licensing and rules, but also one important thing to look out for when using it. The best Ripple casino websites are usually equipped with web security certificates to ensure that user data privacy is maintained properly and not used by irresponsible parties.